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  1. One year out

    Yes!!! Yay us!!!
  2. I bit the bullet

    I’m on it!! Lol
  3. I bit the bullet

    Thanks, @cinwa ❤️❤️❤️ It already feels so much better...I prefer the post procedure discomfort over the abscess any day!
  4. I bit the bullet

    You would think that I would have had hubby take a pic with my tiny ice cream, lol, but I didn’t...sorry!! It was yummy, but gave me a tiny tummy ache. Didn’t last too long though. It already feels better than it did, and thank God I won’t have another abscess in that spot
  5. I bit the bullet

    Thank you, @delilas I refuse to feel guilty over 2/3c of real ice cream, lol. I think it was called for too! I ended up taking one hydrocodone and one regular Tylenol after I ate my soup (it’s times like this I miss ibuprofen desperately ...I hate narcotics). But it’s pretty tolerable right now.
  6. One year out

    Just amazing, my dear friend!! ❤️ Feels incredible, doesn’t it?
  7. I'm doing the happy dance!

    And look at that skinny dude behind the sign!!
  8. I'm doing the happy dance!

    YES!!! so happy for you both!! I knew you had mentioned house hunting in a post way back. I’m thrilled that you’ve found one that you love, and are closing so soon! It looks like a beautiful home...hope to see lots of pics after you move in!
  9. One year out

    Wowza, @Gretta!! Way to go!! I knew you were doing well, but damn!! It won’t be long now before you’re at goal!! Congrats! ❤️❤️❤️
  10. I bit the bullet

    Ok, so I put my big girl panties on today, sucked it up, and finally went to the dentist to get that tooth pulled. I have been terrified of the dentist ever since I was a child, so this was very hard for me. But the abscess that was causing all of the trouble hadn’t completely gone away, and the swelling was starting again. I was NOT going to go through that again. And being the emotional equivant of a 10 year old, I made hubby take me out for real honest to goodness ice cream afterward, lol. Yes, real soft ice cream, WITH peanut butter. Yes I’m confessing and I don’t care, lol. It was a kiddie sized dish though. The dentist was great, and considering how infected it still was, I felt very little pain. Not feeling too bad right now...just getting ready to eat some tomato soup, and protein shakes and soup for tomorrow. This pic was taken just before they yanked it
  11. Hiding the scale

    That’s the sucky part about scales, as well as obsessive weighing. All scales are not created equal, and you can truly be losing without seeing it on your home scale. This is coming from a person that has weighed every day since the start of my pre op diet, except maybe a total of 7-8 days. I think hiding your scale and using your doc’s weigh ins as your weight loss guide is a good idea for now. Congrats on your 12 pound loss!! There is nothing more discouraging during this process than watching that scale stay after day after day, especially if you’re doing everything right!! Enjoy your happy dance, you so deserve it!! ❤️
  12. Inches lost

    Thank you, @TammyP and @CheeringCJ
  13. Belly Button

    I've had that problem ever since I had my first Laproscopic surgery, and the major weight gain made it worse. For a while I needed to use a Q-tip to keep it clean, but it hasn't happened in a few months now. Nystatin works well, like Cinwa mentioned.
  14. Was TTF offline for a bit today?

    Same thing happened to me, lasted a couple of hours from the first time I tried signing in. Glad to be able to log in now
  15. One year out

    We all feel that way at some point, @Carina❤️ Stalls are inevitable for some of us, and it sucks! @Dtrain84 has been in a 3 months stall as well...and he is choosing to embrace the stall and keep on with plan. That's a very positive attitude Trust the process, follow your plan, and the last 15 pounds will take a hike soon ❤️. We are always here to support you!!!