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  1. Nana Trish

    Hair question

    I don't know how much help my response will be, because you know I shaved my head last September. But my hair (which used to be thick and curly, pre thyroid EVERYTHING) is growing in a lot thicker and curlier than it has been in years! I think I notice it less because I did shave it. I don't have the little baby hairs shooting out in between longer hair. That's because it's all short, lol. I think what you're going through is probably pretty normal. I bet the new, healthier hairs are a bit different in consistency than your existing hair. Maybe try a short sassy cut?
  2. Nana Trish

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Wow!!! Look at you!! Totally agreeing with athenarose right now...hottie!!! I hope you have an amazing time ❤️
  3. Nana Trish

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you so much, @cinwa!! I love the color too...wasn't sure how it would look on me, but it works, lol. I'm working on getting more comfortable with myself by wearing more form fitting clothes. Not there 100% yet, but getting there Oops...didn't realize my hair was a mess when I posted this, lol!
  4. Nana Trish

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    This is just a simple tank top, one that was given to me by my daughters BFF’s mother, who had WLS surgery a couple of years ago. There were a couple of other tops in the bag that also fit, but were too short for my taste. There were also 3 pairs of size 12 pants (one pair of jeans) and they were all too big. The jeans were not skinny jeans, and I was swimming in them. The waist, if it was a size 10 would have been good...but apparently if they aren’t either slim cut, or skinny jeans, I can’t wear them. Plus, I swear, they weighed as much as I do!! Anyway, here is the top
  5. Nana Trish


    Hahaha CJ...I don’t want to lose 5 more pounds THAT badly!! Lol
  6. Nana Trish


    I had gotten myself to the weight I wanted to be, lol. Just goes to show that if for some reason I ever did have a regain, I could definitely lose it by dropping my calories and cutting things from my diet...and pretty quickly! I think it’s been either 3 or 4 pounds since Thursday, lol. I’ve only got 5 pounds to reach 200 pounds lost, so I may try that just to say I’ve lost 200 pounds, lol!
  7. Nana Trish


    Thank you, sweet pea!!
  8. Nana Trish


    I’m doing a little better today guys, thanks for checking in!! My jaw is still pretty swollen, and definitely still just doing soft foods/protein shakes. I’ve got Harper back tomorrow, so please pray that I don’t have a lot of bending over to do...that still hurts like crazy. ❤️
  9. Nana Trish


    ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks, @cinwa. It’s times like this that I really miss ibuprofen. Tylenol has never done much for me. But the dentist did give me a script for Vicodin. In his words...”you’re going to need it”. It helps better than regular Tylenol, but still not great. It does help me sleep it off though...but I get a bit of an upset stomach with it. I just have to give it Time. It will pass. I’m truly thankful I didn’t have Harper yesterday, because every time I bend over, my jaw just throbs relentlessly. And I bend over a LOT when I have him, lol. So I don’t have him again until Monday. Hopefully by then I’ll be much better.
  10. Nana Trish


    Hahaha I love that^^^ Dentist says the swelling and extra bleeding was normal for the extra cutting they had to do and also because it took 1.5 hours for the extraction. I didn’t get my fever until well after his appointment, but I decided to wait to call them to see if it was gone this morning. I had a fever for a day after my thyroid and bypass surgeries, so I figured this was probably just normal for my body now. Anytime my body feels like it has sustained any type of trauma, it gives me a fever. My urologist gave me one dose of Cipro to take after my cystoscopy, so I figured if an infection was TRYING to form, I’d be covered, lol. Still really sore today, and I’m just very tired. I’m dropping weight because of having to change my diet though, lol. I was 142.6 yesterday, but didn’t change it until this morning on my ticker. Then I weighed myself after that, and I’m down to 141.8, lol
  11. Nana Trish

    I failed again - Revision

    Yes...what @Res Ipsa said!! You still have your tool, and it still works Commit to changing your habits and losing the weight! Don't count on restriction to guide your eating. Weigh/measure everything. Get at least 64 ounces of water every day. Take your supplements. You can do this!! Come here often for support and guidance ❤️
  12. Nana Trish


    Thank you, @Res Ipsa I look forward to meeting you again too!!
  13. Nana Trish

    Real names

    I'd say "normal size' but thank you so much for the sweet compliment!!! I'm just happy to be able to get around and breathe like a normal person, and not sweat my butt off!!! Meeting you was so much fun! ❤️
  14. Nana Trish

    Real names

    I thought lovely Kio's name was Kio too!!! I thought I had asked her, and remember her saying yes it was. So much for brain fog!!! Merry IS a lovely name!!!
  15. Nana Trish

    Gallbladder Removal Update

    That doesn't sound pleasant at all, @cinwa. I'm sure you are quite happy that is far behind you!!