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  1. Hello Everyone! On the 10th I was officially 2 months post op! As always let me get this out of the way: I weighed 203lbs on that day. Which if you're keeping track, is only 12lbs down in a month. HOWEVER, I weighed Friday, three days AFTER my two month mark, and I came in at 199.2. I am NOT celebrating onderland yet because I'm baaaarrrrrrely under 200. Let me get to about 195 and keep it there for a couple days and I'll be partying in the streets! I attempted to take my measurements this month, but it didn't really work out. I have no idea if I'm putting the tape measure in the same places as the last two times, and I wasn't impressed with the results I was getting (there was almost no difference between this month and last month). I'm not sure I'm going to continue to take measurements, its just too iffy and aint nobody got time for that. My clothing situation continues to be ridiculous. I have about 6 shirts and three pairs of pants I can still wear, and I don't mean like, "I can wear them but they aren't very cute on me anymore." I mean like, I cant wear them because they're falling off and a boob might accidentally pop out in public. Its a great problem to have, I'm grateful, but its also irritating. I'm going home to Texas for a long weekend this week. I can't drink. Eating isn't fun. I don't know how this is going to go and I'm a little nervous. It will definitely be a test, both for me and my will power and discipline, but also for some of my relationships. I have a feeling many of my relationships are built on a foundation of going out to eat and drink. We shall see! However, I'm also concerned to go home because I know people are going to comment on my weight. The last time I was home I was 40+ pounds more than I am now and wearing 4 pants sizes larger than today. I feel like they're either going to think I should have lost more by now, or they're going to go way overboard telling me how great I look. Either one will make me uncomfortable honestly. I really don't like attention, predictably. Which brings me to... Since I've started losing weight, my boss has become incredibly inappropriate with me. It's been so bad I had to report him to HR, though HR has yet to do a darn thing... but that's another story entirely. My point is, I KNOW this wouldn't have happened to me 70 pounds ago, and knowing that makes me feel a lot of things I'm not sure I can sort out on my own. It's not just my boss of course, I've been getting more attention in general, and while its flattering and makes me feel nice in some ways, it also makes me so so uncomfortable and I feel so awkward and out of my element. I've never in my life had to worry about men approaching me. But also, it's very... confusing? -Is that the right word?- when I receive attention from other men, but not necessarily from my husband. I think I should probably start seeing a therapist. But then again I think that sounds like a painful mess, dragging everything out of the closet and looking at it, no thanks. My schedule changes in June, if I have the time to go to therapy, I promise myself I'll at least look into it. In other news, I feel gas pains in between my shoulders now. I didn't have this immediately following surgery but now two months later I do feel it occasionally and its actually pretty painful. Another thing is I get this weird feeling in my stomach sometimes, not necessarily painful, just kind of nauseating I guess. I'm not sure if my stomach is telling me I'm hungry, or if its just gas, or maybe some acid reflux. I really can't pin point what's happening in there! Anybody else have a weird feeling in their stomach that sounds something like what I'm describing? Hmm, lets see. I had to give up the bariatric advantage vitamins, they taste so bad that I catch myself accidently on purpose forgetting to take them. So I got some chewy vitamins instead and I actually compared the ingredients and they're almost exactly the same. My advice- don't spring for those Bariatric Advantage chewables. Get something cheaper. Oh also, I really do think my hair is falling out with a lot more frequency. I am teetering on the edge of spending gobs of money for products and supplements for hair strength/growth... but should I? I could really use some advice. My hair is already thin! I can't afford to lose anymore of it yall. Well I'm working on a big project for my department right now and I should probably get back to it. Until next time!
  2. I don't have "BCBS Federal" but I do have BCBS Anthem... so maybe I'm not even qualified to answer your question, BUT I got my approval and surgery date less than a week after I finished everything they needed me to do.
  3. Hello everyone! This is just a mid-month check in. I have not weighed myself recently since it was stressing me out so much. I'll make sure to update my weight and inches lost at my two month mark in a couple more weeks. I feel like I'm really flirting with the 200lb mark, I'm really hoping to be under at my two month weigh in buuuuut if I'm not, that's ok too. There are just a couple of things I thought I'd share with you all today. 1. It's very difficult to talk about my surgery with my friends. For the most part I have surrounded myself with other over weight women. I guess I've always thought that skinny girls wouldn't want to be my friend, or would be mean to me. I fully realize that's incredibly juvenile, but I digress. Because most of my female friends are heavy too, my weight loss updates are not really received very warmly. I get it, don't get me wrong. Who wants to hear about somebody else losing weight when you're feeling fat and unattractive? I've been in that position many times; a friend would go on a diet plan, I would feel super jealous, and almost hope they failed. That's so ugly isn't it? Hating yourself does awful things to a person. Maybe I don't deserve support in this arena, as I was never truly that supportive of my friends attempts to get healthy. So maybe I have no right to feel lonely in this, but I still do. If I don't get the negative/envious reaction, it's one that makes me feel guilty. Last week I broke down and went shopping for jeans and I couldn't even text my best friend about it. My best friend, lets call her T, is outwardly very encouraging. But ever since my surgery she keeps talking about how fat she is and how skinny I'm going to be. When I try to tell T she's not fat, she gets upset. When I try to empathize with T (like hello, I'm still fat) she gets upset. We have been so close for 10+ years and she's always been about half my size. I feel like I can't win with her right now. 2. Somehow, I can wear a size 14. Like I said earlier, I decided to break down and buy at least one pair of jeans. All my size 20 jeans had become almost comically baggy. The waistlines are definitely a couple inches too loose, but the butt area and thigh area had just gotten ridiculous. I'm a supervisor at work and I could see my boss looking down her nose at my clown wear, so I decided what the heck, I'll just get one pair of jeans. Went to a cheapy store here that's kind of like Agaci or Charlotte Russe, but for plus size ladies. The jeans there are basically 1x 2x 3x, not typical numerical sizes. Every pair I tried on was too big and instead of that exciting me, it made me feel super disappointed in myself. I was leaving the mall, I had given up, but I had to walk through JcPenney to get to my car. I happened to stop and look at some jeans, they were sized in inches, I held them up and instantly I knew they wouldn't fit. But I took them into the dressing room, and they DID fit! They were even a little baggy! So I went out and got one size down and tried those on, and was amazed that they fit. I examined the tag really closely and noticed there was a standard size next to the size in inches. It was a 14! This was a MAJOR victory for me. First off, I've never bought jeans that were sized in inches. That's for skinny girls who wear levis, ok? Secondly, I didn't get those jeans from the plus size section. I CANNOT even tell you when the last time was that I bought something that wasn't from the plus size section. Also, I got them for $20.00! I've been paying $50+ for jeans for years from torrid and lane Bryant. I thought it might be a fluke; maybe this brand is just very generous with their sizing. So at walmart today I tried on another pair of 14's in a different brand, and they actually fit! Bottom line, yes I've lost weight and I know that. But for me this was THE thing I needed to show myself I am making progress. It's so much more tangible than a number on a scale. 3. Eating is weird. I felt way less restriction the 1st month, now that I'm in month 2 I can barely eat a few bites before feeling that sickly full feeling. I went out to eat for the first time since surgery. We went to a walk up bbq place without servers, I shared a plate with my husband. It was honestly ridiculous how very little I could eat. I'm now a very cheap date. The fun of going out to eat has definitely lessened, but I have to learn to deal with it because it's literally one of my husband's favorite things to do. I am still struggling to drink enough water, TMI but my pee is so yellow. I've started adding lemon to my water and making Arnold palmers at home, hopefully that will help me drink more. NEXT SEGMENT IS TMI LADY BUSSINESS 5. Lastly a PCOS update. I had surgery March 10th, I got my period a few days after (FUN). Well guess what? I got my period April 15th this month. That's like, almost a normal cycle! Of course I have no idea if I'm ovulating or anything, but I'm going to tell myself its positive progress. It lasted almost exactly 5 days and wasn't crampy or terrible either. I think I am going to buy some ovulation strips off of Amazon before next month, just to see what's going on down there with my lady parts. As always, my primary number one goal here is to lose enough weight to control my PCOS and ovulate. Well that's all for now folks. See you in a couple weeks
  4. Search the forums for "3 week stall" its super common, no worries. Just keep on keepin' on.
  5. Hellllllllllo everybody. Today I am officially 1 month post-op. I'll get this out of the way; I started at 230 and I've lost around* 15lbs and about* 14.62 inches since surgery. (*Around= I've gone up and down a bit the last couple weeks, lowest being 212. *About= I suck at math and I'm not totally sure I measured in the exact same places this time and last time). I would be lying if I said I didn't find my results a little disappointing, only because I feel like I've been working really hard. But I know its a process, and no, I certainly didn't get overweight in a month, I shouldn't expect to get healthy in a month. Which I didn't... I guess I was just comparing myself to a friend of mine who lost 30lbs the first month after sleeve. Which again, I know I shouldn't do. I know that before surgery, it would have taken me MONTHS to lose 15lbs, so I'm certainly grateful. I hate to say I've been in a, "stall" because I feel like its too soon to claim that. The scale has been stagnant for the last couple of weeks, but several things have been happening with my body (moon time/constipation etc) so I'm not freaking out. YET. I'd like to lose some weight soon. My clothes are definitely loose, almost all of them in fact because I've always liked tunics and oversized things anyway. Even some of my leggings are too loose. I care way too much about my clothes and what I look like, so it bothers me not to have well fitted clothing. But there's no way I'm going to go spend money on new clothes every 20lbs or so. Lets see... I'm still finding it quite challenging to get all my vitamins down a day. They make me feel super full when I'd rather use that stomach room to eat something or drink something. Speaking of eating, I'm on soft foods now and I THINK I'm doing well with them. I've made a little casserole with chicken, ricotta, spinach, and marinara sauce. Then a bake with bisquick, lean hamburger meat, and cheese and some other things, served like a hamburger with pickles and a little ketchup on top. And then tonight I made a turkey meatloaf (extra soft) with a bit of mashed potatoes for the top. I really have to make sure the food I make is soft enough and protein rich enough for me, and yet something my family will eat. When I'm on solid foods next week, I think Ill transition more to a meat and veg type of meal plan, but for now these little casserole recipes are doing the trick. I started daily burn about two weeks ago and I've done it about 8 times since then. I really like it, I highly recommend it! There is a series called "True Beginner" on there and its awesome, AND I can watch it on my ipad during lunch. I find the instructor super motivational, I literally cried during one of the first work outs when he started talking about recognizing the strength it takes to try and better yourself and yadda yadda. You get a free 30 day trial, and afterwards its $10 a month. I've gone to the gym a few times, but working over night its just really hard to find the right time for me. I know that sounds like an excuse... and I guess it is, but there ya go. Overall I feel pretty good. I do feel slightly more tired than I did pre-op. I've also started breaking out like a teenager! It's been really awful, I'm assuming its diet related but I couldn't say for sure. I kind of feel like my hair is thinning when I look at my part, but its too soon for that right? It's probably more in my head than on my head lol. Non-Scale Goals- For month two I want to make a few non-scale goals. 1. Take my vitamins everyday. 2. Focus on not drinking 30 min before/after meals. I'm not doing so great with this yet. 3. Only weigh myself once a week. I'm driving myself CRAZY weighing every day. Well I think that's all I have to share right now. Until next time!
  6. Hello everyone. I know this is super specific and odd but has anyone experienced post-op nausea around the same time every day? I work over night and go to lunch around 1-2am. Around 4 am every morning, I start drinking water again and BOOM. I feel so nauseas I'm just positive I'm going to vomit. It's so bad I've contemplated leaving work with just one hour to go (which would incur attendance points for me). Just wondering what to do or if anyone else has had this random feeling? Thanks
  7. I don't think this has been said yet BUT, I initially wanted gastric bypass for the same reason; maximum weight loss. However when I went in for my consultation (at almost the exact same beginning weight that you're at) I was told my BMI was not high enough to qualify for bypass. I'm not sure if that's totally true or across the board, just adding my 2 cents. If I would have had the choice, I would have went with bypass personally. That being said I was sleeved a little less than a month ago and I've already lost 15lbs. It may not be as high as somebody who had bypass a month ago, BUT it would have taken me forever (at least 3 months) of intense dieting to lose 15lbs before sleeve. I'm still getting used to VSG, and I'm still not sure I know what I'm doing, but I'm positive this is improving my life and worth the pain of recovery and diet changes. But like others said, just discuss it with your surgeon.
  8. You look fantastic! Completely transformed and totally inspiring!
  9. Girrrrrrrrrrrl you look like a totally different person! You look fantastic! Inspiration for me
  10. Looking wonderful! Congratulations on your journey!
  11. I agree with the others, sounds like you're making pretty good progress. When you're feeling down and slow, remember how long it would have taken you to lose that much weight before VSG. Slow and steady wins the race.
  12. That's awful, I'm sorry you went through this horrible experience. I didn't go through anything quite this terrible, but I did feel like one of my nurses treated me as though I should suck it up. I had to beg for over 24 hours for something for the migraine I had. I think that some of it (I'm inferring a lot here) comes from the attitude that its an "elected" procedure, and not something medically necessary, there fore they have less sympathy for us. I also felt like they kicked me out of the hospital before I was really stable enough or ready to go home, like I was literally dry heaving and crying and unable to drink anything when they told me I needed to leave. I'm glad you complained to the hospital. That's completely unacceptable behavior for a nurse or any member of hospital staff. But, I'm also glad that you're now doing ok and not having any complications.
  13. I am about 24 days out. I'm currently on purees, for another week or so and then I'll transition to soft foods. I'm doing ok, I have achy headaches quite often. I think because I'm not getting enough water or protein or something. I lost about 15lbs since surgery but havnt lost much, if at all, this last week. I guess that's the infamous three week stall. How did your surgery go?
  14. I don't know if this well help but its just something I've picked up from my own personal experiences and those of people I know; maybe try on clothes with some kind of shape wear underneath, nothing crazy constricting just something to smooth you out a bit. I always feel like clothes look better on me (well, probably because they do) when I'm wearing a little something underneath. Also for me, I have to be in the mood to shop for clothes. If I'm just not feeling myself that day, shopping is going to go really badly. But, hugs! I know we all know the feeling of breaking down in a fitting room. You'll figure it all out
  15. Thanks for all the advice! Congratulations on your progress!