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  1. Exercise for excess skin

    I lost 130 pounds post op (had surgery at 35 years old) and don’t have any excess skin (I lost 90 pounds at 19 and didn’t have any excess skin that time either). But I didn’t exercise until after I hit goal so that definitely wasn’t a factor. I also had 4 babies in less than 5 years and don’t have stretch marks. For some reason, my skin just bounces back.
  2. Overeating?

    I’ve never thrown up post-op. Not when I’ve eaten too much, not when I had food poisoning, never. My body physically cannot do it and it is horrible at times. For me, at worst, I get the foamies and I dry heave (which is hell when it’s happening for hours on end). So, if you’re like me, actually vomiting isn’t something you have to worry about. Fwiw, I found that the very best thing that helps ease the discomfort of overeating is in getting in a hot bath with Epsom salt. For some reason, that helps me immensely.
  3. Back Again

    Welcome back April
  4. Tubal ligation

    FWIW, from my understanding the ablation and tubal ligation combo is about as close to 100% as technically medically possible (I mean even abstinance isnt 100%...). Each on their own should render you unable to get pregnant so the combo should be incredibly effective.
  5. ~ Goal! ~

    Congrats Tammy!!!
  6. Well, that kinda hurt.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Welcome to the loser’s bench
  7. Valerie jean

    Welcome to TT!
  8. Tubal ligation

    No personal experience, but if you want to be done with periods, look into getting an endometrial ablation at the same time you get your tubes tied. My ob-gyn mentioned doing them both at the same time when I was looking into getting my tubes tied.
  9. I had Anthem BCBS CA too. I didn’t realize there’s a different kind of insurance with such a similar name. I was kind of confused when you initially posted the thing about the two comorbidities because I thought it was only one, but 1) I didn’t have any comorbidities so I didn’t pay super close attention to that requirement when I went through the process and 2) it’s been two years and things can change. But all that said, it sounds like, assuming you have sleep apnea, you’ll qualify for WLS as you are, so yay! And if you don’t, you have a solid back up plan. I hope it all works out for you and the rest of the process goes smoothly.
  10. "At goal" pics

    Squee!!! Congrats on reaching goal! You look amazing (and that new bra is very flattering). Thank you so much for taking us all along on your journey and letting us celebrate you! I’m SO, SO, SO proud of you and all that you’ve overcome and accomplished on your journey.
  11. Very discouraged with Insurance

    No. I did things sort of backwards because I had done a doctor supervised diet over a year before I even looked into WLS (and we submitted that for my 6 month supervised diet crossing our fingers that BCBS would accept it as fulfilling that requirement, which they did). But once I went to my surgeon, they were very insistent that I not go below a 40 BMI until after insurance approved me for surgery. The message I got was that not only does your initial weight submission need to qualify you for surgery, but your weight at the time that they submit the request needs to still qualify you for surgery. Does that makes sense? But the fact that my weight was a lower BMI prior to my initial consultation with my surgeon didn’t matter to them at all.
  12. Very discouraged with Insurance

    BCBS CA PPO doesn’t require that (or at least didn’t when I went through the approval process/had my surgery). In fact, we were worried that they might not accept my medically supervised diet because it was 18-24 months old (they did, without issue. My surgery was approved less than 24 hours after they submitted it). And, again, even my highest weight during my supervised diet would not have qualified for me for surgery. None of that mattered to BCBS CA PPO (in my experience, at least). But it’s good to be aware.
  13. Very discouraged with Insurance

    Definitely call insurance and get the info straight from them. But, at the end of the day, you may just need to gain weight in order to qualify for surgery. I know it seems counterproductive, but if gaining weight can qualify you, it may be the best option. I was in a similar boat, but I didn’t have any co-morbidities. So I chose to gain the weight so I could qualify and, in the long run, it was the best thing I could’ve done. I hope it all works out for you.
  14. BCBS CA PPO BMI Question

    Man, that sucks! The only thing I can think is for you to take a month or two and try to gain weight and basically start the process over again so that your packet from your PCP has a higher weight. Or go through another group that doesn’t do things that way. But regardless, you’re going to need to gain weight to qualify.
  15. Newbie

    @Susanvmallory there’s plenty of non-dairy protein shake options too. My personal trainer loves the Jay Robb egg white protein powders and, if there’s a Whole Foods near you, they have plenty of non-dairy protein powder options. Also, check out GNC or Vitamin World or similar shops. They often sell individual packets of different proteins so you can try without potentially getting stuck with a big jar of protein that you hate.