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  1. I had the R-Y bypass and have no reflux issues at all anymore
  2. CONGRATS - that is so great for you.
  3. Kai, it's another day and I hope you're doing fine because you're 10 days closer to surgery. when I screwed up, I'd take a deep breath, let it out slowly and say The rest of my steps today are forward. you can do this and you will be so glad that you did. take care
  4. Congrats, that is great news for you. I'm a year post tummy/thigh tuck (paid out of pocket) and don't regret it at all.
  5. My bariatric team told me to keep my carbs to 50 or less daily.
  6. My advice to anyone having gastric bypass (any type) - do NOT weigh until your doctors appointment (they will weigh you) and then weigh only once a week at most. When you hit a plateau (about week 3) skip a week of weighing every time you hit a plateau. If you follow the post surgical eating plan you will lose the weight.
  7. Thank you Cinwa, I appreciate the info.
  8. 4 years out and my low iron (pre and post op) is no better. If not for Covid, the hematologist would give me an infusion and then see what the iron level would do. Increasing my iron resulted in the dreaded constipation. So does anybody have an iron that doesn't constipate? I eat salad with spinach and carrot sticks daily but dropped my iron back to once a day and I'm about to drop it to every other day. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  9. Welcome. Hope you had your surgery today. My surgery was a life saver for me. Most of us will tell you that we wish we had done the surgery sooner - I sure wish I had, I was 61 and spent my teens and all of my adult life losing and gaining weight and then getting to where I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. Even when I'm tired or don't feel good, I feel so much better than I did when I was fat. By the way - your body is not getting hacked, RNYs are usually laparoscopic surgery - I can't even find the scars anymore (4 years out) and I will tell you that I would rather have scars than 130# of fat on me. It would have been a good idea to talk to your therapist and usually your surgical team has you see a psychologist. As far as staying hydrated, if you have a smart phone you have timer in the clock section. Pour out water in small cups (like cough syrup size) and set the timer for 10 minutes and repeat and repeat and repeat. My anxiety has one less component (what people will think of me cause I'm fat - cause now I'm not).
  10. Welcome. There's lot of info here and lots of help.
  11. Hi there, Welcome - read and ask away.
  12. Glad you are doing well.
  13. Aussie Bear, I only listened to what he discussed about Covid (and the speakers he had discussing Covid) and how it affects people. Where I live (Yakima County, Washington State, USA) it has the highest infection rate in Washington because 63% of the work force is considered essential (fruit growing, fruit packing, dairy, beef processing, grapes, etc). There is one hospital for 250,000 people, it has room but has to transfer patients because there is not enough staff (Covid care require teams of caregivers). Almost half of the population is below the federal poverty level and the rest feel that wearing masks is an infringement on personal liberty. So I wanted to know what Covid does because I have family members that are obese or morbidly obese as well as friends. I don't care about his MLM either. I'll check out Dr. Weiner. Thanks.
  14. I had a lot going on late 2018 and 2019. I've been trying to come on once a week this year but it ends up being about every 2 weeks. I think part of the reason the forum is so quiet is there are no surgeries going on so very few questions. Other than that, some connect via FB or watch YouTube. Where I live the infection rate is still high, so stuck on Phase 1 (essential businesses only).