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  1. @PapaDavid is in onederland 194 and dropping lol
  2. I haven’t technically “ditched” the chair or the walker yet. I paid decent money for the chair, in addition to what the insurance covered. But it’s packed away in my cedar closet in a spare room upstairs where it will stay. Hopefully I won’t need it again, at least for many years to come! But if I ever do (with my back history it’s possible I may need one or the other at some point) I will have it, bought and paid for :) Its truly amazing knowing that I don’t need it anymore!! I still have to remember to take my cane out of the car though, lol...I haven’t used that for about 3 months now!
  3. Thanks guys...I’m not sure what happened but the post is definitely gone. The NSV was walking over 10,000 steps, in addition to doing yardwork, so I was pretty happy about that
  4. I’m sorry you’re going through that!! It’s such an awful feeling, for sure! I hope you’re starting to feel better now ❤️ I’ve eaten a lot of chia seeds and never had trouble with them...but I only eat them mixed into my Greek yogurt. I have to let them sit in the yogurt for like 5 minutes before I can eat it though, because they expand. Eating them on strawberries may be causing the problem, because they are probably not expanding before you eat them. It’s probably happening after you eat, so technically you’re overeating because of that. I sure hope you can get unstuck soon and feel better! Be gentle on your pouch tomorrow, because it may be sensitive or sore all day after what you’re going through right now ❤️
  5. I posted in “NSV” and my post isn’t showing up. Any reason why that is happening, @cinwa or @Res Ipsa?
  6. Update your stats, @PapaDavid ❤️

  7. He is doing great, Jen!! It’s hard to explain to someone that one day you can eat something and it can go down just fine, and eat a couple of bites of the same food the next day, and it can get stuck after WLS. David had seen me go through this SEVERAL times, and always commented he wouldn’t want to go through that. He’s VERY new to “solids” and I think he is eating a little too fast in addition to his pouch still adjusting to foreign foods. And I think he’s advancing his allowed amounts of food a bit too fast as well (what do we always say? Just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you should or that you’re ready). I suggested he move back a stage for a day or two, then eat VERY slowly when he starts back on the tuna. Hopefully that will help him. And thanks for the compliments I got my experience the hard way like you did with the salmon, lol. As for the nerve damage from his surgery, I guess it’s common with a lot of folks after laparoscopic surgery of any type. I had never heard of it before now. He says his skin (not the incisions) feels like a bad sunburn and is painful to the touch. It is supposed to get better but could take a while.
  8. Way to go, @PapaDavid...almost in onederland!!!
  9. Posting this for @PapaDavid...he tried but it kept showing up sideways, lol
  10. Absolutely beautiful, Tammy! Your daughter looks beautiful, and you look beautifully radiant!! Phenomenal job of maintaining your amazing weight loss! Looks like the perfect day for a wedding...congrats to you all! ❤️
  11. Meal prepping is ALWAYS best!! I do so much better when I cook a package of pork chops, or a rotisserie chicken for the week or something similar. Keeps me on track and it’s so easy to pre cook and reheat
  12. I eat a lot of salads. I don’t know if you can do salads yet, but it’s really quick and easy. I buy a bag of salad with shredded carrots, and I add shredded mozzarella cheese and sliced turkey breast to it. It takes a couple of minutes to throw together and it’s very filling. I do occasionally eat frozen Atkins or Smart Ones meals, and I’ve never screwed up my diet or weight loss because of eating them