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  1. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Should I start pre-op diet?

    I was just excited and anxious, that's why I had that idea.. But i've found out my insurance doesn't cover it and neither does any other obama plan which is all that i can afford. I saw this coming though. Anything I want and get excited for falls through. Sorry for the pity party, i'm really down right now. Thanks for the replies though. I appreciate it
  2. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Should I start pre-op diet?

    I'm still awaiting my appointment with the surgeon but would it be a good idea to start the diet? I'm real excited for this and I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to start so that I can get used to the changes?
  3. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Advice for pre-op consult?

    Thanks for the replies! My moms concern is she thinks people that have had bypass don't live as long because of malnutrition. I know that as long as you follow the diet as you should that's not true, and there's a lot more food options nowadays. I would just like to find facts to present to her to help ease her mind
  4. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    pain, pain management and physical restrictions

    I'm really worried about the pain because pain killers usually wear off after taking them 2-3 days in a row and I'm a sissy when it comes to pain!
  5. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Smoking, WLS and wound healing

    After making the decision to get wls and then reading this, I'm definitely going to quit. I know it'll be tough at first but I know i can do it and that it will be worth it! Thanks for the great info!!
  6. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Pre-op newbie! Hey there!

    Totally random but, does anybody know how come I can't see all the boards on my cell phone? I have an iPhone and I'm seeing this site for the first time on my laptop and noticing a lot more boards
  7. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Advice for pre-op consult?

    I got my appt today for my consult with a surgeon. Does anyone have advice about it and what questions I should ask? I have a couple already but I'm still a bit new to this and still doing my research. Also, i haven't told my mom I'm considering the surgery because of the concerns she's expressed. Any ideas on how to ease her mind? Thanks!!
  8. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Pre-op newbie! Hey there!

    Thanks so much for the replies and info!!
  9. s0cially_d1st0rtd

    Pre-op newbie! Hey there!

    Hello everyone! I'm brand spankin new, referred by a good friend. Just found out today I qualify for surgical help and am SO EXCITED! I know there are multiple kinds so, which do you recommend?