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  1. It could have a lot to do with what you’re eating. You said you’ve had regain...have you been eating different foods than normal with the regain? Or bigger meals? I get terrible gas when I eat lettuce, and I just started eating salads again after a 2 year break from them. I take gas x when I eat a salad and it helps a lot. What types of foods are you eating? Give the gas x a try...I hope it helps you.
  2. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling a little better at least But it’s VERY frustrating when these things happen and it takes forever to find the cause. Praying they do soon, my friend!
  3. Omg Tracy...severe constipation can cause horrible problems. It causes a huge lack of energy, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and a whole host of other problems. A simple X-ray can show severe constipation. I’m so sorry you are feeling I’ll, and I hope you can find an answer soon! ❤️
  4. You are my fact finding friend, BB!!
  5. The knees are doing much better, @Cheesehead!!! Thanks you!!
  6. I am totally blown away, my friend @cinwa! Totally amazing, I still can’t believe I’m doing stairs!!!
  7. I feel horrible that I haven’t been posting lately! I had planned on checking in last weekend, and as usual things got away from me... I had to post this from yesterday, though. I do believe it’s the farthest distance I’ve walked in one day since having my knees done...well, since prior WLS!! I still haven’t measured my driveway yet, @BurgundyBoy, so I don’t know how many “Trishes” it is, but it’s pretty amazing to me! I also climbed 3 flights of stairs at my bariatric surgeon’s office, for the first time since starting his program, and I also used the stairs at the cardiologists office yesterday morning! Not a bad NSV in Trish’s world!
  8. @DrCohbi...welcome to Thinner Times!! Congratulations on your surgery, and your decision to get healthy! If you follow your post op plan, you will be successful! And we are all here to support you Welcome to the losers’s so nice to have you here!
  9. Thank you, @tracyringo!! ❤️❤️❤️
  10. Thanks for the tips, @LeeC I will definitely give it a shot if I need extra help. I’ve actually been eating crackers with butter the last couple of days, but I have not tried the olive oil yet. I hope you are feeling well after your surgery!
  11. I’m eating solid food again, so that definitely counts as doing better in my book, @Res Ipsa Thank you!!
  12. Oh good God...3 bottles of mag citrate at once? That’s absolutely makes me nauseous just drinking one, and the gurgling and gas are just terrible with mag for me when nothing moves after I drink it. I don’t think I could force 3 bottles down my throat at a time if you paid me a million dollars. I am apparently making progress, but not enough YET to schedule the colonoscopy. My gastro upped my daily miralax to 3 doses, but I only need to take the enema if I don’t have a BM from the Miralax alone. He thinks it will take another 2 weeks to get me to a point where the bowel prep will be effective. So I go back to see him after another X-ray and some labs in 2 weeks, then hopefully I will be good to schedule it. I am finally back to eating solid food without nausea, so far. I’m praying it stays this way. Thank you so much for all of your advice and all the info It’s so nice knowing I’m not alone in this, because it sucks. I will definitely ask questions if I have any. But for now, I hope you are feeling well and you will be going home tomorrow if your BP stabilizes!
  13. Congratulations on your revision, @GAviv!! I hope you’re still feeling well, and praying your BP has come up! Mine gets super low like yours, and I’ve stayed many an extra night in the hospital because of it. You’re going to do great!!
  14. I can totally relate to hubby will look at old pics of me and look at me now, and he will say that he does not remember me being that big. But you can damn well see it in the pictures! So they are great evidence to have! Lol It is fun to feel pretty! I haven't done any flirting, as I'm happily married, but I've actually had a couple of men try and flirt with me, lmao. Being newly thin at age 52, and to have that happen, is quite an ego boost for sure! Enjoy feeling pretty and flirting,'ve earned it!!
  15. Cinwa, Miralax has ALWAYS worked for me, as has MoM and even stool softeners, prior to this episode. Mag citrate is "the big guns" as far as I'm concerned, and when I drank that and it didn't work, I knew I was in trouble. So for now, at least until I see the doc tomorrow, It's the Miralax twice a day, daily enemas, probiotics. I already read my xray results from today, and apparently the stool is only in the lower colon now, so the backlog appears to have moved on. So hopefully tomorrow we will be able to schedule my next colonoscopy, and find out if colon surgery is next on the menu. I will definitely let you guys know once I find out what the plan is. As for the eggs, when I'm healthy and everything is working as it should, they are fine for me. But that just happened to be the last solid meal I ate after I was completely backed up, and I honestly don't think it would have mattered what I ate that day. It would have sat there like a brick until I threw up. Thanks so much for the advice on the Metamucil I think that's the only thing I have not tried yet.
  16. @GAviv, I think I remember you talking about your problems with severe constipation and the colon surgery a couple of years back. I was trying to remember who it was that went through this here on the forum the other must have been you. I'm also sorry that you had to deal with all of that. I have been dealing with constipation since I was 8 years old...that being the age of my first ER visit for it. No one likes a rectal exam, but it's pretty traumatic for an 8 year old, with a room full of people in attendance. I knew it was bad, and I also knew the dangers of taking narcotics and worsening constipation, but the pain meds were more than necessary after my knee replacements. So I was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place with that. The colon surgery is looming, and I'm sure it will be sooner rather than later the way things are going. That's not me being a worry wart, it's me being realistic. I can't even being to imagine what it's like to not need a laxative or stool softener, but I'd like to find out. I'm not sure my body can handle another surgery right yet thought...I'm so weak, and the strength just isn't coming back. I know all of this stuff takes time, but Good Lord, I've been in the hospital more than not since the end of January, and I'm so sick of it. So much for being healthier after reaching goal weight...ugh. Sorry, a bit of self pity popped out there for a second. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with least it gives me hope if I end up going the same route you had to. Right now, I just need to feel better. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day, and my doc will have some good news for me.
  17. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well!! I’m terrible about reading the blogs, but I will read yours later to get the scoop Happy 2 year surgiversary!! I literally just walked out of the room that I got my xrays done in, lol...Hubby needed a follow up ultrasound on his kidney because of the stone he had, so I figured I’d check in while he was having that done. I will get the results tomorrow at the gastro doc appointment, so I will keep you posted ❤️
  18. Lol, @Cheesehead...when I’m feeling well, I’m good with eggs. But I do eat a lot of yogurt and berries, especially the past week or so in the form of smoothies. Made with protein shakes. Yogurt is always my saving grace. Thank you for your prayers, my friend! I will definitely keep you posted!
  19. Thank you, @TammyP ❤️❤️❤️ Big hugs to you!!! How have you been doing, my friend?
  20. So I was doing well eating for about a week after my hernia surgery. About a week later, I ate some eggs for breakfast and became violently ill, again. Vomiting, nausea, and of course constipation, which has been an ongoing problem for me for many years. Even prior to WLS, it's been a beast. I called my WLS surgeon for guidance. He referred me to a gastro doc, which got me in the next day thank GOD. I have been on a liquid diet for about a week and a half due to this nausea, etc...but the constipation has become so severe that I have stool backed up so far that it just wouldn't move. Apparently, the pain meds from the back to back knee surgeries took my "manageable" constipation and turned it into cement... MoM wasn't working, Mag citrate wasn't working, nothing. So the gastro doc put me on Miralax twice a day, daily enemas (NOT my idea of a good time), probiotics, and a pre biotic liquid diet. I have been a miserable biotch, between the liquid diet and not pooping. Things have started moving a little over the past 2 days, so I hope its the beginning of better days to come. I have to go back for another x-ray tomorrow to see how much I have been able to evacuate from my insides, then back to gastro on Wednesday to see what the next step is. I already know another colonoscopy is on the table (yay) but hoping its nothing more invasive than that. I know what I'm potentially looking at, but trying to keep those thoughts on the back burner until I know for sure. I ate solid food for the first time today, because gastro doc said I could try when I felt I could keep food down. It seems to be staying down and settled for now, anyway. I guess I just need a few words of encouragement from you guys. I'm so tired of doctors, hospitals and surgery...I just don't want anymore. I'm hoping to be able to at least stay on solids, but I will find out for sure after I see the doc on Wednesday. I know I'm always asking for prayers....but if you have any more hidden in there, please pull them out for me. Thank you!!
  21. Omg...she is just too cute for words!! Congrats on the newest addition to your beautiful family!!
  22. Wow, Kristin!!! You look absolutely amazing, and lovely, and Tracy is right...your momma IS wrong!! HUGE difference in your face!! I love this post, and I'm so happy you came here to tell us how you're doing! Kickboxing sounds wonderful And if it's keeping you strong, keep it up! And you're so right. You don't have to reach your goal weight to be happy and healthy! The entire point of the surgery is to get you active, healthy and feeling good! You've accomplished that, and more, from the sounds of it. I'm just so happy for you, and happy to hear from you!!
  23. Omg!!! ❤️❤️❤️ This picture made my day!! How awesome for Seamus to have his big bro with him to teach him the ropes this summer!! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying every second of Vermont living!
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    Hi Robin You are most likely dropping the water weight you gained from the IV fluids given to you during surgery. That is totally normal for this to happen. It will most likely slow down in a few days. Nothing to worry about, as long as you are getting your 64 ounces of fluids in and your protein. How are you feeling?
  25. I laugh as I think back on this the early post op days, I used to chew my Citracal tablets. It was really gross, lol...I’m so glad I can swallow them now!