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    Dr. Stacy Brethauer
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    Gastric Bypass
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    Dr. Stacy Brethauer

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  1. Mason_The_Lessor

    Size of

    Sometimes I feel like George Costanza after being in the pool.. "I'm much more than this!" - happily looking forward to ALL the benefits of having this surgery.
  2. Mason_The_Lessor

    Male sex drive

    I'm 45 and I think my drive is pretty good, I remember when I lost weight about 15 years ago on low-carb it went through the roof. Of course, I was 31 then. I'm hoping this time I will have similar results. And eventually a partner!
  3. Mason_The_Lessor

    Cleveland clinic Ohio

    My ex wife had a revision done there about 5 years ago and has had really good success, she's even spoken at a seminar given by Dr. Cetin. Dr. Schauer was her surgeon and she was very happy with the whole process. I've just been accepted into the program and it looks like I might be having it done by Dr. Brethauer. I've been with Cleveland Clinic doctors for over 10 years and they really do deserve the excellent reputation they have.
  4. Mason_The_Lessor

    Greetings. New from Cleveland, OH

    Hi, my name is Mason. I'm 45 years old and have been overweight since about age 8. I only recently seriously considered weight loss surgery and am now in the program at the Cleveland Clinic. I guess I always felt I could do it myself. Yet every time I tried I gained the weight back. I went to see a new doctor to get some new ideas for losing weight and he said flat out "what are you waiting for? get the surgery" - so here I am. I have my first appointment with the bariatric dept. doctor tomorrow and the surgeon in a few weeks. I've been reading, watching videos and it all is making me very excited to start my new life. Thank you for reading and I hope to learn a lot from you folks. -Mason