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  1. If you have skin changes because of the apron and can't wear a binder because it irritates your skin - you may be eligible to have it covered under insurance. You need to research your insurance requirements and talk to your doctor (PMD and probably bariatric) to get surgical referral. Best of luck.
  2. I wear one. I got the tag from Lauren's Hope and then beaded the bracelet for it (I had an adjustable band while I was losing weight). It has; my name R-Y Bypass Jan 2016 No Blind NG Tube (which means they need to scope you to put an NG tube down) No NASAIDS .. NO SUGAR the 24/7 phone number of my bariatric team ICE (in case of emergency) my husband's name and phone I used to work in an ER many years ago and while the chance that this information might be needed is very slim, I'd rather have it handy.
  3. Not only live longer but live healthier. Less or no prescription medication. Less over the counter medicine. Less health problems - i.e. no diabetes means no diabetic complications. ... and the list goes on ...
  4. For those who love horses, death is the distance between the horse and the ground.
  5. I am 5 years out. You don't have physical hunger. I'm very careful about portions and by now that's normal. I eat what everyone else eats, just less of it. I'm not envious because I am healthy and have a normal BMI. I just wish I had done the surgery years earlier.
  6. Been there, been through that. My suggestion - hide your scale for the first 3 months after surgery. Go by the weight when you go to your doctor's appointments. Another way to deal with stalls is weigh a week and when you stall, don't weigh for 3 weeks. Your clothes will tell you that you are losing mass if not weight.
  7. Spring is around the corner, crocus and tulips and daffodils are coming up. Warm days 55-60 degrees but chilly nights 25 degrees. Before you know it, it'll be 85-90 degrees and I'm in a house with some window A/Cs but no central A/C. (not happy about that)
  8. LeeC


    Hi Nana Trish, I had my first vaccine Feb 20th, got it in Left arm (I'm right handed), shoulder was sore for 3 days and the day after the shot I was tired (do nothing day). Get my next shot this next Saturday (March 20th). I'll let you know how that goes. Based on what my RN friend told me, I expect two days of doing next to nothing.
  9. Hooray, I'm actually going to post a response shortly after the post. Over in Yakima, WA here and we've a whole 3" of powder snow (very light, small flakes - not good for snowfolk building). But I've only been here 3 winters. I'm used to winters where you get 3-6" a day, 4wd is mandatory as is a snowblower so its all good as far as I'm concerned. We had very cold weather (15F) for a couple days but it's 25F today and due to be 50F on Tuesday. I'm looking at getting a step machine as I need more steps and I'm on a country road with no sidewalks and lousy shoulders so road walking can be hazardous to my health.
  10. LeeC


    Hey Nana Trish, I also have not been here as often as I should (like before Christmas ). Love your pup, so cute. We all just do the best we can at the time it is.
  11. Congrats, that is wonderful. So Happy for you.
  12. Update; we are still doing well and hopefully get the vaccine in the next month. I know it's not 100% effective but the fact that it lessens the symptoms is majorly important for everyone. Good friends of mine just lost their 25 year old granddaughter to Covid because nobody knew she had a mild heart issue. So sad. Unfortunately more people I'm acquainted with caught Covid but fortunately most survived. Current total of people I'm acquainted with; Person #1 - friend of a friend and he died (Western WA) Person #2 - friend of mine and he still feels terrible (age 75 and was in good shape) (Northern Idaho) NOW feeling better after 3 months. Person #3 - my best friend's son age 40 - continued problem with coughing with extra exertion (was in good shape) (Southern Idaho) Person #4 - this lady in the article (Utah) age 55 Person 5 & 6 – a couple we know who had family over at Christmas, both recovered but she had Covid pneumonia and is on oxygen Person 7 & 8 my SILs niece & hubby (in their 40’s) recovered nicely Person 9 – a beading friend, age 60+ - slow recovery (“hit by freight train”) because she saw family at Christmas
  13. I had a least one week where I was supposed to not stand straight (that was difficult as it's ingrained) but you're not really "hunched" over so it's ok. I am very happy with how my tuck turned out. Week 2 is better as is every week thereafter.
  14. I am pleased with mine. It took time to recover. My belly skin is taunt (which is a lot better in my opinion). It's just over a year and yes, I'd do it again.
  15. Go for it. You should have a healthy a BMI as is possible. You wont think of yourself as too skinny just too awesome.
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