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  1. I only had to wait 4 weeks before I could resume normal activity (I also had RNY). My husband is 4 days shy of his one year surgiversary, and he only had to wait 3 weeks after his. I had my surgery 3 years ago, so the guidelines according to our surgeon changed in only 3 years. It wasn’t an issue for me right away though, because I was confined to a wheel chair until last April, after having double knee replacements. Whatever your surgeon tells you, I’d still take it slowly in the beginning. Your body may respond differently in the early stages of recovery, and it will take some time to get ba
  2. Don’t be sorry about being vague, my level of understanding and memory has failed some, I’m sure due to my brain being soaked in alcohol for the past 2 years. Hopefully that will get better with time. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to have David test his blood sugar when he appears to be experiencing a crash. That only makes sense. And I have the test kit already, being a diabetic. His A1C was normal at his last checkup, but I’m not sure what it would be if he truly had RH. I will have him start doing that. I don’t know why they would tell you you shouldn’t be checking your sug
  3. Thank you, Corrine ❤️ He first learned from his grandfather, then he studied building trades in vocational school. But the rest, he taught himself. He’s done some pretty cool things with this old house :) I can’t wait to see what it looks like once the siding is done on the whole exterior so it matches the porch! He also redid our half bath in the middle of our porch project, out of necessity unfortunately. But that looks great too! I don’t have any before pics of this one.
  4. Yes, I did marry a clever man ❤️ I’ve been blessed with a jack of all trades hubby He’s talented, and it also saves us a ton of money with him being able to do repairs as opposed to hiring someone. He can also do a lot of car repairs as well. He just replaced our brakes last week. It’s especially helpful with him having been out of work for the past 6 months (thanks for nothing, COVID) and with money being so tight these days. That’s why I’m so thankful that we had already purchased the materials for the porch before he was furloughed...small blessings!
  5. @Aussie Bear...ok, now I understand what you were talking about. I was a little confused before by what you said about needing a reversal. MRI’s are quite expensive here, so I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to pay cash for one right now. Eye glasses are expensive too. I wear contact lenses because they are cheaper, and my insurance doesn’t cover glasses anyway. If they have a recent CT scan, they should be able to find what they are looking for using that. I can’t imagine having to shell out a lot of money for an MRI, if you’ve already had a CT. So intestine/bowel length has some correla
  6. This summer has not been a total disaster for our family. I don’t know how @PapaDaviddoes it. Usually he does his remodeling projects after work/on his days off from work. Since he was furloughed at the end of March, he’s had a lot of free time this year. Well kind of. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, he has spent the better part of this year basically babysitting me. But late last year/early this year, we had decided to replace our back deck. Luckily we had purchased most of the materials before he was furloughed, so at least that wasn’t a huge issue. Not only did the deck need to be replace
  7. I thought the mug was hilarious!! We haven’t been spending much money on extras at all since COVID started (with the exception of all of that EVIL wine I was drinking ) but we stopped by Home Goods on the way home from my therapy appointment on Thursday. Another thing I rarely do since COVID, is go into stores. We needed a few mugs for the coffee bar, and when I saw that one, I said “That’s me”!! Lol...if I ever find a sweatshirt with that saying on it, I’ll buy it and ship it to you!! ❤️ Did you notice the two mugs on the on the second shelf? They say This Gema belongs to Harper and This
  8. Awww!!! ❤️❤️❤️ That seems like just yesterday! It’s so hard to believe it was almost 3 years ago, and that he will be 4 in November! It’s so sweet that you use the pic as a screen saver Harper still has the scrubbies and used them to this day He’s a big boy and takes big boy showers now, lol (((Hugs))) Oh, and I still use mine too
  9. That’s so true with the calcium, no doubt. I had a lot of issues absorbing my calcium after the parathyroid surgery and subsequent thyroid removal, because it takes time for your remaining parathyroids (only one left in my case) to start working again. So I dealt with that issue even before my WLS. I’ve been fine since, though. It sounds like you’re getting a double whammy where the calcium absorption is concerned. I think a massive list of blood work sounds warranted in your case. I hope they can figure things out. Are you worried about the MRI because you think they will confirm that y
  10. That was Harper’s 1st birthday party!! Cake diving was his thing! Lol He’s such a big boy now
  11. You found my post before I found yours in another thread and replied to you, lol Im so sorry to hear that you’ve been through all of that. Reading your post, everything in it was all too familiar. I’ve been hesitating on coming back here to tell everyone what’s going on out of shame from the drinking, as well as the regain. But everyone here has been a huge support to me since 2015, and gotten me through some pretty rough times. So I decided I was ready, and I’m glad I told the group what was happening to me. It’s getting easier to talk about as the days go by, and I find the more I dis
  12. Hey guys!! just checking in to see how you all are doing today. It’s a cool 57 degrees here in northern NY today, and I love it! I’m not a big fan of summer weather...give me spring and fall anyway, and I’ll be a happy camper, lol. Today is day 15 of my sobriety!! It’s amazing to wake up every morning with no hangover, no injuries and no regrets ❤️ I’ve had 3 sessions with my addiction counselor so far, and Wednesday will be my 2nd session with the psychiatrist. I also have a tele visit with my regular therapist on the 30th. I dare say that I’m starting to get some of my confidence
  13. Oh boy...I’m sitting here falling asleep as I type, lol. I’ll be back tomorrow to finish ❤️ Take care my friend. I hope you have a good night!
  14. The parathyroid and the thyroid are 2 different things. The parathyroid controls the blood calcium levels. If you have high blood calcium, they normally do a parathyroid hormone test, and if that is high as well, that means that one or more parathyroids are not functioning properly. When even one of the four malfunctions, the blood does rob the calcium from the bones, which causes loss of bone mass. Especially at your weight. In the US, the high normal is 10, and I was 11.4. But apparently, even just .1 or .2 over 10 is cause for concern. I’m not sure what your range is in Australia...it’s pro
  15. Thank you!! We think so ❤️ He’s a definite keeper!!
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