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  1. Papa Trish (David) here, Trish just went in to surgery for new knee number two. Please send all of your best wishes to her for a smooth surgery. She is the bravest person I know and my rock. Today will be the beginning of a new life for her and we couldn’t be more excited! As soon as she recovers a bit I will give her phone back to her and give you all an update. 


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    2. Kio


      Keep us posted!  Yay Trish!  So glad you're forging ahead, and soon to be on your feet!

    3. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      Thanks so much, guys :) 

      I never post anything under status updates, and didn't know how to do it, lol. David said he posted it here...he's not a facebooker and doesn't know much about how to use the forum, lol, so I'll give him a break haha.

      I'm just dealing with the same stuff as last time...all of that extra swelling, and the pain that "skin stretched too far" brings. Apparently I'm bruising and swelling like this because of the turniquet they use on my leg during surgery. So, just like last time, once the fluid gets moving again, I'll really start feeling better. But I am hanging in there!

    4. tracyringo


      Glad you are starting to feel better !!