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  1. thanks Melina it's much better today. still uncomfortable but i can sit better than on Wednesday!
  2. hello I had what i believe is called a medial thigh lift - meaning the incision is in the groin only, not all the way down to the knee. today is the 11th day after surgery. I still have stitches in which will be taken out next Friday 3 March. Obviously I knew I would be uncomfortable, and I AM! But how long does this last? Anyone with more experience recovered from this surgery? I have not sat down much for the last two days as it is too sore, at least on the left leg. When I sit it feels like I am sitting on a rock. I think it is healing well, I don't feel an infection - bandages still on - but I do feel inflammation and constant pull and tension of course.
  3. shmooshy

    Goal weight

    I am almost there. I can't believe it. I have worked extra hard since November to lose the last few pounds before surgery next week and I am just a little bit away. But it's always just a number that goal. I know and feel that my body is at the best weight right now 72 kilos or 158 pounds. I always dreamed of getting to goal weight like the sun would shine and choirs would sing! but no, it's just another day. It feels good to be here, but now I have to work to maintain. this struggle never ends. How often have you been and stayed at your goal weight?
  4. only person in this world with naked pictures of me (except me), is my doctor! I had my surgeries in Luxembourg. I just wanted a tummy tuck for the first surgery, but my doctor suggested the belt lipectomy which lifts you all the way around front and back. I was cut in two! For that first appointment, the doctor looked, touched, took pictures, sent me for blood tests and then it took 3 months from first appointment to surgery. It took a little extra time since we had to wait for the insurance to approve the first surgery. For the second surgery, the breast reduction, I paid for it myself so the surgery date was set immediately at that first appointment. These two surgeries were the best thing I ever did. Yes, they were scary, esp before the surgery anybody would be nervous. Then I worried constantly about proper healing and infection during recovery. Fortunately it went very smoothly.. Even though I developed an infection a few weeks after the breast reduction, it was efficiently treated with antibiotics and frequent checks until it cleared up. Surgery is not easy and we all know the risks. I suppose I was lucky and am super grateful for the improvements. It has changed my life and the way I feel about me. I never liked my body before. I won't go so far as saying I love my body now, but I certainly don't hate it and - this is new - I like how I look in clothes. I enjoy getting dressed. I no longer feel like a freak.. .though you still won't find me naked in any gym locker room!
  5. scared but doing it!
  6. congrats on your surgery. hope you are recovering and feeling better. i did my stomach and then breasts. best thing i ever did. scars are so worth it and I feel good about me. Getting dressed is a pleasure and I don't hide behind large sweatshirts and jeans anymore. I am in Europe so while insurance did cover some costs, i ended up paying about 10,000 euros myself for three different surgeries. that includes next week's surgery which will remove dog ears created by breast reduction and inner thigh lift. i wish I had never had all the problems which led to my gaining and losing large amounts of weight various times in my life... which then led to decision to have gastric bypass. I wish I had not had to have several surgeries to correct a lifetime of bad living. but, I am grateful it is possible. even at my age.
  7. a little late but wanted to offer my two cents. by the way I a diabetic so I watch what I eat even more carefully breakfast about a teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter - the organic kind - with fruit or one piece of fruit with a handful of almonds or a 0% yogurt with muesli and fruit love breakfast! Lunch varies from leftovers to soup to salad salads I love - and easy to prepare - feta cheese, cucumber and cherry tomatoes - mixed lettuce with cherry tomatoes, swiss cheese and smoked chicken or turkey dressing usually olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt/pepper leftovers include - weight watchers vegetable soup with multi grain crackers - lentil soup - chicken or beef chili i always follow lunch with a piece of fruit and a cup of tea. sometimes I am full so I don't, but if i am still hungry, tea and fruit does the trick. I usually eat 'clean' meaning almost nothing processed and tea includes English breakfast, green tea or lemon ginger
  8. it's been a rough several months as i am going through a breakup with husband. but I do not want to postpone what I have started. Gastric bypass was the first surgery in 2009 or 2010? followed by substantial weight loss. Then came a belt lipectomy in December 2015. This surgery was really scary as it actually cut my skin at stomach and back in a circle all the way around my body - but it changed my whole body and life. I finally liked myself in and out of clothes for the first time ever! Encouraged by these successes, I wanted to fix the final bit, the breasts. Breast reduction and lift was done in July 2016 and I am very happy with the breasts. That should have been the end of surgery for me but the breast reduction produced 'dog ears.' So I asked surgeon to remove that extra underarm skin which is sticking out and while we were talking I asked about inner thighs.... the only other part of my body that bothers me. So next Monday, Feb 13, I go for 'dog ears' and inner thigh lift all in one surgery. Doctor will do the groin incision so scar is hidden (hopefully), not the incision that goes all the way down leg. I am so scared and feel silly since I have already done so much. I suspect it's a bit my depression resulting from pain of breakup. I can of course also point to the fact that I have almost no support from friends or family right now. Breakups create lots of upheaval. Then my lifestyle with my job which had me travelling lots in past 10 years did not give me much time to create deep friendships on which I could now count on. Believe me, this is going to change. but for next week, it is what it is. just me. i am scared to be doing this alone. scared of the surgery itself, though at least i know exactly what to expect going in. i am scared of the pain and recovery. i am scared to die in surgery.
  9. Alcohol became a big problem for me some years after my gastric bypass. I didn't drink before surgery except for occasional wine with dinner or celebratory champagne. Then i really started loving champagne - the taste of it, the feel of the glass and of course the happy feeling one glass would bring. I would drink first only on weekends, then it became weekends and sometimes while cooking, then i started really wanting it and having it around all the time. still I didn't think it was a problem until a few times when I drank too much I blacked out. I used to just fall asleep at first, but the blackouts became more frequent and were very scary. I would wake up and realize i had driven to the supermarket and bought more alcohol... and then cooked... but had absolutely no memory of any of it. still blackouts were the exception. I only blacked out back then about once a month or every few months so i kept thinking i could control it. i could not. i cannot. I went to OA for years in the 1980s and 1990s for the food addiction. I know the program and am grateful now because it's changed to AA... but for me it's all related. I smile when I see addiction transfer. Like doctors warning us to take care of first addiction (food presumably) in case it gets transferred to something else after surgery... like alcohol or drugs. In my case, I think i could be addicted to anything given the chance. an addiction is not easy to fix esp a few weeks before weight loss surgery.
  10. shmooshy


    i love this forum and find it inspirational and educational. sometimes i look for specific topics, other times I browse and see what people are talking about. I'd call myself more of a lurker than a poster. Rest assured, at least from my part, that I am getting something from everyone. even if the OP is not responding, your thoughts, pictures, words and experiences at least affect me!
  11. i will jump in here and add a yes for the greek yogurt. this almost always satisfies my sweet cravings. I take the FAGE 0% and add some reduced sugar bio type marmalade/jelly. usually the less processed, the better. plain old fruit is good too . I always have frozen blueberries on hand and when i add to the yogurt it's almost like an ice cream. yummy. to top it off, add some chia seeds for crunch. love it. my other 'sweet' is grapes
  12. some hard times for you, but also many successes. you can be proud. and you look great. keep up the good work.
  13. I too had and have problems with the extra skin lumps and bumps. In fact I am just 16 days post op after my lower body lift. Its too soon to exercise, though I am dying to try out the 'new body.' However, my breasts and extra skin on top are still a problem. I now have a surgical compression garment for lower body which was custom made for me. It's ok, but nothing beats my regular workout pants. I have been buying smaller and smaller sizes as I lost weight and currently although I am probably a medium-large, I am using the small-medium size (depends on brand) which helps alot to hold in all the jiggling. On top, no choice, bra + super tight sports bra and sometimes + tight underlayer running top to hold everything in. Losing the weight is great and I congratulate you. Amazing too that your bloodwork is good. Ultimately that is the goal, getting healthy. I sometimes think of the blood work as a sort of report card. The proof is in those numbers! Controlling and/or losing the skin and getting comfortable is another story. I still have not found a solution to the aqua/pool gym exercise jiggling. Although I have a great tight spanx hold-it-all-in type one piece bathing suit, the jiggling and shaking was unbearable in the pool. . At one point, i was jogging in place and manually holding my stomach.
  14. i had my bypass years ago and my laparascopic incision got infected. I was ill for about 6 weeks between not being able to eat as I had thought and the infection, strong antibiotics to fight it. Long story short, looking back, it was just a blip on a long journey. It will get better. Agree with JulieW. Just eat what you can tolerate and feels good for now. the rest will come later.