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  1. Happy Pride! Also, a little over a year post op and this is me and my future wife going out to celebrate. There are many days when I do not recognize my reflection in windows and cars, work your system, focus on mental health recovery and love yourself- it is worth every struggle. I feel so alive. <3 (my mom and I at Pride 2013)
  2. Reclaiming my curls!


    1. Clickin


      You go curly girl! Love this!

      after years of chemically straightening my hair I said screw this and just embraced my curls.  

  3. Hi, I am a vegetarian, could be vegan except I love eggs.  My surgery date is March 3 and I am trying to learn, prepare and plan as much as possible.  I read that you had mentioned liquid amino acids or something, what does that help with or do?  I think protein shakes (i read the link you posted for best tasting vegan shakes) with almond milk will help me meet the goals initially while on recovery.  Thanks for any other advice especially for the first few weeks and months.   

  4. One year aniversary and can't think of a better way to celebrate than entering onederland! 

    1. ShrinkingViolet2


      Congrats! That's fantastic!:D

    2. Cheesehead
    3. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Great job.  Happy dance time - so dance, dance, dance!  

  5. I would have never imagined a year ago the life I have now- biking, running, hiking, grounded and self aware. I am loving myself and life and the exciting challenges that come my way! Below is day before surgery and then tonight before my workout.
  6. I thought I might update everyone... Things have been going amazingly with my partner and I. We have a trip to Hawaii coming up and are planning to move in together with a few months with the intent of starting to house shop. Who would have thought?!
  7. feasting on 5oz of quinoa stew, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower mash and cranberry apple salad! 


  8. Ran a 3k obstacle race with my dog last weekend called the Dirty Dogger and we got 5th place!! 



    1. bellamoma


      good for you! you're a whole new person!

    2. Lori88


      Wow love this - I am going to look this up I want to do with my PUP!!!!

  9. I haven't had issues with gas at all but be sure to chew your food really well. This site has a good list of vegan protein powders http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/10-best-tasting-vegan-protein-powders.html
  10. Gotta hop in on this one, I am vegan, gluten and soy free so just about as restrictive as it gets thanks to a laundry list of food allergies. I am 9 months post op and have had excellent weight loss and great labs! There are plenty of vegan protein shakes, I love plant fusion because it's super gentle. I follow a 3 meal, two protein shake a day plan and it works well for me. Protein options for meals are a mix of high protein grains, nuts, beans, added nutritional items like nutritional yeast and liquid aminos and I'm good to go. Just like anyone else who has had the surgery, keep taking you
  11. I got a bike! Cannondale Althea hybrid - Now me and the girlfriend can go riding together! 

  12. THIS IS ME!!!! I have the college dream often too ( the class is usually math and I either can't graduate or find out I have to go back and take the class after I'vew been out for years because it didn't count)
  13. For the past few weeks I've been having dreams about overeating- usually unintentionally like I'm not being mindful and I eat something really fast and then I all the sudden remember I can't eat like that and it's too late or another one is I forget the rules and am swigging down soda and then suddenly realize my mistake but by then it's too late. Anyone else experience this?
  14. I had someone wrap their arms around me completely yesterday... that's NEVER happened. 

    1. WendyH


      That's such an awesome feeling. I'm happy for you.

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