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  1. Congrats on going for your one year check up!! I hope all of your labs come back well ❤️ I hope both of ours do! Thanks for the lovely compliments, @Readytobeme I’d actually like to gain a little weight back, but I haven’t had any luck so far. I prefer to be closer to the 135-140 range, so we will see. It’s funny that you say that about seeing a PA versus the doc. I had my choice, but I chose the PA this time. I only did that, because it’s the same PA that told me I would have a hard time reaching 160, lol. I totally see where your husband is coming from, though. And he’s right! We should never settle...if we want to see the doctor, that’s who we should get to see.
  2. Tracy, I think you can do anything you set your mind to!! Just recommit, and you’ve got this Maintaining at 10 pounds less isn’t any harder than maintaining where you are now, in my opinion. I’ve dropped 15 pounds since my knee surgeries and that bout with gastritis, after maintaining at about 143-144 for about 6ish months. I really haven’t done anything different with the maintenance eating, and I’m staying within 1-2 pounds of 126. Just stay away from the things that you KNOW make you gain. I really think you can do this, and keep it off!! You’ve done so great so far...keep it up!
  3. Next Thursday, the 30th, I have my 2 year surgiversary check up. I went for my blood work today. I can’t wait to go to this appointment. I was told prior to my WLS that I was expected to reach 184 from the surgery. I told the PA at one of my follow up appts. during the first year that I wanted to reach 160. She told me that would be very difficult, not to get disappointed if it didn’t happen, etc, etc. I was also told that my IDEAL body weight was 133, and that is when they consider you having lost 100% of your excess weight. (I think once you hit the “normal BMI” range, that is when they should say you have lost 100% of your excess weight, personally...) I’m soooo looking forward to seeing her expression when she sees that I not only reached my goal of 160, but that I have indeed lost 100% of my excess weight! I’m kind of feeling a little “in your face” (toward the PA) about this, and I know I shouldn’t be, but I think it was wrong of her to have told me that reaching 160 was basically out of reach for me. They should never tell a patient that something is out of reach, or even difficult, especially if the patient is doing exceedingly well according to said PA. Other than that, I’m anxious to see if all of my levels are good. Hoping I have no deficiencies and everything looks good. I always take my supplements, with the rare exception when I forget them and I’m at the doctor or something like that. So fingers and toes crossed!! I will let y’all know how it went after the appointment
  4. @cinwa, I imagine you have more than a glimmer of what I’ve been going through ❤️ You’ve told me what your hubby went through with his knee replacement alone and I can’t even imagine the pain he must have been in. Nothing about these knee replacements is pleasant, but when they don’t go as planned, it can get really bad. I feel for him I feel like I’m starting to turn a corner now. I’m also realizing that the full recovery, along with building muscle that I lost while I was inactive (as well as all the muscle wasting that took place during weight loss) is going to be a much bigger process than I first thought. Now that I’m able to do much more at physical therapy, I’m finding out just how physically weak I am. This should not be a surprise to me, but it is. I’ve spent the past few months daydreaming of getting out there and walking 5-6 miles a day like I used to. Thinking of actually joining a gym, even if it’s just to use the stationary bike and the leg press machines, because that’s part of my physical therapy and I enjoy both activities. But it’s so hard...a lot harder than I expected. I suspect that the fact that I’m only averaging 2 hours of sleep per night is also a big part of this problem though, and I have no idea what to do about it. I’m so tired at this point, I can’t even see straight. I have well documented mental issues, but this lack of sleep is really making me batty. I spoke to my primary care doc a couple of months ago about this, and I asked him about melatonin. He said long term, it’s not a good thing to take, because it doesn’t give you the quality of sleep you need to function properly. But I seriously need something, like yesterday, so I may give it a shot anyway. (Edit: I bought some melatonin and I’m going to try it tomorrow night...I hope it works!!) As far as embracing a more active future...definitely!! I’ve been way more active since the first knee replacement than I have in many years!! After my PT appointments, twice a week, we swing by the local mall. We usually window shop/ walk for at least an hour during these visits. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s huge compared to what I was doing/ was able to do prior to this. And yesterday, I took Harper outside to play...for the entire day!! It was so much fun, I can’t even put it into words I tired him out, lol...
  5. Thank you very much, @Res Ipsa!! For that, and everything
  6. I know there is a way to view all of my past posts, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m very technologically challenged, and I actually know how to do very little here on the forum, lol. @cinwa, or @Res Ipsa, would you mind helping me out? I’d like to go back and read some of my earlier posts, but don’t have the time to search for them individually right now. Thanks in advance for your help!! Or anyone else that cares to jump in and answer ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Thank you so much, my dear @Aussie Bear ❤️❤️❤️ It doesn't matter one bit that you didn’t spend as long a time with wheel chairs and walkers as I did. What you’ve been through with your foot, you totally get my happiness in being able to put them away!! I know I’m probably too early out to be saying this, because full healing with total knee replacements can take up to a year, but I don’t think I will ever be 100% pain free on my feet either. BUT...the pain that I’m dealing with now is so much less, if it didn’t get one bit better, I’d still consider this a complete success. And like you, I will never take walking for granted!! I don’t even have a limp anymore (well about 95% gone at this point), and that’s something I never thought I’d be able to say! And my disability parking pass is still good for I believe 3 more years, but unless my back gets a lot worse before then, and I mean A LOT, I won’t have to renew mine again either. I was actually just talking to hubby about that yesterday, and how exciting it will be not having to get another one! I do still have days that I may use mine after physical therapy, like was brutal, and I was hurting. But I’m generally finding myself asking hubby to park farther away from the building, and it almost makes me giggle like a kid. It’s so exciting being able to just walk. Grab my cane and go. So much freedom!!
  8. Thank you so much, @BurgundyBoy I’m very happy for me too!! And yes, I know...I’d love to get one of my kids out there to paint my driveway to celebrate my progress!! Besides hubby, my son is the only one in the family that can truly understand the gravity of what I’ve been dealing with with my mobility issues. He is the only athletic person in the family...he has been a runner since middle school, and he still runs and does a lot of weight training. He’s 30 years old now. But even though he KNOWS what it takes physically to get to where I am right now from where I started, he still doesn’t “get it”...if that makes sense. So I don’t expect those lines to get painted anytime soon...but that’s ok. Because I know what I’ve been dealing with and going through, and I’m proud of MYSELF...maybe I will paint the lines myself!!
  9. Thank you so much, Nerdy!! ❤️❤️❤️ My physical therapist told me to ditch the walker a week ago today, and I was cleared to start using the cane! I feel like I have so much more freedom now, I can’t even describe it! It’s amazing!! I’m still dealing with a lot of pain in the latest surgical knee (left) but I’m apparently having an issue with the axial-tibial band (? If I have the name of that wrong, someone please feel free to correct me, I’m still learning, lol) that is causing a lot of pain due to swelling. It’s a tendon-like thing that runs from (is attached to) the hip to just below the knee cap. Since I was basically completely sedentary for the years prior to surgery, it wasn’t getting used at all, so now it’s locked up. Any time I do PT or any exercise (I’ve been walking a LOT), it swells up and makes it hard to bend my knee. They are giving me exercises at PT to help, and they are massaging it as well. I may still have to go in for the manipulation, but I’m ok with it if that’s what ends up happening. Even with the pain though, my knees are not giving out on me anymore!! And I’m basically just using the cane for balance, not support So I’m ALMOST THERE!!!!
  10. Oh, my dearest Nerdy, I was born and raised on Catholic guilt...and I divorced my first husband with the weight of that catholic guilt weighing heavy on me. I no longer worship as a Catholic because of the series of horrible events that happened during my divorce. So when I say I understand that...I GET IT. If you really feel the need to answer all of your messages, and you can TRULY find the time, without adding a ton of extra stress, then by all means do it. But remember, no one here is judging you, and no one wants to see you put more on yourself than you already have. We want you to be happy, healthy, and we want to see you here posting (!!!) and coming back for support when you need it...weight related or not! So work on responding to those messages if you really do have the extra free time. If not, write one group post, tag each person you wish to answer, and be done with it that way. Either way, we love you, and we all only want good things for you. so try to cut yourself some slack ❤️❤️❤️
  11. @tracyringo, you have done such an amazing job!! I'm so happy you added a picture to this post. Your smile just says it all! You look fantastic...but you also look HAPPY and comfortable in your skin!! That speaks volumes
  12. Thanks for the love, my friend!! ❤️ I will always remember @BurgundyBoy‘s “Trishes” measurements for walking!! Those days really do seem far away!! It’s amazing how much has changed in 2 years...not just my weight!! The wheel chair AND the walker are now put away for good!! All I use now is a cane, and in a few weeks I won’t even need that! It’s just unbelievable to me when I think about it...I’m truly blessed ❤️
  13. Nana Trish


    @NerdyToothpick, I will definitely tell Miss Devin hello from you!! I don’t know if we will be able to make it to Boston this summer or not...if the meet up is early in the summer we won’t be able to make it. May and June are David’s busiest months at work, and now they also have him traveling to the Six Flags park in New England to fix games for that park manager as well (don’t get me started, lol). And now that Devin has the new fur baby, she probably won’t be able to make the trip with us if we are able to make it I’ve been SQUEEEEE’ing’ since she got the puppy!! She is just so squishy and adorable!! And the puppy breath...just like @cinwa, one smell of puppy breath and I’m down for the count!! Lol!