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  1. Wow, Sam is a big dog!! It's a good thing she is gentle...she would toss you around like a rag doll if she wasn't! Zoey looks like a dwarf next to Barrel, but her strength is scary for a 6 month old dog. Barrel is very strong, but very gentle. I'd probably have an easier time walking him than I do Zoey. I wish I was your neighbor too ❤️ David absolutely loves working on the house, and he'd be more than happy to spruce up your house I'll attach some pics of the work he has done so far. It should be done by Memorial Day. Things are really going to get busy at work for him that weekend, so the more he gets done before the end of the month, the better. Plus I'm tired of having to leave the house to shower...lol. But it will be so worth it in the end. (First pic is the old bathroom, before demolition began)
  2. Ahh, I misunderstood what you said, lol. Big surprise right? It's nice that Sam has a buddy or two to play with Zoey has Harper's dog Barrel to play with when they bring him over...but he weighs about 80 pounds, and Zoey is about 44 pounds, so he's huge compared to her. But they seem to get along well. I think it will be better when Zoey does a bit more growing, but I pray she doesn't get to be 80 pounds! I have a hard enough time hooking her to her run because she is so strong she almost pulls me over, lol. And David has better luck with her than I do on the leash, so I only walk her when he's with me. I'd love to have neighbors that I can't see or hear, @cinwa, lol. But here in the village, the houses are pretty much on top of each other, so I see and hear EVERYTHING. I love my house, but hate the location, but I'm not really willing to give up my house just yet. And of course David is forever remodeling (he's gutted and is now remodeling the master bath as we speak), and probably always will be. So I think we are stuck here for a few more years at least.
  3. Nana Trish


    Yes...kindergarten It is amazing how fast it happened!! Overnight!! It's been a very good thing for my daughter to be home...this is the most time she has spent with Harper since he's been born. I think it was good for both of them, even though it's been rough on me. He needed to not have to be shuttled around between my house, his father's house and his other grandmother. That's a lot of running during the week for both of them, and I think it's been a much needed break for them both. Love and hugs to you too, sweetie!! I can't wait to see your pics...I'm going to check on my phone (new one) to see if I have any current pics of Harper. If not, I'll grab my other phone and edit my post later and add some pics of him ♥️ These pics were taken at my birthday party last month ♥️
  4. Nana Trish


    @TammyPthank you! We think she is ADORBS ♥️♥️♥️ Yes I was thrilled when she finally stopped going on the pads! We were spending a fortune on them, and I swear it was as bad as buying diapers for a baby, lol It's totally acceptable if Teddy 'sneaks' one, as long as it's on the pad, lol. Wow, only 8 pounds? Lucky you! When I go to put Zoey on her run, she practically pulls me over...I pray she doesn't get to be as big as the calculators say she's going to! And omg CONGRATS on the new grandbaby!!!!! How wonderful!!! I love her name ♥️ And what a peanut! My Harper was only 6' 3" when he was born, and I thought I would break him when I picked him up for the first time. My kids were 8.9, 9.4, and 9.11 1/4, so dealing with a grandchild that tiny was scary. What a blessing to have been there when she was born!! I'm so happy for you and that they live so close ❤️ PLEASE post pics as soon as you can...I can't wait to see them!! I'm glad you didn't have any major side effects from the vaccines. I know a lot of people aren't thrilled going back to the office, and I'm sure it's going to suck for a while. My daughter, Harper's mom, is still working from home, and I think her company is going to try and keep a hybrid type setting permanently. She's a senior manager at Travelers insurance company, so she will be expected to go in more often than her team, but she will most likely be home more often than not. And Harper will be starting KINDERGARTEN (?) IN SEPTEMBER......what??? (Loud sobs in Nana Trish's house, lol) so the babysitting issue won't be a thing anymore. Hugs and love my friend xoxoxo
  5. That's so cool that your neighbor was finally able to move into his house! And now you have 3 pups to walk? More power to you my friend! I can barely handle Zoey, lol...but you are WAY more active than I am to begin with, so that doesn't surprise me ❤️ Zoey has been house trained (finally) for about 5 or 6 weeks now (just a guess) and is doing great!! She had been peeing outside just fine, but still felt the need to poop on the puppy pad on the porch. But after the first time she did it outside, she never did it in the porch again. That's all it took for whatever reason, lol. I'm not complaining!! She's so much better now that she's completely healthy. That Giardia just didn't want to give up...all told, she had 2 rounds of antibiotics and 3 rounds of the parasite meds before she was finally better. Our vet said this is very common in strays from Florida, unfortunately, because they drink puddle water to survive. And it's heavily contaminated with the bacteria/parasites because of the heat. She's safe and sound with nutritious food and clean drinking water now, as well as a ton of toys. And she digs holes everywhere in my back yard...I'm so glad we didn't get to the landscaping last summer!! David started another project after he replaced the roof...I'll attach pics in a different post...here we go again!!
  6. Nana Trish


    I have some new Zoey pictures, since I haven't been on in a while She turned 6 months old on May 1st (that was also the 1st anniversary of my grandmother's death from Covid) and she weighs 44.4 pounds as of yesterday. She weighed 16 pounds at the end of January when we adopted her...or should I say she adopted us!
  7. Nana Trish


    Aussie, Were you able to get vaccinated since this post? If so, how did you make out?
  8. Nana Trish


    David and I both got the Moderna as well. I got pretty sick (see my response above), and David felt ok except he ended up getting cellulitis in his arm at the injection site. Other than that, we are both still alive, lol, and go back on May 10th for our next one.
  9. Nana Trish


    Miniature germ factories... That's too funny!! I'm glad to hear that the flu had been down near you. I'm not sure what our numbers for the flu were around here, because all everyone was talking about is Covid.
  10. Nana Trish


    Hi Lee, I finally got my first vaccine last month, and am scheduled to get my second on May 10th. I was sicker than crap for 8 days. Severe fatigue, body aches and a headache that wouldn't go away. But to be honest, I wasn't surprised, because I get side effects to almost everything. I'm not looking forward to the second one, but it is what it is, and I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. I didn't have enough time to truly hydrate before vaccine #1, because I called to make the appointment, and they had us come in an hour later lol...but I will be prepared this time with the hydration at least. How did your second one make you feel? I hope yours was ok and you didn't get sick ❤️
  11. Nana Trish


    Woah, @Cheesehead!! Your plate is certainly full!! Congrats on the new grand babies!! That’s so exciting!! I hope the little one that was in the NICU is doing well now ❤️ How did you feel after you got your vaccines? What kind of side effects, if any, did you experience? I hope all is well with you, and that you get in a nap now and then ❤️❤️❤️
  12. I’m glad David isn’t traveling anymore either...it’s a 4 hour drive one way, so it’s not like he can just hop in the car and come home when we have problems with the house. The good news is, however, that if something were to happen to close down the arcade again due to Covid, he will not be laid off again. They told him he has a job in New Hampshire if that happens. That would mean he’d be gone from Monday-Friday every week, but it’s still so much better than having no work. We will take it when we can get it. He was only 5 weeks and 3 days shy of being out of work for a full year, and the stress of not knowing was really wearing on our nerves. I absolutely adore chocolate labs! How old is she? Zoey was born around November 1st, so that makes her about 18.5 weeks old, and energizer bunny is putting it mildly!! I haven’t had a young puppy in so long, I’m struggling to train her. She still has Giardia, so she’s on her second round of antibiotics as well as meds to get rid of the parasite. This is making it extremely difficult to potty train her. I’m trying to be as consistent as I can, but I think I’m confusing her. We started out with potty pads in the house, then moved them out to the porch. We didn’t start the outside training right away, because she is from Florida, and she would shiver uncontrollably. She was doing very well and went almost 2 weeks with no accidents, and then she regressed when David went back to work. Now we are trying to get her to go outside instead of on the porch, but she’s still having accidents. So I’ll just keep plugging away, and hopefully one of these days it’ll just click. The weather here this week has been pretty nice. Mid 40’s and sunny. Today it’s supposed to hit 59, but it’s overcast. I’m still praying that the higher temps melt the rest of the ice off the roof so David can start replacing it. I hope you’re enjoying walking Sam, as well as your hummingbirds ❤️ I love hummingbirds...I could just sit and watch them for hours. They are so pretty!
  13. Brrr...-20 below, no thanks! I think we’ve gotten that low in temp with wind chill, but not actually -20 below. It’s supposed to reach 59 here today! So I’m praying the higher temps will continue to melt the remaining ice from my roof so David can begin to replace it. I am also praying for no more major storms this season. We usually have one or two sneaky ones that show up just as the snow has all but disappeared...usually only a few inches though, as opposed to 30 inches!
  14. Oh Tammy, I’m so sorry for everything you’ve had to go through. I have been trying to stay away from the news because the politics stress me out to no end, but a dear friend of mine spends her winters in Texas. So I have been getting periodic updates from her. It’s horrifying to hear what has happened in your state. I’m praying things have gotten back to normal by now, or at the very least you have no more rolling blackouts to deal with so you can stay warm. I have 2 friends from high school that live in Georgia, and when they get snow or ice there, it’s pretty much the same deal with the lack of plows, shovels, and very little insulation in their homes. I can remember a time when it was very rare for both states to have temps below freezing, let alone snow and ice. A quick tip...if you have issues with cold temps and no heat, if you still have running water, leave all of your faucets running at just a trickle. That will keep your pipes from freezing until your heat comes back on. I’m sorry you had to file a claim for your pool. I had to file 2 insurance claims within a week for damage to my house. Ugh... (((Hugs))) sweetie!! ❤️
  15. It’s not fun dealing with a 30” snowstorm, but we get large storms like that once every few years. I remember one winter, about 10 years ago, that it literally snowed every other day with at least 6”...after a storm of about 2 feet at the start of it all. We had so much snow that winter, there was no place to put it...we had snow banks about 6 feet high in the front and back yards. My front porch was completely blocked from the road. But living in Upstate NY, we know to expect it. We make up for it during the other 3 seasons usually, as hurricane weather or very serious rain/thunderstorms are rare, and even during the high temperature periods in the summer we will go a week or so in the high 90’s, so it’s not a bad deal. As far as the damage to my home, ugh... One bright spot, the insurance money that we received will more than cover all of the repairs, including a new roof, with money left over. I was in shock, but at least I can breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have out of pocket costs for the repairs. David is finally done traveling for work, and he’s back home trying to get his arcade “Covid safe” and ready to reopen on March 26th. All of the employees that he wanted to rehire agreed to come back, and they are already trained, so that will be a huge help to him. He has rehired 4 to start, and will have to hire 4 more people to get ready for the theme park reopening (his arcade supplies games for the park as well, so he needs people to work there also), so he’s got a lot of work to do, and only 15 days to do it. Thank you so much for the cyber hug...it really helps to have your support. Chasing Miss Zoey around doesn’t leave me a lot of time these days, but I woke up early, and she’s still asleep, so I thought I’d pop in for a check in ❤️
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