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  1. LeeC


    Eggs are only occasional for me. I just had elective surgery (tummy and thigh tuck) and to avoid constipation I upped my intake of olive oil and butter. Half a shot glass of olive oil with a little lemon juice in it really helps (twice a day), makes a great salad dressing too. My other option is a pat of butter on a triscuit or salteen twice a day.
  2. It's now June 25, hope you have seen more weight loss. I would suggest that you only weigh once a week because your weight will occasionally fluctuate and you will have weight stalls that last up to 3 weeks. Hang in there.
  3. If there is one thing I could tell people who have had weight loss surgery it would be - DON'T bother weighing until you go to your surgical follow up appointment (usually two weeks post op) because you have had major surgery and your body will retain fluid to help the healing process. You are now more than 2 weeks post op and I hope you have seen weight loss.
  4. Protein and fluids (or protein packed fluids). If your surgical group gave you a menu/list to follow - do so, exactly. You need to be on liquids, then purees, then soft foods and slowly go to solids (usually 1 new solid at a time). I couldn't do whey based protein drinks for awhile but found protein water which was a life save. You can do this.
  5. I track my food daily when at home. If traveling or gone fishing I may enter some date. I weigh once a day, at least 5 out of 7 days. It's what works for me.
  6. Snorkeling is a lot of activity so that will be good. When trying something new determine if it is sweet or sticky and therefore may have more carbs. You can do this and I bet you will lose inches or pounds while you are traveling.
  7. While I don't fast I will switch to protein drinks for 3 days periodically as it seems to reset my system. Also, if I'm traveling and it's a little harder to manage my foods, I will do protein drinks for 2 days prior to travel. My weight is holding by keeping carbs at 50 grams or less a day and protein at 70-90 grams a day.
  8. Sorry I haven't been on. I've been traveling and visiting family that I really had visited with in decades. I was married for 25 years (I married late). Yes, he was shocked and tried to get me to come back, said all the nice things and when I said I wasn't coming back he resumed his usual attitude (unpleasant). I retired and that has also been good. I moved closer to my family and am getting settled in nicely in a new area. I've been going to bed earlier and sleeping longer (about 8 hours) and not on the computer as much but a lot more active. Thanks for caring.
  9. January 2016 I had an R-Y bypass and lost over 100#s and am thankful to have such good health. However, living with my husband became more and more difficult. Last October, not for the first time but for the last time, he looked at me and said, "If you don't like it, you can leave". So I did. The first 3 months were rough but my life is getting better each day. I hope to be here more often now.
  10. Hi gang . Sorry I haven't been here much over the summer. Have had way too much going on. The good - the middle son and family found a home to rent and moved from our house to their new home two weeks ago. 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath just doesn't work for two families of 2 retirees with 2 small pets compounded by 2 adults with 2 to 4 children and 2 large dogs. But we got them through their rough spot. The mediocre news, the declining health of my husband - mostly Agent Orange (Vietnam Vet) related health issues (diabetes, heart, breathing). The bad news, verbal abuse by him. But I've got my mind in a good place now and I will take care of him unless/until he gives me another "and if you don't like you can move" then I will (move). The best news, 33 months post op and the weight has been steady and my BMI is 26. Being physically healthy helps me cope better with the other stuff in life.
  11. LeeC

    Goal day!

    Kio, congrats to you on making one goal and having another goal. You are awesome.
  12. LeeC

    Hair question

    Apparently I lost hair in sessions. It thinned quite a bit and I've trimmed about 6" off my braid but at 2yr 7mo there's a noticeable difference about half way down my braid, it's thicker just below where I start the braid and finally there's about 4" of the last growth that (hopefully soon) will be part of the braid. I didn't have thick hair to start with but thin hair, thin body is fine by me.
  13. I drank Postum (roasted cereal ground up fine) for my coffee fix for a month post op. Then went to 1 shot 8oz breve for a bit. Now on my way to work I go to my latte place, hand them a Premier Protein (usual Caramel or Banana flavor) and they heat it up and add 2 shots. On my days off I have an 8oz cup off coffee with either a little 1/2 and 1/2 or some of my protein drink in it. I've been drinking coffee since I was 4 (more milk than coffee back then) and sometimes think that coffee should be my blood type.
  14. If you don't like the shakes then you might want to try protein water (Amazon and Costco carry it). Currently I drink Ready Nutrition Protein Water with 70 cal, 0g sugar, 1g carb and 15g protein. Comes in a variety of flavors (Black Cherry, Mango, Blueberry, etc). 2 oz was all I could handle at 2 weeks out and it had to be pureed so unsweetened applesauce and higher protein/lower carb greek yogurt was a lot of what I ate.
  15. The reversal of any type of surgery is not easy and may not be successful (that is, cause you additional issues). If you're want to gain a bit of weight just adding carbohydrates incrementally should do it. If you are having digestive issues then you should have a discussion with your personal MD and your bariatric surgeon.