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  1. I haven't posted here in a while, and while I could post in another subform here, I figured this is where I'd get the most responses. I've been struggling the past 6 months. I haven't gained weight, but I've stayed between 252-258. A lot of it has to do with my choices. Ever since I started seeing the person I currently am, I've started eating out considerably more. Along with that, I'm living in a home that makes me feel uncomfortable to even use the kitchen. I snack often and when I don't snack, I drink. A lot. I've been seeing a psychologist for a while now and while I'm on meds that h
  2. First is today. The pants have some issues and I probably need to tuck in my shirt. Bottom is from when I went to a concert. (My favorite artist, Joanna Newsom!) The jacket was a large from H&M and fit me perfectly.
  3. They're a bit snug so I want to lose like 6 more pounds first, but I'm sure they will.
  4. I bought a pair of maroon jeans because I can now fit into a 38 waist pant. The second you're under 40 suddenly there are options other than just blue jeans and khaki for pants. I'm pretty thrilled.
  5. At my 2 week visit my doctor said I could just break my vitamin pills in half that weren't the chewable kind, because the ones they gave me for surgery were making me sick. I didn't have any adverse affects by doing that and eventually just started taking them whole. It really depends on how you react to things.
  6. Definitely needed to read this. I've been letting myself slowly go and while I haven't gained weight, I haven't lost what I should have at this point. I keep feel like I'm failing which makes me self-sabotage. I'm slowly getting out of that with what I'm forcing myself to buy at the grocery store, but it's still hard.
  7. Haven't posted in a while. Haven't weighed myself in a while, either. I haven't been doing as great due to work being the biggest stress I've had in who knows how long. The headphones are pretty much how you'll always find me here at work.
  8. If one person is eating something loud and no one else is eating at all. I went on a date last Saturday and he got up in the middle of the movie we saw to get popcorn and a soda. It was a quiet movie, too, so it really stuck out and almost ruined the movie for me. It's like biting aluminum foil or nails on a chalkboard where I have such a visceral reaction to it. I have to catch my breath and cool down after. Luckily, everything else about the date was great.
  9. I've been going through the same thing, especially because of the holidays. I've found that when I'm out I can eat well, but when I'm at home it's like a switch flips and suddenly I'm hungry out of boredom. I'm only just starting to lose again after a couple week stall and I think a big part of that has been the holiday season and the food I was presented with/started to crave. I've cheated a few times and I can tell the difference. I've actually worried that I screwed up the surgery, but every time I worry that and then eat what's recommended, I get full right away. It really is a lot of ment
  10. Yeah, there's a huge store in the town I work, much larger than the one where I live. I'm just usually ready to go home after work haha. But yeah, I plan on checking online once I've lost more weight. This should last another 30 pounds. Also I'm now dealing with finding a new car so I have to cut back expenses elsewhere. It's been a bit of a nightmare.
  11. Cue


    I think liking is more than enough for the reasons you stated. It's better to like a post that you enjoyed for whatever reason, but have nothing to say, than to respond out of obligation and potentially clutter a thread. Basically if a laugh is a reasonable response, then a like is a good substitute.
  12. Cue


    This is exactly why I ended up joining this forum over some of the other options.
  13. Found these when I went shopping. The sweater is a large and the Jacket is an XL. I tried to find another in a large because I loved it so much but no luck.
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