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  1. Calorie cycling is a valid method of weight maintenance! Also what could be disastrous for one person could be the golden ticket for the other. The problem I have with cheat days personally is that it usually ends up being 2 or 3 days of so-so eating following the cheat day and then finally getting fully back on track a week later. That's my struggle I have with food though. I need to stay regimented and on a strict schedule or it all goes to hell. I'm way jealous of people who can go balls-to-the-wall for a day and then turn it off like it's no big deal. I'm glad you found something that work
  2. I'm 3.5 months post-surgery. I'm transitioning to a vegetarian diet. My normal weekday looks something like this: Breakfast: Plant-based protein powder + soy milk Morning Snack: 1oz nuts or fruit Lunch: 3 oz Tofu/Tempeh/Seitan with veggies Afternoon Snack: 4 oz Protein pudding (Protein powder mixed with SF pudding mix) or protein bar Dinner: 3 oz of lean protein (mostly vegetarian) and veggies. My macros are usually 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs. Usually ~800 calories, 70-80g protein.
  3. I recently went on vacation at 3 months out and it was definitely challenging, but here's what I did to keep some sense of normalcy: -Packed single serve protein powder packets and a shaker bottle for breakfast. I got little milk carton from Panera in the morning that was next to my hotel to mix. -Brought several snacks with me, some of which that I could count as lunch if need be. I got protein bars, nuts, and jerky. These didn't need refrigeration and didn't take up much space. -Tracked everything I ate still on my Baritastic app to make sure I wasn't going overboard. -If
  4. Mine changed dramatically. I am not on any BC. Pre-op I would have sporadic periods and they would be randomly light or heavy. Sometimes 2 days, sometimes 5. Now it's like clockwork. Every 23 days, lasting 5 days, and switches off between a light cycle and a heavy cycle. I also get way more intense premenstrual symptoms. My cramps are way more intense the first day of my cycle, whereas before surgery I rarely had cramps, if at all. I'm kind of thankful for it though, I would sometimes go months without a period because I was so heavy. At least I'm back to "normal".
  5. The most severe taste change I had was sweet. I cannot tolerate sweet flavors, especially stevia and similar sugar substitutes. It's a bummer, but for the best. I'm 3.5 months out for reference.
  6. I'm 3.5 months out and I still cannot even drink a tiny sip of sparkling water lest I get a wave of burps erupting from my stomach. I can't imagine even trying to drink a whole can. For me I know I cannot do it because of the carbonation, it immediately has an effect on me. Since I'm relatively early out I don't know what it will be like down the road. I hope I can at least tolerate it later because La Croix and similar sparkling water was my JAM pre-surgery. I was never a big soda person, but damn if I didn't gulp down the Wegmans sparkling water.
  7. Absolutely not. It was the first and biggest mistake I've made and I do not intend to try again any time soon.
  8. My doctor's office told us to stick with the 30-minute rule during that phase, I think it was more to get into the habit of it more than necessity. It wouldn't hurt to get used to it but I'm sure you'll be fine if you're getting everything down okay.
  9. So, at 3.5 weeks out I went to a festival at a brewery (we have 1,000 breweries in Richmond and that's basically the main thing to do each weekend). I knew I was only going to try a single sip because I knew I was way too early out of surgery to be drinking much of anything. At the most ever pre-op I would drink 1 maybe 2 beers tops, so I had no intention of going overboard. but I wanted to see how my sleeve would react to it since I was having an easy time of everything else. MAJOR NO NO. I took the smallest little sip of a brown ale and I immediately felt restriction and the carbonatio
  10. I am 4 weeks out and I just asked my doctor about this same thing yesterday because I had some major confusion about this. I was getting anxiety if I was eating too many or too few calories and I wanted some guidance. Echoing what others have said, this is my doctor who is telling me what to do based on my personal medical progression in their program--all of which can differ from yours, so you really should check in with your dietician or doctor rather than take any of our experience as gospel. I am eating currently between 500-700 calories a day, I was told this is a good range for wher
  11. Quick update as yesterday was my 1-month post op date and I just had a check-up at my surgeon's office. I'm 20lbs down from my surgery weight of 250, 31lbs down from when I started my 2-week pre-op diet. I am in a bit of a stall right now and I've been sitting at 230 for about 4-5 days now. It's frustrating but at the same time I know I'm doing what I should be doing and it won't last forever. My doctor said I'm doing great so I will take that and go with it. I joined a new gym today as I just got cleared for full-on exercise and not just walking (yay!). Hopefully I'll be able to break th
  12. Hey everyone. I got sleeved a week and one day ago and I've been doing really well. I've gotten all my protein and fluids in each day and have lost 15 lbs since surgery already. One weird thing that happened to me though is that about 5 days post op I got crazy itchy hives on my forearm randomly ( I do not have allergies) and the bumps have not left for three days now. Did anyone have this happen? I am going to ask my doctor at my follow up appointment next week but it seems strange.
  13. Also thank you!!! I'm so excited to finally be on the other side. I appreciate all the support!
  14. I'm feeling pretty good. Still have a lot of gas, and while it's not causing pain, it is making it difficult to sip my liquids constantly. I'm really going to focus and try to find a sweet spot for amount and timing. I'm up walking around great, no problem there. Just really hoping to get all my water and protein in today as much as possible!
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