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  1. @Gpome, I am 16 months out from RNY. It's funny you mention vomiting. I had been having an issue pre-surgery where I'd wake up nauseous and vomiting. Never stomach content, just bile. It started very infrequently but ramped up over the years. I'd ask doctors about it and would get pat on the head and sent away. A few months before surgery it became an every morning thing and was so bad that there were days at a time where I'd have to miss work. I went to a new gastroenterologist at the hospital where a good friend had an RNY a few years prior. An endoscopy found a small hiat
  2. I've slacked off and need to get back on track. I had my surgery in November 2015. I had no complications and things are going well. I've lost 122 lbs since my high weight. Lately I have been slacking off with exercise due to a bad knee and general apathy about working out because of cold and snow. I've also not been following my post op eating plan as closely as I should. Would anyone like to team up to meet our goals? I am near Boston if that helps.
  3. I was really bummed that I had to miss the August get together. Is anyone interested in doing another one? It's supposed to be in the 50s today and everyone will soon be coming out of hibernation, including us WLS folks. I'd love to be able to meet some of you guys. Let's start planning!
  4. @ktallon I made this carb free "baked ziti" when I was on soft foods and craving something that was not sweet. Regards, Garnet
  5. Isaare, I have been braising lots of protein based dishes in a slow cooker or Dutch oven this winter. I use red or white wine in (almost) all of them with no ill effect. We are talking two to three pounds of meat with a cup or two of wine. When something is cooking for hours, very little alcohol is left. Besides with so many portions, of that cup or so of wine I added, I am getting only a small amount. Garnet
  6. Zyia, I know this post is late and I am sure you are feeling better by now. Years ago I developed bronchitis that was untreated for six weeks, Ever since I have a cough that when i am not sick sounds like I have a three-pack-a-day habit and work in a coal mine. When I have an upper respiratory issue, I scare children and wildlife when I cough. When I do get a cough, OTC cough meds do nothing to help. I can't take codeine, so a while back a doctor prescribed Tessalon (aka benzonatate). It's a non-narcotic cough suppressant that works by numbing the throat and lungs, making the
  7. Carina, Great advice. I still disconnect from the world like this in order to process my feelings. Garnet.
  8. Adventureland, I am so sorry for your loss. It takes a lot of time and even then, it's a road with all sorts of turns and setbacks. Garnet
  9. @Aussie H, My condolences for your loss. You are so new to this horrible club and it sucks. Know that even though we are on the other side of the world, we are rooting for you! G
  10. To the widow(er)s, There used to be a site that I was kind of addicted to in the early days after my husband passed. It's been renamed but seems to have many of the same people posting. No matter what stage you are in, I recommend taking a look at http://widda.org/.
  11. There was a post recently from another member mentioning that her husband recently passed away. I was wondering if there are any other widows or widowers out there? I am sure it has to be more than just us two. I was originally planning my surgery for the 2007 - 2008 time frame but my husband passed suddenly. By the time I felt mentally prepared to consider it again it was 2015. He always struggled with his weight too. I know he'd be beyond thrilled that I finally took the step and so proud of my progress. G
  12. That is so disappointing. My surgery was postponed for just six weeks and I was a wreck. If I can put on my optimist hat for a moment though, since he now has to wait, he can be there to help you while you recover from surgery and once you are back to normal, you can support him. He can also learn from any issues you have during recovery. G
  13. srattee, I see you have gotten replies from some of our Boston folks. If you are looking for a second opinion I'd recommend Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass. G
  14. Hulaw2007, I don't think it's you. Yes, those of us who who are/were "fluffy" do experience a sort of invisible existence. But I think what you experienced is more than just that. It is the devolving of civilized society. A month or so ago my parents were traveling on a major interstate. My dad is 80. My mom is 76, Five feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. They stopped at a busy rest area to let the dog out for a walk and for my dad to get a beverage. My mom went to walk the dog, who can be rambunctious. He pulled her and she fell. The fall surprised her and it took her a
  15. I just thought of another NSV. In my living room right now are eight (soon to be ten) giant contractor bags of clothes that are far too big now. I need to call a local charity to come pick them up and cart them away. This is a huge milestone for me. i decided I need to free myself of the physical and enotional clutter. In the past the idea of giving away my fat girl wardrobe freaked me out. I worried I would gain the weight back that I have lost. Now I just want it gone and out of my life like the 130 pounds or so that I have dropped since being at my high weight.
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