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  1. Unintended experiment

    On my way to work, my latte stand (Dutch Bros.) heats up my protein drink and adds 2 shots of coffee. Caramel and Banana flavors are my favorite.
  2. Biotin questions.

    So here's where I am at 26 months out. I've always had long hair and worn it in a braid. I ended up trimming off 8" of it over time because it became so thin. I added Hair, Skin and Nails supplement as it has 5,000 mcg of Biotin which seems to help. My hair is growing back in 3 stages; stage one is about the first 4" of my braid (which means it is finally thicker), stage two is just about ready to be held by the band where I start my braid and stage 3 is now about 3" long and gives me the most interesting bed head when I look in the mirror in the morning. No problems with facial hair.
  3. Newbie, 4 days post op

    Currently, for constipation I have 2 Tablespoons of Barleans Digestive Health every morning in Hummus or SF Jello. I also eat a large salad of butter lettuce and shredded carrot with lemon juice and olive oil dressing every evening. That pretty much takes care of the constipation problem for me. But for you at just for days out, small amounts of Milk of Magnesia would be much better.
  4. I have a flex 2, it tracks steps and reminds me hourly to take steps. I charge it twice a week, it syncs with my cell phone and my computer.
  5. 2 years & 5 months

    Congrats, you look awesome and handsome.
  6. I Need Maintenance Help.

    I am almost 2 years post GB surgery and have no hunger and am so glad. That said I use MFP daily to track what I do eat to make sure that I get my protein and fluids in and keep the carbs under 50. I've been wearing size 8 jeans since around May (last time I wore size 8 I was age 8). I cook daily for my husband and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner - I like to cook but I don't care if I eat it. If what I cooks gives me the needed protein than I have 2-4 oz of it. I have head hunger from time to time but have learned to ignore it. Today I was at the Farmer's Market and Craft Fair, lots to sample but I sampled very little of it. Most days I average 1000-1100 calories and my weight is holding. The handbook from my surgical team stated that 1000-1200 calories a day post op would be good. Using MFP helps me plan what to eat and I can eat the same things day after day and not mind.
  7. Can i Cry now...

    So sorry you are going through this. Check with The Salvation Army about housing. And the State of Ohio about food stamps, etc http://jfs.ohio.gov/ofam/index.stm Food stamps and other benefits are what we pay our taxes for and now is the time you need to apply for them. WA ST has TANIF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Ohio may have something similar. I agree with the others, contact the social worker at the hospital.
  8. Hope I don't get sick

    Most pneumonia can't be passed from one person to another but if she had a cold, that can be contagious. I hope she is responding to treatment because she will be very weak and tired for 6 weeks or more once she is past the pneumonia.
  9. My sister died suddenly tonight

    So very sorry for your loss. Words really aren't adequate. Hugs.
  10. I hit the 100 lb loss mark this morning!

    Congrats that is fantastic. So glad for you.
  11. 21 months post op

    Both of them were very glad that I am doing so well. I hadn't seen Doug (brother) in about 2 years and TIm for about 4 years. I got big hugs from both. I had sent pictures every couple months but that's not the same as actually seeing and hugging me.
  12. 21 months post op

    My surgery was Jan 26, 2016 .. Last weekend my brother (taller gentleman on the left) and his best friend since high school (aka my other brother) came to visit me for the weekend. We had breakfast at the American Legion on Sunday before they left to go home - 400 miles away. I had one scrambled egg, bacon and half a spoon of hashbrowns. I now weigh what I weighed when I started high school. Health wise my life is the best it is has been in a long time.
  13. I didn't have GERD but not having to worry post op about acid reflux, etc is a big plus for me. I went with the RNY because it is the best post op stats - losing the most amount of weight and being able to keep it off. By the way, with my bariatric team if you have GERD, etc than the sleeve is NOT an option as there is an greater chance of increased stomach acid.
  14. I want to eat my feelings.

    So glad your mom is doing better and glad that you are coping. Continue to hang in there.
  15. Grateful Dead - Truckin .... "living on reds, Vitamin C and cocaine" .. at least the Vitamin C part would be true. When my coworkers started telling me I'd lost too much weight (be prepared for that) my response was "I have a normal BMI but nobody knows what normal is anymore".