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  1. mburgs

    Decided On The Sleeve!

    Congratulations on your decision! I think many of us sleevers started out thinking RNY was the way to go. Hell, I always call LB the gateway surgery I love my sleeve and it's the best decision I could have ever made for myself and the life I want for myself.
  2. mburgs

    Menstrual Cycle

    It could very well be hormonal changes and change in diet, but make sure you ask your doctor's office what they think. Losing weight, exercising more, restricting calories, not getting certain nutrients, and changing up your nutritional intake can all be a factor in your cycle so it could just be a combination of everything that's going on. As you dump fat you're also dumping hormones into your system which could be preventing ovulation or something science-y. Were you regular before surgery? Personally, pre-op I had PCOS and was on a fairly regular (but extended) cycle. I got my period the day of surgery and have had a regular 26-29 day cycle ever since, but I know that a lot of people's bodies and cycles go wonky after surgery.
  3. mburgs

    Am I Crazy?

    I never had cold feet about surgery and have never ever regretted my decision. Absolutely the best decision I could make for myself and my loved ones. You will be giving your kids a gift because you're going to be able to keep up with them better and be more active and present in their lives.
  4. mburgs


    My hunger came back 2 weeks post-op once my stomach started healing. However, the hunger quickly subsides once I consume any amount of food. Before surgery when I felt ravenous I could eat 2 sandwiches and fries, now it's like 7 ounces of shake. lol
  5. mburgs


    Are you taking any vitamins or supplements close to bedtime? Some of them will also keep you awake
  6. mburgs

    Why Do I Do This To Myself!?

    For the same reason I've been hovering just over 200 for the longest time Could just be you like cake, but I have pointed many a time where I feel good about my eating/exercise accomplishments and reward myself with food fully knowing there's a reason I don't care to explore. Hang in there, it's not going to make you not fit into the new pants. All you can do is keep on trucking.
  7. mburgs

    Avalon Natural / Biotin B Complex Shampoo

    Bumping this for you. I figured Nioxin was worth it since it has good reviews
  8. mburgs

    My Sweet Tooth Is Coming Back!

    Protein based subs seem to work with me, I don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners. I've found that the protein shakes really help me not crave other sweets, too.
  9. mburgs

    Of Course!

    I believe all you should need is a note from your doctor saying you are having surgery on such and such date and it is not advised to sit for extended periods of time.
  10. mburgs

    Help! Problem With Incisions?

    Definitely keep an eye on them. Mine looked fine until the bandages started falling off and then they got inflamed. They said it could just be a sensitive skin issue but put me on antibiotics to be safe and it cleared up shortly after. I've been on the forums a long time before surgery and after and still had plenty of questions for everyone and my surgeon's office. No annoying question, especially when you're worried TT is here for questions and support from people at all stages, just most of us are Stateside Welcome to TT!
  11. mburgs

    Hello From West Michigan!

    Michigan love, I'm from the Novi area originally Results vary from original weight/BMI, rate of healing, doctor's plan, etc but you 40 pounds is incredible, that;s around 5 pounds a week. I've averaged about 3.3 pounds per week since surgery, at 8 weeks I was about 3.8 pounds average. (Yes I am a fanatical tracker of this type of thing, lol). I seem to be middle of the road so you're doing great!
  12. Glad you're doing well!
  13. mburgs

    Low Potassium

    Since all I can do is say I'm sorry it's happening I also have a hug for you *Hug* Perhaps the number went down because you were becoming more hydrated? My mom gets her blood counts tested regularly and they decrease if she's more hydrated because of blood volume. Still, they should be trying to compensate in other ways...
  14. mburgs

    Yes Today Is My Options Class

    Have fun! Just bring a pen, your open mind, and a friendly smile to all of your classmates
  15. mburgs

    "You're Not FAT Anymore!"...

    Yeah it's just a fact for kids. My nieces used to always tell me I was fat. lol. The best was when I first started to lose weight but you couldn't really tell and my dad said something like, "Does Aunt Meg look thin?" and the 4 yr old sort of shifted her eyes like, "No, but I want to be nice..."