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  1. My Birthday was yesterday April 4th 53 years young yay! My daughter did this 1st before & after pic for me 1st one was November right after Thanksgiving 2015 before my liquid diet Surgery Date Dec 23rd see Transformation thus far still have a long way to go but I'm on my way My husband smiles & says they changed my wife I'm loving it <3
  2. Im in week 9 and this week I lost 25lbs since surgery your ahead in weight loss Congrats
  3. Are we allowed to eat popcorn like air popped?  I smell it all over the office I'm craving it so.... I'm six weeks post op 

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    2. duffman27


      I want to stress this point, I do NOT grab the bag and eat from it, I make sure to measure and eat what I am allotted and to journal. It would be very easy to grab the bag and munch it down.

    3. Cheesehead


      If I go to the movies I take a sandwich bag (earlier out it was a clean yogurt cup). And allow myself that much and no more.  I take string cheese or jerky.  A 100 calorie bag of popcorn fills me up.  I usually only eat a half, maybe not even.  I think it's a smell thing; smells good but after a taste I'm good!  And it's not an every week thing either.

    4. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      I have a gastric bypass not a sleeve, but I find that popcorn really fills me up - and not in a good way.  So, yes, you can have it, but it is basically empty calories and may not make you feel good.

  4. Ate  a protein wrap from Protein bar didn't go down well... ate less than half Dietician said I'm good to eat most anything had the Quinoa chicken pesto split order in half the other day & it went perfectly w/my sleeve today the barrito Gucamole "Guac & Roll" chicken wrap in wheat  tortilla w/flax seeds did not sit well my tummy screamed out loud for a good 40 mins so embarrassed at work feel  like anyone in the cublicles  near my  vicinity can hear my sleeve growl & complain..

    1. WendyH


      Was the tortilla the problem? I like the Santa Fe Bowl (small order) from Protein Bar. Wish they served it all day.

  5. had my surgery Weds 23rd I had an awful 1st 3 days nausea so bad I could barely drink anything finally it's gone..... I'm finally getting in some fluids little by little I actually finished a premier protein during day and was able to tolerate tea yesterday & was trying to drink my water every ten minutes a shot can't seem to get the sufficient amount of daily fluids Popsicles I can suck on a whole one & small cup of green tea decaffeinated w/1 splenda I can handle ok This was not easy at all....
  6. I am starving on this liquid diet....7 days so far 7 more to go....The struggle is real...

    1. LourditaTaMuyGordita


      Had a Starbucks Chai for lunch needed to get out of the office I miss going out for lunch I put some of my premiere protein vanilla in to lighten and sweeten just  a lil worked out great.  I will be doing this for lunch to get out of the office :)  Its a nice lil walk from work I'll try to go to the starbucks farther at Chase Plaza nice lunchtime hangout place

  7. Hi I'm on day two of liquid diet I have to do it for 14 days my surgery is Dec. 23rd Good luck to you. I bought Premiere Protein at Costco they have them by the bulk chocolate is delicious
  8. why gummies are soft thought they'd be easier in first week instead of crushing the multi
  9. I'm very close to my date of Life Transformation --> Dec. 23rd I start my liquid diet a week from today Questions should I start taking my Vitamins when I start my liquid diet I bought Centrum Multivitamins Gummy and B12 sublimal disolves under your tongue there was a third vitamin that was discussed in my Pre-op class --> Calcuim does anyone have a favorite that are gummie or dissolve-able. Thanks for any info provided Excited for this journey I'm about to venture on for the better Health of me!