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  1. Trying to get back in the groove...

    Thank you, @tracyringo I'm still just barely over goal weight, lol...I was supposed to weigh in yesterday, but I've been retaining water and I was afraid to step on the scale I'm weighing in tomorrow morning though, so hopefully I'll be at goal then!
  2. Carbonation?

    Thanks, love ❤️ I hope I kick the scale's a$$ tomorrow too...but if not, I'm really ok with it. I know I'm doing everything right again, so I'm not worried Plus, it helps that I'm at a comfortable weight now. Not as low as I'd like to be, but I just feel good. So I don't feel like I'm playing a game of Beat the Clock anymore, and it will come off when it comes off. I'm happy to hear any potential hair loss isn't worrying you. I had been losing hair for the past 4+ years prior to surgery due to Hashimoto's, and this past September I just said screw it...and had my daughter buzz it for me, lol. I'm not super happy with how it looks to be honest, but it's so easy to take care of that I just don't care right now. I was giving the front a good once over the other day, and the area where my bangs would (should) be is still very sparse. My endocrinologist told me it may never grow back, so I've prepared myself for worst case scenario. Hey, there are worse things than this anyway, right? I'll be damned if canned ravioli and crackers doesn't sound like the best thing ever right now!!! Lolol I guess I must have a contact high from my neighbors...hehehe (sorry if that statement broke forum rules). Seriously though, hopefully you are able to move on to some healthier foods soon and that you can get them down and keep them there. And yes, from what I've read here, the stall means progress!! It's going to take some time for your body to catch up after everything you've been's to be expected. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and sending lots of positive energy to you and praying for good news from your hematology visit!!
  3. Hungry

    I'm not a vet by any means, since I'm only about 9 months post op. But I don't feel like I ever completely lost my hunger. There have been days here and there where I get super busy and don't necessarily feel hunger, but my body still sends me other signals. Like dizziness or nausea. Most days I still get hungry when it's time to eat. But I do what @cinwa does, and eat by the clock. I eat 3 meals and one snack most days, and I find if I spread the meals out by 4 hours, it keeps me from getting the sickish feeling. I just get what I feel is normal hunger, and once I eat, it's gone. Also, I feel a lot more hunger on days where I'm slacking on my fluid intake. I have to admit, I've always been a bit envious of those folks that need to be reminded to eat. The big change that I notice now though...even though I get hungry, when it's mealtime, I know it won't take 2 pounds of food to make me feel full. I thought I was the only person here that still felt actual hunger.
  4. Pre surgery nervousness

    Thank you, @Res Ipsa!! I'll take that bet
  5. Jen!! I can't believe I missed your 1 year surgiversary!! Happy surgiversary, and congratulations on all of your hard work and much deserved success!! You look beautiful in every photo...but I really do love those orange jeans Thank you for all of the inspiration you have given me and countless others here on the forum ❤️ You've helped in more ways than you know ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Another newbie!

    Welcome!! I love your attitude and determination!! It sounds like you're in a great mindset to start this process, and succeed!! Glad to have you here
  7. Newbie

    Welcome, @Susanvmallory!! Great to have you here
  8. Good Morning!

    I love the Unjury chicken soup flavor I've mixed it with beef broth and it has a nice rich flavor to it. A friend of my daughter had gastric bypass last year and had some left over that she gave me to try. @newme88, it's worth a try. Yummy
  9. Pre surgery nervousness

    Your nerves are justified and completely normal. Any time you have surgery, there is always a risk. I was nervous before my bypass, but not for the same reasons. I've had a LOT of surgery in my life, so I was fairly certain I'd wake up after. My worries were more toward the post op pain and nausea end of things. I had no pain, and once my nausea went away I felt really good. But it's totally understandable why you worry. Especially after what happened with your dad. Not having the surgery would be so much more risky though. Your pre diabetes will not remain "pre" forever. Sleep apnea can, and does, have some pretty serious complications. You know the risks from hypertension. Take it from a type 2 diabetic (now in remission ) formerly very sick and taking 2 types of insulin, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol (also in remission and off all meds for it)...this surgery has saved my life! I was told by one of my doctors, prior to my bypass, that I wouldn't see 60 if I didn't make a drastic change. I want to celebrate my 60th birthday I'm GOING to celebrate my 60th birthday! And my 70th... What if's are normal. Just remember why you're doing the "what if's" of NOT having the surgery don't take you before your time ❤️
  10. Happy to be here!!

    Welcome, MJ!! You've found a great place for support, friendship and lots of great advice
  11. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    @Aussie Bear, I'm so sorry you are going through this I've never had thrush luckily, but I used to suffer terribly with skin and vaginal yeast infections when my blood sugars were out of control. I can only imagine how you must be suffering. Gentle hugs coming to you.
  12. How much fat do you eat?

    That's good to know, thanks for the info!! I wouldn't want to try it using the Chablis if it were to make it sweeter. But Chablis is a drier white so it makes sense that it would make the stock a bit richer. I've heard that about cooking with sherry...not to use cooking sherry, lol. Too funny, but thanks for the tips If I get brave enough to try my hand at making your recipe, I'll definitely let you know how it goes!
  13. How much fat do you eat?

    I'm about as far from a chef (or even a line cook, lol) as one can get, so I have never cooked with wine. What kind of flavor does the wine give to the fish stock? Just curious if it's sweeter (which was my obvious first thought) or does it just enhance the seafood flavors? And are you talking sherry?
  14. How much fat do you eat?

    Oh...Y U M!!! Thanks for the delish recipe!! (Except the squid tentacles lol) I'm not immune from head hunger, unfortunately...never have been, probably never will be....hahaha Oh, oh...and I really like cannelloni beans. I use them in my turkey chili and they are great
  15. How much fat do you eat?

    This!!! ^^^ I haven't eaten much avocado since surgery (with the exception of a bite here and there when I'm feeding Harper his lunch, lol) and this is the first food I plan to add back into my diet once I'm in maintenance I can't wait...I LOVE avocado!!