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  1. Sometimes I feel like George Costanza after being in the pool.. "I'm much more than this!" - happily looking forward to ALL the benefits of having this surgery.
  2. I'm 45 and I think my drive is pretty good, I remember when I lost weight about 15 years ago on low-carb it went through the roof. Of course, I was 31 then. I'm hoping this time I will have similar results. And eventually a partner!
  3. My ex wife had a revision done there about 5 years ago and has had really good success, she's even spoken at a seminar given by Dr. Cetin. Dr. Schauer was her surgeon and she was very happy with the whole process. I've just been accepted into the program and it looks like I might be having it done by Dr. Brethauer. I've been with Cleveland Clinic doctors for over 10 years and they really do deserve the excellent reputation they have.
  4. Hi, my name is Mason. I'm 45 years old and have been overweight since about age 8. I only recently seriously considered weight loss surgery and am now in the program at the Cleveland Clinic. I guess I always felt I could do it myself. Yet every time I tried I gained the weight back. I went to see a new doctor to get some new ideas for losing weight and he said flat out "what are you waiting for? get the surgery" - so here I am. I have my first appointment with the bariatric dept. doctor tomorrow and the surgeon in a few weeks. I've been reading, watching videos and it all is making me very excited to start my new life. Thank you for reading and I hope to learn a lot from you folks. -Mason