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  1. Thank you everyone for all the help and yes before sugery like now i have only told my husband and going to leave it like that but after sugery when close family ask then i will tell them as by then i will not care as much as i will of already had it done x
  2. Thank you very much for all the support and the great advice
  3. No sorry it was the it was the computer it changed the word i have changed it now Yes i dont have any intention off telling anyone before hand
  4. Ok i am in pre op and the only people who know about me going through this is my husband How after surgery do i deal with family members as i have a dad who i now will not be happy about me having this surgery and after when he finds out he will not be very about it I know this as when i thought about it about 2 yrs ago and said to him he flipped on me so when i decided to go ahead with it i have not told anyone about but my husband my concern is once i have it family members are going to now i had it how do i deal with it
  5. Hi i have 5 and half pounds left to lose to reach my goal to be able get sugery gastric by pass thinks of ways to get reast of Of thinking of making my own fruit smoothies to use in repace of some of my meals So want to know what fruits is best to put in and what is bestyougets please ????
  6. Hi i am 36 pre op and goung for gastric by pass
  7. Hi i am 36 yr old women live in durham uk Pre op Is thyere any buddies out there And i am going in afterna gastric bypass Dint care were you from as can send message and peak on skype and things
  8. Hi i am in the middle of trying to get my wls but i am 36 now so i think after the 1 yr mark when lost most of my weight then i will try and get pregnant my surgeons say 2 yrs but i am to old to be waiting two yrs lol the way i see it after 1 yr you have lost most of your weight and have steadyed of by then x
  9. So can i ask how long after sugery was it before you started to try or did get pregnant was it less than 1 yr
  10. Hi has anyone on here gotten pregnant after wl sugery ? And if so how long did they wait to try and get pregnant? And how was the pregnancy ? Thanks if anyone can help
  11. Hi is there anyone on here that's from the uk and give me any websites where i can get protein replacement drinks from please thanks