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  1. I haven't been on here in years! I had surgery in June 2012. I only lost about 50 lbs and gained all my post surgery weight back. So feeling like an UNloser I haven't been on here much. I have stuck to a mostly low carb diet but not a strict as before and I have platued. However, recently I went to the Dr. for a sinus infection and she did a blood panel. Turns out I am actually allergic to the low carb diet I was on causing me inflammation, joint pain, sinus issues. I had no other symptoms except for feeling sick after drinking protein shakes, I thought it was because they were filling and sort of gross to begin with. So I can't have any dairy, soy, wheat, beef , eggs and whey. as well as peanuts, and chocolate ;( So basically everything in my refrigerator and things I love to eat everyday. I have known this for 3 days now. I switched to almond milk in my coffee and changed my protein shake for the bullet berry/spinach type drink. I cut out my egg white and cheese sandwich. I filled my lunch box with tuna salad on lettuce, and veggies instead of string cheese and almonds instead of crackers. I even had gluten free pear cider instead of beer. I know big no no with the bubbles and alcohol. But, I can't believe it for just a few tweeks I have lost 8lbs in 2 days and I haven't worked out. I will be researching more plant based protein options to add to my diet but just wanted to share.
  2. I have been making salads as they fill me up I feel like i get to eat longer i guess. I use left over chicken or ham with some avocado, for my hair. I even make homeamde ranch with buttermilk and ff Greek Yogurt, I add celantro and jalapeno. I am the slowest looser here, so I hear you, I am on Christmas break and being home next to kitchen has been really hard.
  3. Thanks the incouragement really helps, I was a walker right after surgery and did great until I went back to work, this daylight savings makes it harder to walk after work, I am going to try.
  4. PS my Dad has hep C (blood transfusion before they checked for it) and isn't supposed have NSAIDs and his Dr. said it was fine,
  5. I am not one to promote sales of products but there is a natural remedy my husband just started selling, he has had back pain since we met and he has been taking this for a month and it really helps with imflamation. Hope this helps. or at least something to look into. http://oceanavenue.com/empower
  6. I just started blending 1cup of boiling water with sugar free jello and a cup of ff greek yogurt. Its and nice dessert with protein.
  7. I have bought tubs of stuff that literally brings tears to my eyes when drinking them, $$$ plus awful. But I do really like the premixed Premeir Protein chocolate from Costco everything else I try I am disapointed.
  8. I have only lost 29 lbs since surgery, My nutritionist made me feel like a complete failure. I was eating foods on the post opp menu like beans and apple sauce and she said i couldn't because they were too much sugar? I left not knowing what to eat. I am trying to stay positive and stick with my 1/2 a cup of food which is fine, but just saying no to food (aka snacks is hard) it's harder than I thought it would be. What are tricks others have used to succeed. My clothes are very loose but still stay on so I am wearing them, kinda feel sloppy. went from a size 20 to a tight 16.
  9. I totally understand, I always feel like eating, except after I sat down and ate. then I am too full. But I do think nutritionists can be harsh I think the say the same thing over and over to patients and don't realise how hard it is to simply not eat.
  10. When you get snacky try broth or some herbal tea, I need to remember to do this too.
  11. I started drinking iced tea too, i brew it and pour it over ice and take it with me to work, I love it. I just can't handle artificial suger so i choose things that taste good with out needing sweet, but every now and then I have chai tea with agave, splenda ruins it for me.
  12. I used to take and egg and scramble it with a little speghetti sauce and a little cottage cheese, soft and yummy. I didn't finish it.
  13. So my nut laid into me about everything I am doing wrong yes I came out crying, but I love my acrylic tumbler with a straw I tote everywhere with me. I put mint leaves in and I find it convinent and refreshing.(and my lip gloss stays on I don't understand how drink out of my straw will "blow up my pouch" I sip with a straw and usually gulp with a glass cuz I think oh no i need to get my water in and i drink too much and it hurts my stomach. I think that would be more damaging. after surgery a straw was very comforting.
  14. I loved coffee and was told to give it up and I had a hard time doing it, then I bought some icky coffee and was like this is awful I am not drinking it and I notice my daily headaches went away. But I do like tea which doesnt give me a headache, I drink chai or iced. but i am not supposed to. Does it hinder weight loss? if it doesn't then I don't want to give it up.
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