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  1. Nana Trish

    THE Dress - VICTORY!!!

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! That dress looks smashing on you!! And I was reading the earlier way is it too young for you!! It truly looks amazing! And I’ve got to say, your arms look insane! In a good way!! You look like you lift weights and I’d kill to have your arms! Goal weight sure looks good on you, Cindy ❤️
  2. Nana Trish

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I hear that...all I see are baby finger prints all over everything, lol!! Yes, a 190 pound loss is profound, and people do not recognize you! People I knew PRIOR to gaining my weight question it, but people I met at 300 pounds no longer recognize me. I totally relate to that! But just know that you look amazing, and you have probably added decades to your life and you are awesome!!!
  3. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    I do that more often than not lately myself when I’m reading something...don’t you hate it when that happens? Lol Harper is now officially a kid, he is a real big boy! So when I got the chance to snuggle a little cutie newborn, I snatched him up! I’m just glad Harper was napping when I was holding the’t want him seeing Nana holding the little one
  4. Nana Trish


    Craig, Your VSG was not a waste! You still have the tool, now is the time to take back the reigns and your control! Life the best of us. You are still well below your start weight, which is a huge plus. Start by getting back to basics. Water, protein, vitamins/suppliments. Portion control. Don’t drink with meals. But you have to start putting you first! We can’t control what other people eat, but we CAN control what we put in our own mouths. My hubby is a giant carbaholic, eats giant portions, and has (at least temporarily) given up on trying to lose weight. He’s even starting to consider WLS. I have fallen victim to some bad food choices because of what he has been eating, but that’s on ME. Luckily I haven’t experienced any regain...YET. So I’ve gotten control, and decided not to let his choices affect mine. You need to do the same. Take care of yourself and do what you need to do, for YOU!! You can do this, Craig! It’s a lot easier to lose the 65 pounds that you’ve gained, than to wait until you gain it all back and start from scratch. You can do this!
  5. Nana Trish

    Picture in my surgeon's office

    I absolutely love this ❤️ You have so much to be proud of, Cindy! You look amazing and beautiful...and your eyes must be prejudiced because the difference is remarkable! Physically, as well as your confidence!!
  6. Nana Trish

    Finding my limits

    Dumping is definitely a HUGE deterrent, but don’t wish that on yourself,! Ive found that I can eat a cookie or two and I’m usually fine (by that I mean I don’t dump from just that)...but I get the jitters something horrible because my body is not used to the carbs anymore. I will still get hot flashes like I did when my diabetes was out of control as well, so I have to choose my indulgences wisely. Ice cream is another story entirely. I get dangerously ill when I eat it, so I can’t anymore. Like Jen, I did have a kid sized piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, and I was relatively ok. Cookies are a tough one for me though, because hubby makes the best cookies on the planet, and he’s starting a cookie business there will be LOTS OF COOKIES IN THE HOUSE... I hope you enjoyed your snickerdoodles ❤️
  7. Nana Trish

    Finding my limits

    I’m sorry you got sick, Jen In my experience, if I am trying something normally “off limits” or just something I really don’t eat often, I try one new thing at a time. Like I probably would have either had the wine or the cookies, but not both. I’m not saying that would have kept you from getting sick, or experiencing sugar shock. But for me, I would know for sure which goodies were the culprit, or it could have been the combo...or just the fact that you really don’t eat sugar and it did truly shock your system. So I guess I’m really no help here, am I... I think your plan for the next party sounds like a good one. Good luck this time around...fingers crossed that you don’t dump or get sick this time around! Oh, and if you do end up having to take some cookies home with you, freeze them and 1) Ship some home to friends/family, or 2) Shrink wrap them and store them in the freezer for a later date. They last a long time when they are stored like that
  8. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

  9. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    All YOU have to do is email me...I’ll send you a list of cookies he currently makes...shhh, tell no one!
  10. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    Thank you, @tracyringo! That beautiful boy isn’t my much as I’d love to claim him as such, lol. He is the beautiful child of friends of one of my daughters. I only have one grandson so far, and he just turned 2!! I posted a couple of pics above ❤️
  11. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    Thank you, @cinwa His dream would be to own a bakery...he’s working on starting a home based online cookie business right now.
  12. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how it can already be his second birthday! It doesn’t seem at all possible that another year could have passed already! He’s such a big boy now ❤️ Oh, and here is a full shot of his cake...hubby made it, of course, lol
  13. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    Thank you, @CheeringCJ! My hair is growing like crazy...I think I’ve had either 3 or 4 salon cuts over the summer/fall. I’m keeping it shorter through the holidays, but I’m going to be a bit brave and try to start growing it out in January. Didn’t want that awkward looking phase happening through the holidays lol
  14. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    Thank you, @Cheesehead!! And yes, that baby is absolutely beautiful!! I wish they could have stayed for a longer visit...I so miss my Harper being this age!
  15. Nana Trish

    It’s been a while

    I wish I could claim nana rights to this beautiful boy, but he is the son of one of my daughter’s friends...only a couple of weeks old. They were kind enough to bring him over for a visit when they were up my way, and man is that baby fever strong! Lol My Harper definitely keeps me on the run though, no doubt, and I’m thankful everyday that I got rid of all of that excess weight so that I can keep up! Here is my boy ❤️ (Yes, he is eating cake, was his 2nd birthday )