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    Am I the only one that is FREEZING??

    I’m cold almost all the time. Literally, on my side of the bed, I have a heated blanket and two down comforters. My boyfriend sleeps with a single blanket that he doesn’t even use half the time. And that basically sums up my life. If it’s below 65, I’m usually wearing at least two layers.
  2. athenarose

    How long?

    I don’t remember exactly how long it took before I could see the difference in person, but one thing that helped immensely was taking full length pictures. Long before I could see a difference in the mirror, I was able to see the changes when I compared old and new pictures. Honestly, even now, I depend on pictures to provide a reality check as to my size. It takes a long time for your mind to catch up with the physical changes (lots of us on here struggle with body dysmorphia and still thinking of ourselves as much bigger than we actually are). Kind of a non-answer response, but I hope it helps. And congrats on your progress so far!
  3. athenarose

    Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    It may be an old thread, but I’m betting we’re all still struggling with the same issues. No wise answers from me, I’m afraid, but I sympathize.
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    No words really, but I just wanted to send you some love. Take what you need without any guilt. We’re here to support you.
  5. athenarose

    Weight Loss

    I was pretty exhausted for a long while after my surgery (a solid 2 months or so). It does get better, but even now, I will get wiped out and need a midday nap if I work out really hard or slack on my vitamins for a while. Just let your body heal, try to hit your protein goal and take your vitamins.
  6. athenarose

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I love shopping in the kids section! Check out Old Navy too. Their girls XL (14/16) & boys L (10/12) is usually equivalent to a 0/2 in their women’s clothes, but their sizing is so generous I’ve even worn my 7 year old’s size S (6/7) shirts.
  7. athenarose

    Question for the ladies

    Have you tried using the pill continuously? That’s what I used to do (same as nuvaring- 3 months on then 1 week break). I just switched to nuvaring after surgery because of malabsorption concerns. Also, for the cramps, try Epsom salt baths. They help me immensely. I hope you find a solution!
  8. athenarose

    Question for the ladies

    It might not be the solution you’re looking for, but I’ve found using birth control (nuvaring) helps minimize everything. I use the ring continuously for 3 months at a time (so I only have 4 periods/year), but when I do get my period, it’s much lighter and my PMS is basically non-existent. No mood swings, cravings, etc.
  9. athenarose

    Loose skin?

  10. athenarose

    Loose skin?

    Age and genetics for sure. I also went through four full term pregnancies and don’t have any visible stretch marks. My skin just bounces back for some reason. And agreed that the weight loss is well worth any excess skin or other minor inconveniences that come as a result.
  11. athenarose

    Loose skin?

    Yay! That’s exactly what I was referring to. In my experience, building muscle definitely helps with any sag, but there aren’t specific exercises (that I know of, anyway) to help excess skin itself.
  12. athenarose

    Loose skin?

    Minimal excess skin here after 130 lbs of weight loss. No rolls and, even in a bikini, the skin isn’t even significantly noticeable. The little bit I have is on the inner part & backs of my thighs. It’s definitely tightened up over time, but personally, I haven’t found exercise to make difference other than muscle filling in the area a little which makes the skin sag a little less.
  13. athenarose

    Not feeling right...

    My doctor prescribed them too, but only for the first 30 days after surgery. Maybe call and ask if your doctor suggests that you continue take them?
  14. athenarose

    Not feeling right...

    When I feel crummy, I stop eating and I rest. I also find taking a hot bath with Epsom salt helps. My only other thought would be that maybe taking the omeprazole has affected your digestion. I thought, as gastric bypass patients, that we don’t produce stomach acid? Maybe also try some digestive enzymes to see if they help. Not papaya (since apparently it doesn’t work if the pH in your stomach is below a certain number), but legit, good quality digestive enzymes from Whole Foods or a similar store. And definitely use your best judgment and contact your doctor if things don’t feel quite right. I hope you feel better soon!
  15. athenarose


    Craig, congrats! You’ve come so far! What an amazing transformation.
  16. If you’ve been low carb that long, then it’s probably not carb flu. More likely, it’s just healing from surgery. I guess my feeling is the same about exercise as it is about going through the post-op diet stages- just because you technically are allowed to do something doesn’t mean that your body is ready for it. Know what I mean? And if you’re tired, magnesium may just make that worse. Also, one thing to keep in mind in regard to high intensity exercise (for when that time comes) is that it can raise your cortisol levels which inhibits weight loss. I personally don’t know anyone who does high intensity exercise on a regular basis and I’m surrounded by personal trainers, gym rats, amateur athletes, etc. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is great and has all sorts of benefits, but in regards to weight loss, it’s really overrated. Diet is solidly 80-90% of weight & fat loss. Like one of my friends (who is a competitive bodybuilder) said, if you’re doing it right, you really don’t need to be in the gym more than three days a week. Just my thoughts. Take it or leave it as you see fit.
  17. Probably not what you want to hear, but I didn’t that early out after surgery. For me, I would have had to eat almost the equivalent of the calories I burned exercising and, with that, increase my carb intake, so the trade off wasn’t worth it. That said, your body is still likely adjusting to being low carb and, frankly, healing from surgery. At two weeks post op, I was still wiped out after any mildly strenuous activity, so part of your tiredness might simply be from post-op healing. Plus, if you’re not even getting in all your vitamins, that could also be a factor. And, fwiw, there are still days (at 2.5 years post op) where I need a nap after a good workout. I’d usually suggest trying glutamine (to help with the carb flu) and tyrosine (to help with the tiredness), but since you’re so early out post op, I’d hesitate to suggest adding any more supplements at this point. Honestly, I’d really recommend focusing on your diet, getting your vitamins in, and healing more than anything else right now, but that’s just me.
  18. athenarose

    Weight loss slow down...

    It’s tricky to say since I don’t know what you consider rapid. I lost weight at a relatively consistent pace (I would stall for about two weeks every month then drop a bunch of weight all at once) until I hit my goal. I think the best way to maximize your loss is to keep strictly on plan until you hit goal. Exercise is a fine addition, if you choose to go that route, but it’s not going to necessarily help speed up weight loss (although it does depend, to some extent, on what & how much exercise you’re doing). I personally focused solely on my diet until I hit goal, but different things work for different people. I hit my weight loss goal (total of 125 pounds lost, 100% of my excess weight) exactly 49 weeks after I had surgery.
  19. Also, sizing can depend on bone structure. One of my best friends will never be smaller than a size 8 simply because her pelvis width. And she’s thin-ish (5’5”, 140lbs). And, fwiw, I’m currently the same size I was when I was 12 (and had barely started puberty) so it’s definitely a bit surreal.
  20. It’s totally possible. I always thought I was big boned, with wide, not so much. Lol. My ten year old and I already share sweatshirts and she can fit in some of my clothes already (they’re just more oversized on her) so I’m sure her & her little sister will steal clothes out of my closet when they’re your daughter’s age if they decide I’m fashionable enough. In regard to what @Cheesehead mentioned, I don’t talk about my weight with my girls and never ever talk about feeling fat. We talk about being healthy but never compare sizes, weights, etc. But the sky is definitely the limit in regards to what you may end up looking like after WLS.
  21. athenarose

    I can't believe it!

    Welcome! You’re off to a great start!
  22. athenarose

    Need suggestions

    Lol. Since school started, I haven’t set foot in the gym and I’m lucky if I get a hike in twice a week. Yay for homeschooling....I just have to watch my weight much more closely now that I’m not doing two-a-days and working out 3 hours/day. But agreed, i’d definitely try increasing exercise with the caveat that I’d try something different than what you’ve done in the past. @Gin820 you say you tried adding & removing exercise, but specifically what exercises did you try? Other thought, my PCP recommended intermittent fasting if I want to lose weight. Have you tried that by chance?
  23. athenarose

    It finally happened.....

    I say, “that’s the plan. I’d rather be too skinny than too fat.” But I’m snarky. And @Cheesehead is right. They just remember you as heavy. People made all sorts of comments to me when I first lost weight. Now, I’m smaller than I was when they said I was “too skinny” and no one says anything. Over time, they got used to me being smaller. In the meantime, just ignore them.
  24. athenarose

    Still have a mind of an obese person?

    Everything @Jen581791 said. I know for me, when I was actively losing weight, I almost had a mental block because (in hindsight), I didn’t want to get my hopes up and let myself celebrate in case it wasn’t real and it didn’t last. As you get smaller and maintain that size, it becomes your new normal, you’ll mentally adjust. It’ll start to feel more real. I think it took a solid six months at goal weight before I started to feel the shift and I still have moments of disbelief. Trying on clothes, taking pictures, stepping on the scale, taking measurements are all things that helped me. Exposing myself to concrete, objective measurements over and over, over an extended period of time. You’re still (and I hope this doesn’t sound mean or judgy, because I don’t intend it that way) in the thick of active weight loss and in the big girl zone from the perspective of strangers As you lose more and start to get consistent (casual, in passing) feedback from random strangers, it’ll start to feel more real. For me, there is something about people who don’t know me making off-hand remarks about how tiny I am that helped (and continues to help) reality sink in. That’s weird, I know, but it’s my experience. Not gonna lie though, it’s still weird even after you (mostly) mentally adjust. I’m not sure that it ever goes away entirely though. Although, maybe that’s a good thing because it keeps us from becoming complacent. I’m constantly paranoid that I’ll gain weight even though maintaining has been relatively effortless and it took me a while before I could give away my bigger clothes. But slowly, I think a new normal sets in. You’ll get there.