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  1. LeeC

    Reaching out

    If you have filed and been denied Social Security disability, make sure you file for a reconsideration as soon as possible. If you haven't filed, start the process. Having spent 40 years working as a disability adjudicator I can give you some help if you message me your email. What I can tell you right now is, you either have to meet a medical listing or your physical function has to be less than sedentary work (stand/walk 2 hours, sit 6 hours). It is a process that takes time. You always want to appeal any denial (except adverse onset) as soon as possible. This gets you to the Hearings level faster which as a younger person (under 55) may be your best option. Hang in there.
  2. Thanks for the info on the SF spiced cider. I live in a small town and the grocery store has only 2 diet fruit drink options. If they don't carry this I can get it off Amazon and spiced cider is so good this time of year.
  3. Congrats, you look great
  4. Courtney, My weight was where yours is for many years. I had no complications; A1c and blood pressure were normal. Then as I got older even though I was eating a healthy diet I gained more weight. Yesterday I weighed 158 at 3.5 years post op. I, like most weight loss patients will tell you - "I wish I had done it sooner". Had I had Reflux and knew that an R-Y bypass would (most likely) resolve it, I would have done it yesterday. You're here, reading how well the majority of us have done, how much healthier we are. Dragging around 60 extra pounds is 6 pounds of fat hanging from your heart, making it work harder. Don't discuss it with others; not well meaning aunties, not skinny friends. You'll show them a couple months after surgery by how great you feel and how good you look. There are those of us who can't get to a healthy weight without surgery.
  5. You'll do fine. You'll need loose clothes to come home because of swelling. First suggestion, do NOT weigh until you go in for your follow up appointment (about 2 weeks post op) because due to the surgery there will be residual swelling. Personally, I would wait one week before taking vitamins and only take one at time at least one hour apart all day long. You also want to walk, a lot. While in the hospital whenever I woke up I went for a walk. When you get home - walk. Walking is one of the easiest way to improve circulation and help get ride of swelling as well as improving muscle tone and endurance.
  6. I feel good, my blood pressure and labs are great and I'm happy. I'm getting lots of walking in and eating anything I want but in small amounts.
  7. catching up on the forum. Hope you are doing better. Hugs n Luvs. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. Wow. That is interesting information.
  9. You look healthy and happy and that's what it's all about. Congratulations.
  10. You're looking great. Congratulations. Every day life gets better and easier.
  11. Nosebleeds no. But if I eat to fast or too much my nose runs and runs and runs. Everybody is a bit different but do call your Bariatric team and let them know. I've gotten very good at doing the crossword puzzle to space my eating. Even 3 1/2 years out I practice portion control because it is so not worth it to eat too much.
  12. It's ok to be scared, like the rest of us who have had Gastric Bypass were. But 6-12 months after surgery you'll say 'why did I wait so long'. Just follow the pre and post op instructions EXACTLY and all should go well. Welcome to TT.
  13. LeeC


    Eggs are only occasional for me. I just had elective surgery (tummy and thigh tuck) and to avoid constipation I upped my intake of olive oil and butter. Half a shot glass of olive oil with a little lemon juice in it really helps (twice a day), makes a great salad dressing too. My other option is a pat of butter on a triscuit or salteen twice a day.