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  1. For some reason I don't get notifications. Thanks everyone! It's super hard but I'm determined:)
  2. I'm stalling big time and I noticed it's because my sugar intake is ridiculous. does anyone have any tips on weening yourself off sugar?( it was fine initially post op and then I had a candy bar and it's been downhill ever since).
  3. Thank you guys so much! This was super helpful, I really need to be more careful
  4. Hi guys! I'm in distress. So, I'm four months out and officially down 50lbs but I'm very worried about my continued weight loss. I'm finding I am able to eat a lot of carbs (I had a small slice of pizza and I ate the whole thing) and I don't stay full very long and I am able to eat more and I'm worried if this has happened to anyone else or should I talk to me surgeon. I'm worried that I'm stretching out my stomach and it's going to just be as if I haven't gotten the surgery. Any comments or support is welcome. Niajoe
  5. You're so helpful, thank you! I thought maybe I was eating too much but I can barely eat at all so I was so confused.
  6. I'm a little discouraged guys. I am now entering my fourth week out and I'm having a stall. Is this normal and how do you all break these stalls? thanks! -NiaJoe
  7. That makes so much sense!. There was one time I took an antacid and the growling stops. I should watch out for that. Thank you!
  8. I hear a lot of people that have gotten the sleeve saying that they don't get hungry. Is it an universal truth? Because I get hungry and I'm starting to feel a little bad
  9. Thank you all for your comments! The tea helped and my doctor prescribed me Zofran which is helping me eat a little more. I really appreciate everyones help!
  10. I have not, but I'll definitely give it a try. I can't eat or drink anything because I'm nauseous all the time. Thank You!
  11. Hi guys! I'm one week post op, unfortunately on the brink of dehydration (I'm working on it). But has any of you experienced constant nauseous? Like to the point where you can't eat certain things or at all? I would really appreciate any experiences Best, NiaJoe
  12. I'm beyond stressed. There has been so much going on with my surgery that I can't deal. Apparently, it takes exactly 14 calendar days to receive an approval from my insurance. However, the 14th day is the day of surgery. I'm not sure what to do or what to expect, it's leaving me on edge. Has anyone had experience with medicaid and approval or know if they will still proceed if the approval is the same day?
  13. Niajoe

    NiaJoe's New Surgery date

    Unfortunately, it has been pushed back a week but we are hoping this is the permanent date!
  14. Good Luck!!