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  1. Newbie

    @Susanvmallory there’s plenty of non-dairy protein shake options too. My personal trainer loves the Jay Robb egg white protein powders and, if there’s a Whole Foods near you, they have plenty of non-dairy protein powder options. Also, check out GNC or Vitamin World or similar shops. They often sell individual packets of different proteins so you can try way that potentially getting stuck with a big jar of protein that you hate.
  2. BCBS CA PPO BMI Question

    If I remember correctly, those co-mobidities won’t qualify you (unless your plan is different than mine). Definitely get the sleep apnea test & diagnosis because that is one of the qualifying co-morbidities. But it sounds like you’ll still be one co-morbidity short. Have you done your first weigh in at your surgeon’s office yet? That’s the weight & BMI they’ll use for surgery. If not, I say make yourself as heavy as possible. Can you gain weight? If you can, you should. If not, eat a heavy meal and drink as much water as possible before weighing in. I chugged 2 liters of water and wore my heaviest clothes, in layers for my first weigh in. I had BCBS CA PPO with an “official” pre-surgical BMI of ~42 and my surgeon’s office was insistent that I not lose any weight until after insurance had approved me for surgery. I still met with their nutritionist but the plan was very clear that I was not to lose any weight. I wound up getting approved using a medically supervised diet I had done with my primary care doctor prior to even looking into surgery (so I had lost and then gained it all back, plus some extra). And, fwiw, my highest weight during that diet would not have qualified me for surgery. BCBS CA didn’t care about that. The only weights they looked at were the ones from my surgeon. Since it looks like you’re having surgery outside of CA but with a CA policy (unless I’m reading it wrong), I wonder how familiar your surgeon’s office is with your insurance. I’d be at least a little wary of their insurance coordinator’s advice unless they’ve actually had other patients with your policy before. Good luck!
  3. Hungry

    I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. Two years later and mine hasn’t returned. And, even if it does, all the hassle and anti-climatic experiences will still be true. It’s not like your stomach size will suddenly increase even if your hunger does come back.
  4. Hungry

    Yes. This is definitely true for me although I haven’t had the stomach gnawing, real hunger since having surgery. But I do think the lack of hunger is a learned response to some degree. Especially since preparing food is such a hassle for the little bit I can eat. Even going to pick food up feels like a waste most of the time. Often, I’ll think “ooh, such and such sounds so good!” and then I spend the time making it or driving to pick it up and, after a couple bites, I’m full. It’s so anti-climactic. Food doesn’t provide comfort or distraction or any if the things it used to because it can’t. I just can’t eat enough to use it as an emotional crutch. And if I do eat more than I should, I’m so uncomfortable and miserable, it really reinforces that food doesn’t make me feel better or take my problems away. But I definitely still get hangry at times. Though, even then, it feels like a chore to eat. Sometimes, I’d just rather be pissy and go pout than actually have to make food and eat.
  5. Happy to be here!!

    Welcome MJ!
  6. Newbie

  7. What Are You Wearing Today?

    To echo everyone else, you look great! I know that doesn’t change how you feel, but objectively, you’re definitely not fat and, you are in fact, quite thin (but in really good, healthy way). Also, I’m so grateful for you and @Jen581791 and everyone else who is so honest about their body dysmorphia. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who still feels fat and struggles with their body image. Thank you for being so willing to put yourself out there and post pics so that we can all celebrate how far you’ve come.
  8. Agreed, but I would say “WLS does not change relationships, *but* it does make the existing flaws and cracks more evident.” And, IMO, that clarity is ultimately a good thing even if the process is uncomfortable or has unexpected results.
  9. 2 year update

    OMG! I completely forgot that our two year anniversary is only days away! You have come SO far in the last two years and I have no doubt that you can lose another 55 pounds. You have such a special place in my heart since we’re surgery sisters. I’m cheering you on from California. Please keep us posted on the plastics and your progress.
  10. Saggy tushes

    You’re so sweet! I wish I looked factory new. I have a saggy butt too (especially since I’ve been slacking at the gym lately) and don’t even get me started on my boobs. Lol. And @Trish13 I completely relate to your swimsuit situation. I only wear booty shorts type swim bottoms. If they fit right, they kind of hold your butt up and make it look perkier than it actually is (and compression style workout pants have the same effect).
  11. Devastated

    I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. To echo everyone else, you’ve shown how very strong you are by choosing to take charge of your health and have surgery (in addition to all the other obstacles you’ve conquered). We’re here to support you as you grieve the loss of your relationship and find your way through this new chapter of your life. You will be ok. I promise (speaking as someone who’s been there). You will come out the other side of this healthier and even stronger than you already are. Many, many hugs.
  12. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to TT Tina!
  13. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Doesn’t she look good?! I can see it, but only because I had almost identical stats at one time (I’m just a bit more bottom heavy at that weight). @purplemartini you look great and have made amazing progress. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not losing more because I’m willing to bet, if you stick with the program, the weight will keep coming off. In the meantime, keep celebrating your achievements. You look fabulous and really know how to dress to flatter your figure.
  14. Three months until my surgery

    Depending on how much you have to lose, maybe your doctor’s office would prefer you do what my doctor had me do. Because I was so close to the minimum BMI, they didn’t have me lose any weight until insurance approved my surgery. Then, I had to lose 5% before my final pre-surgery appointment. That was like 13 lbs, which I easily dropped in less than two weeks by just going super low carb. Though, I wonder why they said not to lose it fast. Weight always comes off fast at first. I mean, it’s mostly water weight but that seems to practically fall off when you’re heavy and haven’t been dieting. How much do they want you to lose in all?
  15. Howdy!