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  1. Well I have to meet the surgeon on oct 27th then she said I'll have another appointment right before surgery for preop testing
  2. November 8th is my date so excited
  3. Thank you guys so much, everything is working out so far and he have been smoking outside and not around me. Hoping this will help because I just was floored on how I haven’t smoked for over 2 months and failed. The nurse navigators explain to me that nicotine metabolizes to cotinine and that is what’s in my blood and she said it could come from second hand smoke. She said it takes about 2 weeks to clear up. I’m just hoping when I take the test again I pass. She said my levels were at 4 and they have to be below 2. I’m just like wow I have come this far I have completed everything, I just can’
  4. They said I could be just that so I told my spouse no smoking in the house for a few weeks
  5. I haven't smoked since June 14th
  6. So I'm a little disappointed I got a call today that my nicotine levels are too high it was a 4 and should be 2 or less she so she said I should test again in 2 to 3 weeks.....have anyone been through this
  7. Had my last appointment yesterday when I started y'all I was at 313 and today I'm at 279 I'm going to keep pushing until I get my date they said it could be 2 to 3 weeks....I'm soooo happy
  8. Tomorrow I have my last nut appointment such an accomplishment for me soon I'll have a date so anxious
  9. After you have wls are u on a bunch of meds after?
  10. Hey just checking on you it's almost time no turning back u got this and I'm keeping u in mind
  11. Where are u at on your journey 

    1. ShrinkingViolet2


      Hey! I'm almost two weeks post-op and doing well. Right now I'm struggling to get my protein in. Just trying to do light exercise like walking. I have my 2 week appt tomorrow. So far I've lost 15 lbs since surgery.  Yay!

      Im glad to hear from you. I was a little worried, since I hadn't seen posts from you in a while. I'm glad you're doing welol and you're on the home stretch of the pre-op phase!


  12. How are you doing? What's the latest with your journey?

    1. Readytotransform


      Hello lady how are u? I actually have my last nut appointment on August 4 I was supposed to have been July 14th but I gained 2lbs so I'm so excited to get to this finish line hoping I don't have to wait a whole 2 months after this last appointment 

    2. ShrinkingViolet2


      Ok good! You're on the home stretch. You've got this! Keep us posted on your progress;)

  13. So this has been one hell of a journey for me... im learning so mush more about my self and what i want out of life. I have found myself not coming on this site as often as i did when i begin this journey and i think that caused me to lose focus on what matters. The month of may i gain 2 pounds and the NUT put another appointment on my schedule and i was sooooo upset about it because i was only scheduled for one more but i came back and lost 6.4 pounds so I'm happy about that but and it made me understand this is a life change not a diet plan. The point is you all are my virtual family that
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