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  1. Go for it. You should have a healthy a BMI as is possible. You wont think of yourself as too skinny just too awesome.
  2. Welcome and I'll check out your videos today. Congrats on surgery. BTW - watched your video, very nice. You need to be active but your doctor is right 10-15 kilos max lifting for 6 months as you have had major abdominal surgery. I lost my weight walking and walking and walking. Good call on upping your water intake and watch your carbs. My bariatric team said 70-90 grams protein, less than 50 grams carbs, 64 fl oz water minimum a day. And remember you will have stalls of 2-3 weeks where you do not lose weight but you will lose mass (need smaller size). Stay with it.
  3. Congrats. I was 61 when I had my surgery and wish I had done it sooner. Every day is better and better and by the time a year rolls around life will be great.
  4. Fair Frank - CONGRATS - that is so wonderful. It so is worth it. Every day I appreciate my good health. Again, Congrats on weight loss and NO CPAP.
  5. Congrats on your anniversary. You're getting there and life is so much better. I'm fighting hard to stay +/- 3# because my hubby can snack so we have snacks in the house. Meat, cheese and protein water or diet water for me.
  6. We're on 1.5 acres - occasionally talk across the fence to neighbors. One set is older like us and isolating. The other set is younger and not worried about catching Covid. Having worked in the medical field most of my life, I'm erring on the side of caution and good sense. Neither hubby or I are overly social so not going places and visiting others is no issue We'll stay cautious for at least a month after we get two doses of vaccine. But it will be nice to visit with family at some point. Apparently Covid ruins your immune system. This article is about a friend of a friend of mine http
  7. There are also protein waters out there which is what I used for a while.
  8. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure your bariatric nutritionist is aware of what's going on and advising you.
  9. That's great - the 19th will be here before you know it. Hang in there.
  10. Congrats on having the surgery (same kind as mine), welcome and ask away.
  11. Yep, tastes change. I still can't stand eggs unless scrambled or cheese omelet. I also had a problem with milk products for about 6 months post op (and I love milk). Better now but I limit how much because of carbs.
  12. The coffee bar is so beautiful. I love it. The mug is great. And congrats to you, continue your counseling and hugs.
  13. Congrats, that's so wonderful. You're looking healthy and happy.
  14. To be successful following weight loss surgery you need to follow the eating plan that your bariatric team will give you. Also, do NOT weigh at home for the first 6 weeks, just at your doctors office. Be prepared to have plateaus that last about 2 weeks where you do not lose weight but you will lose size (sounds strange but it happens). Come here and discuss what is going on because we understand or go to a weight loss group (I lived to far out in the country to go to one, which is why I came here). Realize that not all your family or friends will be happy for you that you are losing weight
  15. Another alternative is Protein Water. I couldn't handle milky type protein drinks until 6 months post op but could drink Protein20 (15 grams Protein and 0 carb) and other protein waters.
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