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  1. Thank you Ardita & Twiggy.! I appreciate both. I will have to make some changes I am sure I can do this it's just tougher this time
  2. Yes, I tried it a while back, didn't lose any weight, but I know my pouch isn't broken... I got the tools to try it again starting tomorrow... clear protein drinks are available from Sam's now. :) and chicken broth is low sodium
  3. Hi Ardith! Yes I postedvthere just now. I haven't been here so long I just took the first June 2009 post and wrote on it. Ill meet ya on the other side
  4. Hi y'all it is 9 years. How is everyone is anyone still here? i need a little support and was hoping some of our group could say hello I am up 50+ lbs i never expected it to be like this I was "textbook"! No complaints no complications. Had some medications added to my life, 20 lbs+. Then a hysterectomy and 30 lbs. so nothing is helping it budge. I trued Atkins. My brother lost 50 I gained 10 i have an appointment in2 weeks with my surgeon as a follow up. Considering I have not been there since '13 I'm sort of like a new patient. Maybe there is something new he can do? I'll be back to check in if anyone reads this
  5. Anyone still here? Tomorrow is my 9th surgiversary. I gained 50 lbs. anyone else got a story good or bad? Asking you guys first because we were in the same class
  6. Where is the best and cheapest place to get these? like I said I got them at Walgreen's, and they were $16!! which I thought might be a little high?
  7. I found some today at Walgreen's I wanted to go to a Trader Joe's or a Wholefoods to get some because I figured they would be "the right kind" but these specifically said "ch ch chia!" on the label which surprised me, Thought they would just say "chia" I took only 1 T of them in a 20 oz glass of Crystal Light, and I guess I drank it fast enough, they didn't swell. Should I wait for them to start swelling? or will they swell once I drink them. I had no adverse effects, so I think I'll try it again, they didn't taste too bad!
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking of doing with it, adding to a protien shake
  9. I had heard of the benefits of them, but is it another gimmick? I have eaten all sorts of band-wagon things over the years, even before the surgery, as we all have! I am out 4 years now. I have put on a few lbs and I have heard of these ch-ch-ch chia seeds- (can't help but sing the song when I think of them, as it is the same product as the ones that grow "hair" on clay pottery) Evidently they are 25g of fiber and they swell 9x to fill up the stomach of "normal" people... so what I wonder is it safe for us, who have diminished capacity, ( I repeat I am 4 years out, so I can comfortably eat a cup or 1-1/2C of food at a meal.) BUT if I use less than what regular people use, would it still work? is it worth it? I hate buying into trends! Anyone tried it? anyone also curious?
  10. Hi Jenn! I have been gone 2 long also! I guess with the confidence and everything we gained, I guess I felt it was ok to stray. I have looked on here when I needed a specific question answered. I probably should be here more often. If I know something that might help I could help! If I need to know something I know I should ask Happy 4 years to you, to us!
  11. Hey all! I have thought about you as we all have just crossed the 4 year mark. I was going to come on June 19th, which was my 4th, but life got in the way. I am back up a few lbs, my bbest weight was 147, after I had my gallbladder out, and now I am around 165. I can wear nicer clothes, do a lot more, and am happy. I still have the horses, and ride as often as I can. I look awesome for my age, and am feeling great, so to me the surgery was successful. I see my surgeon tomorrow, and i KNOW he's going to comment ont he gain. I am concerned about it, as I know how easy it was to lose it, then how easy it was to gain it. I don't see the places where I made mistakes that helped me gain, so I am hoping he can help me shed some light on it. I hope to hear from my fellow Junies and would love to see how all of you are doing.
  12. funny how it's a struggle for all of us to do this. I am content if I never lose another pound, then there are days where I wish I could just bust that last 20 lbs. I have maintained this weight since Oct of last year, so I am pretty sure I am doing things right, but I sure would love to move that scale a bit more. :/ I think adding a protein shake back into my day will keep me more focused. we shall see.
  13. It's how it was done that's rude... but the clothes were meant to be given with love I'm sure. I watched a lady do that to one of the teens in church. First off, the lady is 65, and the teen is well, a TEEN.... and doesn't want "old lady" clothes to begin with. She said to the girl, I lost 25 lbs and I have some clothes that just don't fit me and I want you to have them. which was nice of her, but I felt like she was telling the girl she was FAT! That said, I also tried to give someone clothes that were actually too small, wrong style whatever, and they were offended, even with them being too small for me, they saw it as me giving up "fat clothes"! All my stuff goes to GW now. I still fit my same stuff from last year, and it is a good feeling to pull out seasonal clothes and they FIT! I hvae always had to buy a new bunch of stuff every year and it's nice to not have to any more! GW is still my favorite place to shop, I got used to not spending a lot of money, and the one by me is across the street from a big mall, so it's usually full of really good clothes! :: I also love when I come across jeans in my biggest size, and look at them and say "thank you", that I no longer need them!!
  14. Sure, any job that involves the public like that is risky. but like you said hella fun!! Maybe sometime in the future you'll have another draftie to ride or drive, but as a fun hobby (maybe showing) instead of work. I think you can still get PMU babies fairly cheaply (although not as cheap as they used to be due to better breeding knowing there's a "sport horse" market now), so you can start one yourself. I remember houses with "red doors", I forgot why they were red, but I remember lots of red doors in Philly.
  15. LOL, Sweet Southern! That's cute. HRT, Your horses look amazing, and your daughter looks like she's having a great ride!! LOVE the picture of you, too, I know you feel fantastic, 'cuz ya look GREAT!! I keep finding things that are getting in the way of showing in the upcoming month.... but they so far are more important... like graduation, dance recital, Father's Day... Once those are over, it's going to be some "me time". I have been practicing my dressage test (in pieces so the pony doesn't "memorize" it") just have to put it together, and get out the door.