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  1. embersmeow


    I was very nervous/antsy before my surgery. I'm sorry your family isn't giving you the support you need. If you ever don't feel supported, just come here to TT! There will always be support here! <3
  2. embersmeow

    Goal Weight - Woo hoo!! (Before's and After)

    You look great! Congratulations!
  3. embersmeow

    2 year Surgiversary!

  4. embersmeow

    Reached my goal weight today

    Here's my photo!
  5. embersmeow

    Reached my goal weight today

    Thanks everyone (: I'll post pics when I get them done (sometime in March)
  6. embersmeow

    Reached my goal weight today

    118lbs lost since my high weight, 109 since my surgery date, just 15 months ago. I work for a portrait studio and I get a pretty good employee discount, so I am kind of thinking about having some pictures taken with my daughter in celebration.
  7. embersmeow

    I'm New To Thinner Times Post-Op

    Welcome to TT! Good luck with your WLS journey!
  8. embersmeow


    My boobs are not great, but I also breastfed for 2 years, so they took quite a hit between WLS & that. The size is ok, they aren't that droopy, but they aren't where I wish they were lol. I'm planning on an augmentation/implants after my weight starts to level out.
  9. embersmeow

    Switching Surgeons within 10 days of my surgery date?

    Do what you need to do, having a good support team is really beneficial. Go with the team that better suits your needs. But I will say a 2 week pre op liquid diet is standard, and you really should follow it. I'm going to post a link that explains the purpose of it: http://www.obesitycoverage.com/the-big-gastric-sleeve-diet-guide/ (it also has a general food plan for after surgery) It's really important to follow the diet plans after surgery too, or you might find yourself back in the hospital.
  10. embersmeow

    When did you change?

    I still see the old me most of the time, sometimes I don't though. Pictures help me (:
  11. embersmeow


    I have a little loose skin pooch on my belly (not bad or anything, plus I had a kid a few years ago), but I figure one day I will save up for a tummy tuck or something, WLS changed my life, and I feel so much better about myself (mentally and physically). It's not a quick fix, and I wouldn't say I'm dieting anymore, I'm just eating normal, healthy things like I always should have been. I'm sorry that not everyone has a good experience, but they are few and far between. I think that people who are still unhappy after WLS would benefit from therapy. My WLS team had psychologists for before and after surgery, and that's great because it is a huge lifestyle change and that can be really difficult for some people.
  12. embersmeow

    7 Months Out

    looking great, you've made awesome progress!
  13. embersmeow

    Newbie anxiety

    Syntrax nectar is my favorite protein drink brand. It's lactose free (I became lactose sensitive after surgery), and gluten free. It's not thick like other protein drinks either... They offer flavors that are not restricted to just chocolate/vanilla/strawberry (I like the fuzzy navel flavor best myself). I was worried about meeting nutritional needs before I had my surgery too (I was vegetarian, now I'm a pescetarian but I still follow a mostly vegetarian diet). I use the myfitnesspal app to help track my food/nutrition every day as well. You can still eat "real food" that is healthy, there are plenty of recipes out there for great food (pinterest is great for recipe hunting!) that aren't high in fat/carbs/sugar.
  14. embersmeow

    Im scared

    Try sampling other protein drinks (a lot of companies offer sample packs online), I got sick of them quick too. .. but you have to stick with it if you want your surgery to be successful in the long run. Good luck!