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  1. That is pretty awesome, @Aussie Bear!! Congrats on the great numbers!!! I hope you’re feeling well to correspond with those numbers!
  2. Thank you, Miss @Cindy Lou Who!! Keeping my chin up, definitely! I absolutely know you all are here for me, my friend ❤️ Thank you
  3. You’re too kind, @bellamoma!! Thank you!! And aww!! Babyface!! Not bad for 52 I guess? Lmao
  4. Thank you so much, @cinwa!! It might have been bit classier if I had put shoes on before hubby snapped the pic, lol...I was still in too much pain after PT to do the whole stockings and shoes thing just for a pic
  5. I got a gift card to Old Navy for my birthday. I’ve been dying to get in there to find a nice spring/summer dress. I stopped in after physical therapy for a quick minute on Tuesday, and this is what I found. It’s a size medium. I have to wear a cami underneath it because it’s too low cut for me, but besides that I think it’s a pretty dress. The form fitting thing is way out of my comfort zone, but I bought it anyway
  6. I still can’t believe it’s been 2 years...let that sink in, 2 years!! You have done an incredible job, Jen. You have been an inspiration to me and MANY others here on the forum ❤️ I can’t thank you enough for all of the support and advice you’ve given to me. I’m so very proud of you and feel very blessed to know you! Congrats on an amazing 2 years!!
  7. Everything about this makes me smile ❤️ I’m thrilled that you got a puppy! She is gorgeous, and I can tell by your smile it is the right time. And I just love her name! Perfect
  8. You guys are just the best...thank you so much for all of this wonderful support! @Res Ipsa and @cinwa, I know you aren’t sorry that you’ve asked, and that I’ve posted about my struggles ❤️ That was the depression talking when I wrote that. Knowing that you all care so much really does pull me through these tough times! @TammyP, @Jen581791, @msmarymac, and @CheeringCJ...hugs to you all!! Giant hugs!!! All of the prayers and love mean everything to me! I had my staples removed on Monday, which was uncomfortable, but they are gone. The PA took like 3 of them out and waited for a minute to make sure that the swelling was not going to cause the incision to open up. Thank God it didn’t. The swelling has gone down a little, and i can move my leg a little more than I could up to this point. They want to see me in 2 weeks to see if my range of motion starts to improve with PT, and if it doesn’t (it’s pretty limited right now) they are talking about having to put me under and manipulate this knee like they did my other one during surgery. That just means knocking me out and breaking up scar tissue, and whatever else is keeping me from having a normal range of motion. So for now, I continue with the edema elimination exercises and icing/elevating, walking as much as I can, etc. I was able to get up and fold laundry this morning as well as do a handful of dishes, so at least that’s progress ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  9. Thank you so much for asking how I’m doing, @Res Ipsa ❤️ I haven't been here much because I’m struggling a bit. Well, a lot actually. I do enough whining on here and don’t like to be a downer, so I’ve been trying to get through it without coming here to complain. But this is where things stand so far. I have had more excessive swelling in this leg than I did in the other one. To the point that wearing the compression stockings is causing my feet to go numb, so I can’t wear them right now. I’m bruised from hip to ankle, and I have a large hematoma to the right of my incision, which is keeping me from being able to bend my knee much at all. The physical therapist is only having me do edema eliminating exercises right now, because I physically can’t do anything else as far as PT goes. They tell me that this is a somewhat common complication caused by the tourniquet they have to use on my leg during the surgery. It’s in place for about an hour. Of course my case is severe...why would it not be, right? Ugh.. The way it was explained to me is that it can bind, or clog, the blood vessels and ducts(?) that allow blood and fluid to drain from my leg under normal circumstances. So between the exercises I CAN do, and with certain massage techniques, it is supposed to start reducing the swelling soon. But the pain has been pretty bad, and the meds they gave me aren’t helping. I’m having my staples removed tomorrow afternoon, so I will have a chance to have it looked at again. The hematoma is twice the size it was 3 days ago, so I’m glad I’m being seen tomorrow. I’ve been fighting off some depression, and a LOT of frustration. I’m trying to stay positive, but that’s getting tough at this point. I did have X-rays taken of both knees in my surgeon’s office 3 days ago though, and the new knees themselves look great. And I know I will feel a lot better once things start moving in there. Some days it’s just hard to keep my head up, but I AM trying. So that’s where I am at the moment. I thank you again so much for asking, even though I’m pretty sure you’re sorry you did now, lol. I’m attaching a couple of pictures just to give some idea of the swelling I’ve got.
  10. You are such an adorable little momma!! ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Thanks, @BurgundyBoy I did do well with surgery, and thoroughly enjoyed my bites of mash, lol! I was surprised I was able to eat any of it, as my appetite after surgery leaves a lot to be desired. I’m actually having a 2-3ish ounce portion of leftover meatloaf for dinner tonight (no mash though)...I’m anxious to see how much I will be able to eat. Recovery is slow going, but the same as last time, so knowing what to expect helps a little anyway
  12. Thank you, CJ!! I did enjoy the mashed potatoes And the meatloaf. Just small portions, even for me, lol. The knee pain is pretty intense, just like last time. I’m experiencing the same excessive swelling that I did in the right knee, but the muscle weakness seems worse in this knee. But I’m definitely glad it’s over too, and I’m looking forward to the days the pain starts to ease up and PT gets easier. I can’t do much of anything in the way of PT just yet, but I know now that it takes time.
  13. Thank you for the well wishes, Jen I did enjoy some meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The last time I had this was for David’s birthday in December, so I don’t make a habit of it, lol...but I’m quite comfortably in maintenance at this point. I just can’t wait to get “my normal” appetite back. Since I had the first surgery I haven’t been able to eat as much as I could before, and I’ve been steadily losing weight because of it. And I’m not looking to lose anymore, so I’ll be happy when this passes.