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  1. LosingLex

    Happy Pride Post Op

    Happy Pride! Also, a little over a year post op and this is me and my future wife going out to celebrate. There are many days when I do not recognize my reflection in windows and cars, work your system, focus on mental health recovery and love yourself- it is worth every struggle. I feel so alive. <3 (my mom and I at Pride 2013)
  2. LosingLex

    Half my body in a year

    I would have never imagined a year ago the life I have now- biking, running, hiking, grounded and self aware. I am loving myself and life and the exciting challenges that come my way! Below is day before surgery and then tonight before my workout.
  3. LosingLex

    Starting dating post op

    I thought I might update everyone... Things have been going amazingly with my partner and I. We have a trip to Hawaii coming up and are planning to move in together with a few months with the intent of starting to house shop. Who would have thought?!
  4. I haven't had issues with gas at all but be sure to chew your food really well. This site has a good list of vegan protein powders http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/10-best-tasting-vegan-protein-powders.html
  5. Gotta hop in on this one, I am vegan, gluten and soy free so just about as restrictive as it gets thanks to a laundry list of food allergies. I am 9 months post op and have had excellent weight loss and great labs! There are plenty of vegan protein shakes, I love plant fusion because it's super gentle. I follow a 3 meal, two protein shake a day plan and it works well for me. Protein options for meals are a mix of high protein grains, nuts, beans, added nutritional items like nutritional yeast and liquid aminos and I'm good to go. Just like anyone else who has had the surgery, keep taking your multi vitamins and you'll be golden. Also, just like everyone else but moreso for us, preparation is KEY. get into the habit now of making those shakes to take with you, packing your meals to go- quick stops for meals that meet our nutritional needs are a challenge. The good news is just about any place you go now has hummus on the menu but the bad news is after 4-5 times out at a restaurant, you'll never want hummus again. haha I'm more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
  6. LosingLex

    Dreams of overeating

    THIS IS ME!!!! I have the college dream often too ( the class is usually math and I either can't graduate or find out I have to go back and take the class after I'vew been out for years because it didn't count)
  7. LosingLex

    Dreams of overeating

    For the past few weeks I've been having dreams about overeating- usually unintentionally like I'm not being mindful and I eat something really fast and then I all the sudden remember I can't eat like that and it's too late or another one is I forget the rules and am swigging down soda and then suddenly realize my mistake but by then it's too late. Anyone else experience this?
  8. LosingLex

    Starting dating post op

    Month out and still going strong
  9. LosingLex

    Starting dating post op

    update- second date was better than the first and we walked a few miles! I see promise.
  10. LosingLex

    WendyH Surgiversary (2015)

  11. LosingLex

    Starting dating post op

    I'm pretty bold... I actually put it right out up front on my OkCupid profile that I had recently had WLS and that it meant I had an active lifestyle, my physical body was changing, and that whomever would like to be in a relationship with me would need to support my health and wellness goals. I figure it's important to clear the field right away of anyone who was not wiling to support what I am achieving. I'm still very much in active weight loss - my life is still protein shakes and workouts and new clothes every few weeks and 3 month visits to the surgeon's office. I am sure I will feel differently at maintenance but it feels only fair to be up front when entering into dating " hey, rapid changes ahead!". My date was very compassionate and encouraging- something that made my heart swell so big!
  12. LosingLex

    Supplement cost

    I found buying supplements online was incredibly helpful! Puritan's pride is awesome for buy 2 get 3 free ( just be sure you look for the specifics, like calcium citrate and not just calcium). I have a year's supply of most of my vitamins. The only thing I don't get from there is my multi and that I use bariatric advantage. I also get my protein powder online from the same place ( Vitamin Shoppe) because they often have sales, they send coupons on the items I buy and there is a customer rewards program so I continue to get savings off the items I'm already going to be ordering. I regularly get 40% or more off my orders. As for clothing, Goodwill is the way to go!
  13. LosingLex

    I AM HUNGRY!!!!!!

    Take a moment and think about what is going on right now, is there extra stress in your life? Are you going through some transition in your job or relationships? Are you experiencing new emotional highs or lows? All of these things can trigger the mental hunger that we used to fill with food. On days that that feeling of hunger creeps back up on me, I spend time taking stock on what is going on and what might trigger those thoughts.
  14. LosingLex


    I was super sensitive to sweet post op so I made my own jello using herbal tea and knox jello without any sweetener. It was a nice addition to just water and protein shakes. I also made popsicles out of vitaminwater zero but I had to water it down considerably because it was just overwhelmingly strong for me. Hot lemon water with just water and a slice of lemon was great at helping get rid of the gas pains for the first week and is super comforting. I would really encourage you to keep track of your liquids- not getting enough will keep you tired and foggy. It was helpful to take a few sips every 15 min all day long until I got in my 64 oz.
  15. LosingLex

    Starting dating post op

    Second date is Sunday