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  1. Really?

    sleevarilla-great handle
  2. Really?

    sleevarilla-great handle
  3. nothing tastes as good as skinny feels--   great quote

  4. July / August 2016 surgery - wanna hold hands?

    bikini,you can do it! I had the same feelings about losing 85% of my stomach, but think of how better your health and life will be. my knee pain went away, i can bend over and tie my shoes, i climb a lot of ladders and stairs at work and it is so much easier now! i did'nt have any disc problems on my back, but i always had lower sore back muscles( about 50% gone).i thought about not being able to eat my favorite foods, but this energy i have now is much better than that. im only 7 weeks post op, and im still limited on the foods i can eat, but even at 7 weeks there is a lot to choose from. just follow your doctors instructions and you will do fine. you can do it!
  5. July / August 2016 surgery - wanna hold hands?

    eileen, its normal to be scared, we all are at first. just do everything they tell you.you've got a great Dr. i had him too! stay in touch
  6. before & after

    before pics are anywhere from 330-350 lbs. surgery date was 2/9/16, will post newer pics soon
  7. Newbie here!

    welcome christine. the pre diet was hard, but hang in there. use the foods that work for you. i was using the premiere protein shakes and bars, eating baby carrots lean meats and low amount of carbs. the doctor wanted 20 lbs and i gave him 25! keep up the good work
  8. New - Surgery tomorrow!

    that was the same for me, my wife was with me( shes a nurse ) and said deep breaths through the nose, out through the mouth, and that worked!
  9. Newbie...VSG slated for July

  10. Approved for surgery April 18th

    im 7 weeks post op., and doing great. youre in for a great change! Dr. Callery is awesome
  11. Hello

    yes, commit to make change
  12. Newbie!

  13. Newbie from San Diego, CA

    welcome blessed! good luck on your surgery
  14. New Here....had VSG March 7, 2016

    shelly youre doin great. welcome
  15. New to the forum 1 week post surgery.

    good job mamie