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  1. Hey Becca! How are you? 

  2. Kinda hit another stall. I guess this is just how it goes. I lose 8-10 pounds then I go 3-4 weeks of not losing anything. I need to hit the gym again.  Here is a recent pic of my progress. I am so close to that 70 pounds of loss but just can't seem to get there, ugh......



    1. Little bird

      Little bird

      You look great!!! Nice pic!! 

    2. bellamoma


      aw. love this pic! Becca, you know I feel your pain.  I think I just broke a stall that also lasted about 3 weeks. It's so maddening.  In my stalls I bounce back and forth, up and down, then suddenly I am down a few pounds and it's staying there.  I have heard that the closer you are to goal,  the more frequent the stalls will become.  Have you heard that? I don't know if it's true.  Sure hope not! :blink:

  3. Here are a few photos of my weight loss progress. I am almost down 70 lbs. I still don't feel comfortable having full body photos taken, but I will share my progress nonetheless.




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    2. ShrinkingViolet2


      You look fantastic!!! You go, sister!:D

    3. ~Becca~


      Thank you ladies. Your kind words mean a lot. I never want to be the person I was before. I can see now how my life is changing, all for the better. I have no regrets, aside from I should have done it sooner.

    4. Zen_Steph


      You look amazing! And hey, I lost about 130 lbs and I still don't feel comfortable. For me, a lifetime of seeing morbidly obese me scarred how I see myself. But, rest assured, you look fabulous! Keep it up!

  4. I love your new profile pic! You are one gorgeous momma!

    1. bellamoma


      Aw! Thank you! Excuse the resting b$&@ch face! 

    2. ~Becca~


      Our stats are so similar, same height, almost same starting weight, same surgery date by one day, our weight is so similar too. You help keep me on track when I look at your progress. :D Don't worry about your face, it's still a good pic!!

    3. bellamoma


      Aw, becca! You're so sweet! Believe me, hearing that your stall broke helped me so much. I know it will end, but you know how it is- it messes with your head! I haven't had my weight ping pong like this since surgery. Today I was 163. Tomorrow, who knows! 161? Ugh! 

      Anyway we help each other, that's fantastic! Hope my stall breaks soon and you keep up your "losing streak"   Xo

  5. So I had hit a stall that broke last week. What worked for me was ramping up my workouts. In the last week, I have lost a pound a day. I know it probably won't last, however it feels so good. I haven't missed a workout in 13 days, I am liking this!

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    2. ~Becca~


      I am so happy for you! So do you start your pre-op the second week of July? Hang in there is really does get better. Again I am so happy you got your date!


    3. Little bird

      Little bird

      Pre-op diet starts 7/13 . Thank you!! I really thought it would of been earlier than 7 weeks , but it gives me time to prepare 

    4. EileenFrias


      yay little bird so happy for you

  6. Down 63 lbs. in 4 months feels pretty darn good. I am more than half way to my goal!

    1. Little bird

      Little bird

      Great work!!!! I can't wait to say that!! Happy for you ! 

  7. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear it. I have been at the same weight now for over 3 weeks and I sometimes wonder if I've lost all the weight I'm gonna lose, and I'm only 50% to my goal. I will just keep on keepin on and hope for the best. I am happy for your success!
  8. Cute outfit, I've been thinking about getting some white pants, I've never owned a pair. You look great in them.
  9. I am married to someone who has not had wls, but who supports me 100%. His bmi is no where near where mine was, although he is overweight. He is a very secure man and has nothing but praise for me as I lose weight. I am still very attracted to him and him to me, our love was never based on looks, as looks are fleeting and very superficial. Love has to be rooted in something so strong that losing weight or gaining doesn't destroy what you have. Staying with someone or making things work, and loving them is all a CHOICE. My husband told me he would like to see how wls works for me and what it takes to keep it off and perhaps one day he may think about doing it as well. Never say never, and I just try to model good eating habits and I know he sees all the benefits of living a healthy life. I just remember that my husband loved me when I was big and loves me the same today as I am smaller than when we were married. It's been over 12 years together and I'm reminded what a good man he is, he has been my rock and anchor through this entire thing.
  10. I am sure this is considered teeny bopper music, but I love listening to Nick Jonas - Chains while I work out on my elliptical. It's up beat which keeps me working out longer.
  11. Any news???? Have any storks visited you yet??? Wishing you the best as you look forward to expanding your family!
  12. Congrats! I see your surgery is for tomorrow! I will pray that your surgery goes well. I am very happy for you!
  13. I have Health Alliance and I knew within just 2-3 days. But I would login to Health Alliance and check the status and once I saw it on my file that it was approved I called the surgeon's office right away, because I knew it may take a while for them to check the results, that's what I did and it worked in my favor.
  14. Yes, He was my surgeon and I think he and his office are amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. If you have specific questions just ask me.