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  1. I'm so happy to read your replies. I went back to work three weeks after surgery - I could have gone back sooner, but why LOL? I have a desk job, but it is a "thinking" job and I am so tired at the end of the day. My brain is tired. After work I eat a little dinner, take a calcium and fill up my water bottle before watching some TV on the sofa. By 7:30 I am falling asleep. So I go to bed at 8pm with my iron pill and get up at 7am. That's a lot of sleep. I was worried that I was sleeping too much, but I feel great and I'm so grateful for this surgery.
  2. The pain was gone in 36 hours and you can bet I am careful when I bend over now.
  3. Yesterday was quite a day. I tried all day to have my first BM four days post op. After calling doc and trying everything, I went to the ER. I had a big blockage. They gave me morphine and the doc gloved her hand and reached up there to remove the mass. Today I feel so much better. After going through this day of intense pain, my recommendation is to take stool softeners.
  4. Hi. I had my gastric bypass's on January 12. I also had a hiatal hernia repair. My roommate had the sleeve and she was up walking four laps around the nurses station when I could barely get out of bed. She had the pain in her shoulder like you but it went away after she started passing gas. Unlike my roommate, I'm in quite a bit of pain. if I miss taking my pain meds by an hour I can really feel some pretty intense pain. I just think everyone is different.
  5. Last night i bent over to pick up the remote from the floor. Now I have reoccurring intense pain on my left side of my stomach area. I could barely get back to my bed. I realized it was time for my pain med so I took that and the pain is subsiding. Have you had this experience? I wonder if I ripped through a staple.
  6. That's great news!! I can't wait to throw my C-pap in the trash!!
  7. Your post is so positive and encouraging for me. I am so happy things are going well for you!
  8. Hope to hear from you soon. I want all the details as mine is coming up soon. Take care!!
  9. You look wonderful!! You must be doing all the right things.
  10. We have "Freecycle" in Sacramento, CA. Everything posted is for free and that is how I generally recycle my things. See if you have it in your area. Also Craigslist has a Wanted area.
  11. My RNY is next Tuesday so I can "feel your pain" or nerves. I keep telling myself that I need the help and I need to do this. I have had several surgeries in the past and all my fears were unnecessary. All will be fine and a better life is in our near future. Hang in there. I come to this site every time I need to calm down.
  12. Progress, not perfection. :-) I see you surgery was Dec 2015.. may I assume it has been postponed
  13. It is scary to read that you think a healthy meal is chicken and dumplings with cornbread and sweet tea. How about chicken, asparagus, black eyed peas and unsweetened tea. That sounds good too!
  14. I'm nervous about having surgery next Tuesday, so this was a very helpful thread. I thought the pain would be worse.
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