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  1. A difficult day

    I am so sorry for your loss. Good for not giving in to the stress eating. I am a huge stress eater, and I know how hard that is. . . Take care of yourself; my prayers for you and your family.
  2. Sugar

    Lucky you. My cravings for chocolate are still as strong as ever. One of the things I was hoping to get rid of after surgery, but nope. still there.
  3. Carbonation?

    My surgeon told me to stay away from all carbonated beverages. Since I was never that much of a fan (except for seltzer with a lime) that wasn't a problem for me. The usual reason they give is because it will stretch out your pouch. I think another concern might be that soda might be considered a "gateway" food (like what they consider a gateway drug) in that it will lead you to eating other worse foods, that are not on plan. My guess is that none of us got heavy drinking a diet coke with a salad. Once you give in to the soda, you might be more tempted to give in other foods that are off plan. . . Better to stick to what is on plan, especially since you are so early in the program.
  4. I can finally see it....

    What am amazing transformation. It's very inspiring to see how far you have come and how honest you are in your struggles. Congratulations.
  5. Song of the day Post -

    immigrant song - led zeppelin
  6. Everyday Foods

    Some of the things I usually have on hand are my protein shakes, cheese, raw almonds, Greek yogurt, sliced deli turkey, sliced roast beef, cooked shrimp, quest bars (always one in my purse, just in case) and a chocolate mint premier protein bar when the chocolate cravings hit. Like Wendy, I do a lot of cooking for a big family so there are always leftovers. As for the fat, my program told me full fat was better. You eat less and they have less sugars and artificial ingredients.
  7. Happy Surgiversary!

    That is amazing. What a difference a year makes! Congratulations.
  8. Celebrating my first 100!

    Congratulations, that is amazing progress!
  9. Song of the day Post -

    The songs of the day come courtesy of my kids who have been practicing them not stop all morning: Day tripper - Beatles jeremy - Pearl jam not sure what I'd do if they ever agreed to practice the same song at the same time
  10. Frozen veggie recall

    There is a recall going around for frozen veggies and sunflower seeds due to listeria. There are 15 new veggie recalls and 18 sunflower recalls.
  11. Quotes To Live By!

    I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul -- William Henley, Invictus (Also used as the motto for the Invictus Games. Did anyone see it? So amazing and inspirational!)
  12. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I wore horizontal stripes, on purpose. And I liked the way they looked!
  13. Happy Mothers Day

    Made my mom her favorite: chicken Alfredo lasagna. But since I wasn't eating that, I also made meatballs in marinara with zucchini noodles. So good everyone ate them. . . . And then later a nice creamy coffee for dessert instead of the chocolate raspberry cake everyone was eating. What is great is that even though we had a huge amount of my previously favorite foods I wasn't even really interested in stuffing my face with them. I was happy with what I ate and didn't feel the need for more. What a change. So nice to spend the day paying attention my friends and family instead of food.
  14. Silly diets you've tried before WLS

    I remember being in high school when I started going to aerobics classes because I thought I was fat at 124. A muscular 124 at that. Stupid me.
  15. Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. May you spend the day celebrating with family and friends. Not food!