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  1. Have you seen those camelbak bags that people use for hiking or hunting? They are lightweight and you fill with water and it has a straw like tube attached so you could sip all day on that if you needed too. Just a thought. Good luck
  2. thank you so much for the advice. It is most likely my insecurities projecting. I am ready to make a lifestyle change and have plans to do exercises to get in great shape. I know it's a long journey but it's time. I am so excited!
  3. Hi all! I have my first upcoming doctors appointment 12/11. I am so excited but know it's going to be a lot of work. I keep getting really worried about after surgery what if I still mindlessly eat?! I don't want to go through all this to fail! Right now I can eat and eat and eat and still never feel full and I am at the weight I was at when I had my son. I'm uncomfortable, can't breathe and my blood pressure is through the roof. I have done all the fad diets only to lose 10 pounds and gain 20. The last one I tried was beachbody 21 day fix and I did lose weight but if I took a day off because I was sore I would be gaining 5 pounds get discouraged and give up. I did love the clean eating though and could easily do it again. It's just so frustrating - I feel unattractive and I feel like whenever I eat my husband wants to say 'you don't need that' which only makes me resentful toward him. I pray this forum can help me find some answers and get some more knowledge.