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  1. I took 1 week off, Im a hairstylist and I make my own schedule so I took a client a day during the second week and was back to my regular schedule week 3.
  2. I was dying for ooey gooey pizza so I made these instead! Hit the spot and without pineapple. This will be a regular thing! http://pin.it/AydiCvE
  3. I am 17 days post op and down 35lbs since surgery. I feel great and Im currently in the pureed stage. Last night I ate 2oz of lemon pepper talapia and it was heaven!! My clothes are getting looser and people are noticing. So no complaints so far
  4. Im 11 days post op and down 29lbs. My starting weight was 485 and I can only hope to have the same results as you! Are you working out or just keeping a strict diet? Congratulations!!
  5. Hello everyone, I was sleeved on 7/25 and I have not taken pain meds or had any complications. Ive lost 29lbs and I feel great however I cant seem to get any type of full feeling. I drink 64 oz of water and crystal light a day as well as 2 premier protein shakes (11oz each, 30s of protein each) and 1/2 cup of soup. Is this normal? Does it change in the puree stage or at 6 week post op when actual food is introduced?
  6. Hello! So I am currently 11 days post op and Im going through the same thing! Did you ever feel full once you went to purees or solids?
  7. Hello! Today marks 1 week since surgery for me and Im doing great! Still slightly sore but I stopped taking pain meds the day after surgery. Some days are easier to get liquids in then others and that seems to be the norm. Ive been drinking 2 Premier Protein shakes a day or swapping in some creamy soups. Ive become the blender queen! I walk at least a mile a day and Ive lost 25lbs as of this morning since surgery. So far no complaints here!
  8. Surgery went great! I have no pain and minimal gas pressure. I was placed in my room last night at 530pm and Im getting released today around 3pm. Im so greatful things are going so well and Im so comfortable. Plus I only gained 5lbs from the gases/fluids from surgery. Whoa!
  9. Hey everyone, 3 more days! My surgery time is 12:30pm on monday the 25th. Cant waittt!
  10. Heyyy! I am! 20 more days for me. In 9 days I have my pre op with my surgeon (Dr.Callery) and 13 days till my pre op with the Hospital. This is the 3rd surgery date Ive had and each time Ive felt different about it. This time I have noticed that there is less of an attachment with food which is good sine I used to be an emotional eater. My bag for the hospital is packed, medicines have been filled and just counting down!
  11. I saw that! Thank you! Ill keep you closely updated
  12. Finally after 2 cancelled surgery dates this is the day!!!
  13. I got cleared! July 25th I will have surgery. Finally!!
  14. I meet with my cardiologist tuesday morning to get my results from my stress test and I should finally get clearance for surgery. Which means I will call Dr.Callerys office immediately for a new surgery date!! Its been a long road right at the homestretch.
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