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  1. That's great - the 19th will be here before you know it. Hang in there.
  2. Congrats on having the surgery (same kind as mine), welcome and ask away.
  3. Yep, tastes change. I still can't stand eggs unless scrambled or cheese omelet. I also had a problem with milk products for about 6 months post op (and I love milk). Better now but I limit how much because of carbs.
  4. The coffee bar is so beautiful. I love it. The mug is great. And congrats to you, continue your counseling and hugs.
  5. Congrats, that's so wonderful. You're looking healthy and happy.
  6. To be successful following weight loss surgery you need to follow the eating plan that your bariatric team will give you. Also, do NOT weigh at home for the first 6 weeks, just at your doctors office. Be prepared to have plateaus that last about 2 weeks where you do not lose weight but you will lose size (sounds strange but it happens). Come here and discuss what is going on because we understand or go to a weight loss group (I lived to far out in the country to go to one, which is why I came here). Realize that not all your family or friends will be happy for you that you are losing weight
  7. Another alternative is Protein Water. I couldn't handle milky type protein drinks until 6 months post op but could drink Protein20 (15 grams Protein and 0 carb) and other protein waters.
  8. Welcome back. My husband is dealing with SIBO and on his second course of antibiotics. A high protein diet is very important as SIBO loves to feed on carbs, sugar and yeast. In the US, normal weight for your height would be 120-140# so don't worry about a little regain while you are getting your health back. Get healthy and then get to the weight you are happy at but even after the SIBO is treated follow the eating and nutrition (vitamins, etc) plan for the R-Y bypass.
  9. Glad you're back. You can do this, you are a far stronger woman than you think you are. Take care.
  10. Mine was same as Cheesehead. I didn't even finish the pain medication.
  11. When you stall, quit weighing for 3 weeks and follow the eating plan exactly. Then weigh, you should see some loss. The other option is have 1 set of clothes that fit tight now and try them on in three weeks and compare how they fit.
  12. What you tell her is that you are having the surgery to save your life, live longer and healthier. Most of us will tell you that we wish we had the surgery 1, 3, 5 years sooner. When I was at 300 pounds I was lucky to get 1,000 steps in a day and exhausted when I did, now 7,500 to 10,000 steps a day is easy. You do what you need for you to be healthy and happy.
  13. Costco has a new water called HINT, barely a flavor (blackberry, pineapple also watermelon) and 0 carbs. I used MIO to flavor water and I also bought protein water drinks.
  14. LeeC

    This is my hobby

    Cinwa, I sent you a pm with details - yes I can make them.
  15. LeeC


    It is wonderful and when you hit your goal weight, it will wrap around you with room to spare . In fact, it is wonderful on a daily basis.
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