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  1. Nana Trish

    Hi guys

    I’m so glad you’re ok!! Yes, the bad cases look truly horrifying from what I’ve heard, and I want absolutely nothing to do with it!! So we are all here cooped up as well. I put my foot down this morning and started the 5 day pouch test. I’ve had it with food controlling me again. Like you said, WE are in charge! I have to remind myself of that! I have been letting depression, anxiety, and fear get the better of me, and not doing any real self care. I’ve gotta take this rare opportunity (if it’s not wrong to call it that) where I have no one but myself to focus on, and actually do it! No babysitting, no running errands, etc. Just finding things to do (I have plenty of closets to clean, lol). It’s raining today, so I am going to hop on my stationary bike later and start moving a bit! Lets do this, Jen!! We did much bigger and harder things way back in the beginning, 3 years ago. We can do this!!
  2. Wow, Tracy!! Looking awesome, and I hope you enjoyed the cruise to the fullest!!
  3. Awesome job!! Looking great!
  4. Cinwa, How is your puppers doing? Any pics? I’ve missed a LOT since I’ve been away ❤️
  5. Nana Trish

    Hi guys

    Yes, Cinwa...gotta back away from the cookies, breads, etc, that my evil DH is baking. He’s experimenting with new recipes since he is laid off, to keep himself sane. I keep telling myself that just because they are in the house, I DO NOT have to eat them...I think this everytime I pop a goody in my mouth, ugh. His latest creation below...seasoned artisan breads Your reputation is safe with me, lol , I promise!! I hope you and hubby are well and staying safe ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Nana Trish

    Hi guys

    I have the same fears, Res...not a good thing for our mental state. And by us, I mean all of us! Thank you so much for your amazing support my friend! And if I didn’t say so in my other thread, Seamus is just gorgeous!! Please stay safe ❤️
  7. Nana Trish

    Hi guys

    Dear Lord, Jen!!! I’m SOOOO sorry to hear that you’ve contracted this! But very thankful to hear that you are recovering!! Please, please stay safe and praying you’re completely recovered soon! I would love to do this with you! I’m in!! I could use a buddy to get back on track with ❤️ I have to do this, and very soon. Not only because of the weight gain, but I’m starting to feel very crappy because of my diet. And not having my Harper here with me, I have no one to chase around and keep me on my feet all day So yes, lets do this!
  8. Nana Trish

    Hi guys

    Hi guys First off, I pray EVERYONE is staying safe and healthy during this very trying time. I’ve been keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, even though I haven’t been here for a while. Things are still shaky, and I’m still making not so great choices. Just on the heels of my last visit here, enter COVID-19...Hubby got laid off until this is over, as did most of the people in NY. Just about everything is closed besides food delivery services, grocery stores, hospitals, and those types of essential businesses. We are getting nailed here. I haven’t left the house in 11 days. The weather is getting better, so hopefully I will be able to get outside and at least walk around the yard for a bit, and get some fresh air. I don’t mind staying inside, but I don’t like being afraid to go outside. This, I know, is something none of us has experienced before, and I’m sure we are all in the same boat here. Needless to say, going through this has made things worse as far as my eating, and of course not being able to walk yet isn’t helping. I miss last summer and fall when I could get out in the evenings and walk, instead of eating. Stress and boredom are my enemies right now. I’m struggling again/still, to get back on track. I’ve been too ashamed to come back here because of it. I’m officially back in the “overweight” category now, at 158 lbs, and am fighting the urge to just say screw it all. I know I’m not too far gone yet, but I’m watching my clothes getting tight, knowing I have to ditch the food, and feeling like I can’t. I NEVER thought I would be one to lose control like this, but I have. I’m letting food run my life again. I know I need to come here more. I know I need to find a distraction/something else to do besides eat when I’m feeling like this. I’m not looking for pity...just someone to listen to me vent a bit. UGH!!! Anyway, thank you all so much for listening. I’m gonna try and be here more. I hope you all know my prayers are with you all, and I’m praying none of you or anyone in your families contracts this horrible disease. Peace, love, and good health to you all ❤️❤️❤️ Nana Trish
  9. Thank you all so much ❤️ Richard’s funeral was this past Thursday. I’m hoping everyone can find some peace now. Although Richard was my children’s half brother, he was also mine and my husband’s nephew. My first husband was Papa David’s older brother. Weird family dynamic, I know, but it is what it is. My kids are doing ok, they are getting through this as well as can be expected. All of your prayers, love, and care have been felt and greatly appreciated. Thank you all so very much!!
  10. Thank you for asking, and for the prayers, @Res Ipsa ❤️ I am starting so do a little better now. It takes time for my meds to start working, and last week I started to feel a change. I know this medication will work, but it will be about another month for full effect. I haven’t gained any more weight, and have stopped the stress eating. I’m starting to get control back of my food intake. We had a rough week after my nephew passed, and his funeral was this past Thursday. I ate and drank stuff not on my diet at the reception, but other than that I feel like I’m doing better. I’m sorry I haven’t been here much. My energy levels and ambition to do anything have been pretty low. Im working with my therapist weekly, and will be increasing the dose of my bipolar med this week, so I’m hoping that will improve. Im also hoping to get out and walk a little this week if the weather cooperates and stays mild enough. That should help as well. I hope you and your family are doing well, and how’s that gorgeous boy Seamus?? How was your first Vermont winter?
  11. TTF family, I’m in need of your prayers more now than ever. My two oldest children, from my first marriage, have lost their half brother last night from a drug overdose. He was 23 years old. He has been battling a heroin addiction since he was 15, and he lost that fight last night. It’s a horrible tragedy, and I feel so horrible for my kids. And for his mother, I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through at this moment. And I never, ever, want to be in her place. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering this will cause. My daughter had to identify his body, and my son and their half sister were close behind. It’s a very sad time for them, and all I ask is prayers for his soul, and prayers for my kids and his sister and mother. They need all the help they can get. Thank you guys so much for listening. Hug your loved ones extra tight today/ is so short, and you never know
  12. Please, listen to your body!! I find it much easier to get through this stuff when I actually listen to my pouch...when trying to get back on track. It’s when we start ignoring the signals that our bodies give us, and eat too fast and too much, when we start to get into trouble. Its amazing the things we can do, and continue to do, when we follow the rules. It’s so hard to get our heads back into the game after we let things slide for a while. But we can!! And we will ❤️ Totally give yourself permission to not finish the meal if it’s too much...that’s the whole point of the 5DPT :) You’ll get there!!
  13. Hello :) I’m kind of in the same boat as you at the moment. I will also be 3 years out in May, and I’ve gained about 10 pounds since November. I went through a period last summer where I was really sick, after taking pain meds from having two knee replacements) and a hernia surgery all within 6 months. I lost a lot of weight during that time, and got down to 119, which was horrible. I looked as sick as I felt. I was on just liquids for the better part of a month, and my surgeon told me to drink milkshakes if I could tolerate them to put some weight back on. I finally got my weight back up to 135, where I stayed for a while. I got my normal appetite back, started eating better, end of story...or so I thought. I put on about 5 more pounds, which I was totally ok with. I feel good at 140. But then the holidays hit, and I’ve been going through some emotional stuff, and I allowed myself to start in with the carbs again. Plus I find myself stress eating. Now I’m up to 150. Which still places me within a normal BMI, but believe me, I feel every pound, and I don’t like it at all. I had done the 5 day pouch test once before, and it worked very well to get me back on track, and give me the feeling of restriction back. I’m seriously considering doing it again...because like you, it feels like the start of a looming mountain that I do NOT want to climb again!! You CAN do this...we both can!! Please keep updating so we know how you’re doing. When I start mine, I’ll do the same ❤️ Best of luck to you, and I’m sending lots of prayers your way!!
  14. I love and miss you, @Aussie Bear, my surgery twin!! I know things have been so rough for you, and I’m so sorry for that. Thank you for being here for me! You always have been ❤️❤️❤️ I’m sure I’ll be ok, just on shaky ground right now. I’ll get through this just like I have everything else. It’s just scary while you’re going through the rough stuff ❤️