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  1. "At goal" pics

    I took it as a compliment I've always had some hips...but now I have Don't be embarrassed!! That pic you posted was amazing, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about! You look crazy good, and I'd much rather trade those hips in and have a shape more like yours. I've been a$$ and hips for more years than I care to remember, and I'd love to put that part behind me...pun intended!
  2. "At goal" pics

    @CheeringCJ...Thought you might want to see what it looked like when I first bought the was October, not November. I guess I was jumping the gun a bit, lol.
  3. "At goal" pics

    Yes she is, @tmcgee Pure awesomeness!! I meant @NerdyToothpick, of course
  4. "At goal" pics

    Oh I've got hips to spare, allright, lol. The waist is S L O W L Y dropping inches, but I've got so much extra skin, I'll never be in a size 6, or 8 or 10. That's ok too. Did your dad meet Shakira? That'd be cool Stake your claim to fame by dropping your *cousin's name anytime!! I love it! Lolol
  5. "At goal" pics

    It is very hard to look at that picture. I feel very sad for the old me. I told Devin last night that I felt sad for the me in the picture, and she asked me why. She said, "You're not her anymore"...I suppose she is right, but the pain of living in that body and being that sick and that depressed for so many years won't leave me. That's what will keep me successful and hopefully never have to relive that desperate time in my life ever again. As for hubby, he loves me unconditionally ❤️ I was showing him my post last night, and he teared up. He said he never realized it was actually that bad. That he just didn't see me like that before surgery. And that he loved the old me just like the new me, only he is happy that I'm going to be around to see my 60's and beyond I've only been in the "normal" size range for very brief periods since we have been together, so really he has never known me at a normal size. This is so much more emotional than I expected...I don't know why, lol. I spent so much time obsessing that I'd never reach my goal, that it snuck up on me. Now I'm here and sooo happy! Still looking to lose maybe 10-15, but if I don't, I'm perfectly comfortable here. We shall see what my body chooses to do from this point on.
  6. "At goal" pics

    You always manage to make me weepy with happy tears, @NerdyToothpick ❤️❤️❤️ You actually gave me the courage to post the pic with me and hubby in it, and I thank you for that I was on my pre op diet when that was taken, and I told myself that if I managed to lose enough weight by my birthday this year, I would post it. Then when I hit goal, a month and a half before my birthday, I got cold feet. When I saw the pic you posted of yourself, you inspired me, as always!! Thank you, thank you so much!!!
  7. Happy!

    Believe me, I've been praising Jesus for months, but especially now!! And my surgeon's PA...well I showed HER that I would be able to get below 184, HA! Seriously though, my surgeon will be thrilled And that champagne up there? I'm gonna have me a glass of that on my birthday this year...yes I am!!! How have you BEEN, @NerdyToothpick?!? I haven't been on much, and we've been missing each other ❤️
  8. Happy!

    I know, right!!
  9. Happy!

    Yuppers!! Sure did, thank you very much!!
  10. Happy!

    Wut wut!! Hehehe
  11. "At goal" pics

    @Readytobeme...tell your hubby that my oldest daughter is 31, lol, and I have a 15 month old grandson...hehehe
  12. "At goal" pics

    Are you serious?!? My 30's? He's my new favorite person!! ❤️ Thank him very much for me You've just made my day, @Readytobeme ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm way behind on my responses, and I still owe you a thank you for your earlier was lovely!!
  13. "At goal" pics

    You, judgemental? No way! Lol I certainly didn’t take it in a negative way at all. The sweater is supposed to be long, but not that loose. As you can probably tell by the denim shirt I was wearing in my other pic, I like L O N G tops, haha. Aww, I’m so sorry your daughter is still struggling too My daughter lives with her boyfriend, so I have to be super vigilant with her, because she isn’t here with me. Her bf works second shift, so she is home alone for the better part of the day, and that’s a recipe for disaster with a depressed person. Hubby picks her up a lot of days on his way home from work and she comes here, or we run errands or whatever. As long as she is with me, I know she’s ok. It’s too bad you couldn’t have gotten your daughter out for that walk today. Our temps were in the 60’s today (yay for ginormous melting snow banks!!!) and if you guys are having this kind of weather, it’s great to get out in it! I’m glad you did get to have dinner with her though ❤️
  14. "At goal" pics

    Yeah I hear you, I’m not technically “done” losing yet, just feels amazing to set a goal for myself and actually reach it!! I’m comfortable now, but I think 10-15 more pounds will be my sweet spot My sweet daughter...she is still struggling, unfortunately. But hubby and I get her out of the house as much as possible. Sitting alone in a dark house during depression is the worst thing you can I do my best to not let her do that ❤️ It is sooo much fun shopping with her!! I love it Yeah, That sweater is big on me now. I bought it in November, hoping to have it fit just right for Christmas...which it did. Now it’s too big, lol. But yes, I’m still pretty uncomfortable wearing smaller stuff. I’m working on it though.
  15. "At goal" pics

    Thank you so very much, @msmarymac ❤️