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  1. I hope I have to add in calories to keep my weight up. Love hearing the stories.
  2. After1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc....who is still losing?
  3. If your therapist thinks your card stave you should follow their advice and go for carbd. Sounds like you're fighting yourself and why not just give in and give it a go. There's a great book out there call Starch Solutions and it's all about high carb. What works for one doesn't always work for the other but I say relax try it and see what happens and then worry about everything else later. All you got to lose is possibly weight!! Good luck
  4. You sound like your on a diet and fighting it all the way. The sleeve is to get away from that and remember in life we might have days we crave a unhealthy treat so allow it. You be shock to find out that with permission you might just have a half a cookie than the 6 you try to avoid but end up eating when dieting. Try to stick to a healthy diet "routine" that becomes your habit.....like eggs in morning..cottage for lunch..I put a lot of the Atkins vanilla shake in my coffee to start my day and protein....bottom line experiment and live and don't starve either...you may not be eating enough which slows down metabolism so try increasing healthy calories you love!! If you focus on the failure it repeats...so focus on your daily baby steps like how you are eating healthy most the entire day and so on...you got this
  5. jcris


    Do you have gas maybe? Have you tried gas relief remedies? Gas x works fast..hope you find a remedy wick....chamomile tea can also relax stomach issues..
  6. Biotin...works great! I've been on it for years and my hair is thicker now because of it. Most deffiently try it and stick to it for at least 6 months. Herbs take a little longer to kick but with continuous biotin along with your other vitamins it will help. Are you taking the other recommended vitamins too?
  7. Hopefully it's just that bug. It's not as bad today. Just tightens up and hurts on and off out of no where. Thanks for all your help.
  8. oppps...I see you told you husband. glad it went great!
  9. I know this is an old post. Did you ever have your surgery? I was so afraid to tell my husband too but I did and although he would say things like eat less, etc.. as well. I explain to him how unhappy I was. How weight has been a major issue for me for all my life and a majority of my frustration and unhappiness as well. When I explain it to him this way and told him how safe it was, etc...He said okay and then HE started to look for a Dr. that I could go too as well. Mind you, I also said I wanted to do this in Mexico as I knew it was the most affordable. I thought I lose him at Mexico but again he was more supportive than ever. I wouldn't want to hide a thing from my husband. He is the greatest and you might be surprised as well.
  10. Hey everyone. I am 1 year and 2 months post op. I have had no problems what so ever. However, while traveling on our road trip lots of emotional and physical issues have come up. 1. We found out our dog is dying of kidney failure. She is with us but my husband and I have been having a hard time and to say the least. I have been crying a lot. So stress is part of the equation here and not sure if this is related. Just want to mention it here in case anyone thinks it could be. The real physical pain has been my upper stomach area. Where you feel that stitch area at the top of your belly from the surgery. My stomach has been having spasms like feeling. Gets really tight and hurts really bad for like 15 seconds. Then it just sore all day. Along with it I sometimes get super nausea and my mouth waters like I want to throw up but I can't. At first I thought it might be a 24 hour flu but it's been 4 days now. I can't eat much or my stomach just tightens up and hurts so bad. It's improved some but again I can't eat so I am drinking broth. When I do eat it just hurts my upper stomach. The watering mouth has not happen since last night but when it did happen it woke me in my sleep. I remember laying on my right side and being woken with pain and the watering mouth/nasueas feeling all over again. This is just a totally new deal. Tight stomach, watering mouth and the urge to want to vomit. I will share the watering mouth isn't as bad now so I am doing better but the tight stomach is the issue. It comes on unexpected and uncomfortable and last for about a 15 seconds when I get these tight painful spasms then they stop but my belly at the top aches. I took some Pepci AC for heart burn and that didn't do anything for me. It's just uncomfortable to eat and i am on the road and just wonder what this could be or what I could do to help get rid of these sudden spasms. Thanks for readying
  11. Michael, that is my BMI now. (17 lb's loss later) Thank you so much for your input. I was not familiar with the acid sound and it seeming like hunger sounds to me. I didn't know there was such a thing as head hunger too. Not clear what exactly that means yet but I may ask on this board in another question. I think I need to take a BIG step backwards and I mean very big step back and just chill a bit. My weight was up a little today. Now it said 172..I don't care about the .5 fluctuation really and as I think this through..hey, I've lost a lot since last month. I'm expecting too much, putting way too much pressure on myself and I believe I need to learn what my belly is telling me now. I guess I was never hungry just thought I was. Perhaps I'm eating too often. I don't know but old habits are still strong too. I want to eat when I watch TV so I just suck on sugar free bars one after another....just a bad habit! I am going to try to use my fitness pal today I think. I was thinking that might help to get an idea of what I am eating, consuming, calories, etc...Then again part of me wants to just say do what you all are saying. Get in my protein and water/ I got to forgetaboutit the weight loss and just do the right things and trust it will all fall in place. I'm sure one of these days I will see the 16...'s on that scale and so on... ..right? lol Thanks again and happy Halloween!!
  12. I started out my surgery a lower BMI and just had it on 10/8. I hit the so call stall but in truth I feel like I have been in a stall since I started. I've lost 6.8 pounds since surgery 3 weeks ago. My weight has been the same for the last week in a half ranging from 171.1 to 172 ish.. My stomach is hungry a lot!!! I can eat my 4 ounce yogurt with no problem. I am ready for more! I can have a can of soup with mushy veggies and still ready for more! I can have a cup or more of coffee and think about another cup but I don't...I am able to chew, chew, chew on tender chicken and that is the only time my stomach says...it's not liking the food so much because it's the way it feels when being digested, etc...otherwise I want to EAT and EAT and EAT!! I've talk to another gal who did it the same day as me and she can't even barely eat a couple of ounces of anything. She hasn't even tried anything else but liquids still while I have transitioned to mushy solids. I am worried my Dr. didn't put a small enough sleeve on me. I am concern I will not lose any weight. I'm hungry right now and I just had yogurt and a 2 ounces of chicken...I thought my hunger was going to go away. Mind you I not famished like I would typically be and I can't eat as much as I use to but I can tell my stomach is hungry in general because it's growling.. Have I stretched my sleeve out by having more than a few ounces or tablespoons at a time? I haven't packed in a ton of food or anything I'm just saying why am I struggling with hungry and I keep wanting to eat. IT's like my eating desire has gotten worse than better. Am I consumed with the idea of the whole process that I just think food? I mentioned thsi to the nutritionist and they said just stick dense protein...ok, so I am! I am drinking water and do need to get more in me as soon as this food all digest in me now. I just wonder was anyone else hungry like me at the beginning? Did that change at all for you? is this in my head? Did you hit a stall and stick to it and then FINALLY see a good drop. Did anyone feel like they were never going to lose weight like me too? I'm talking about post surgery right now which is my big issue here. Maybe I am just asking for too much. Anything thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  13. jcris

    I hate stalls!!!

    Wow Wendy I love your last weeks lost!! Did you change your diet in anyway or has it been the same all along? I've been losing very slow since surgery and at a stall for the last week. I hope I drop like you. I swear I lost more when I use to diet than since my surgery. I realize that this is not about losing fast but I get worried I will never budge sometimes. But I know it will happen...it just has too!! 9/24/2015HW: 18910/8/2015 Surgery day: Day 1SW: 178Total loss: -11Post-op SurgeryDay 2: No scaleDay 3: No scaleDay 4: No scaleDay 5: 175.3Day 6: 174.1Day 7: 174.1Week 1: -3.9Total post-op: -14.9Day 8: 173.7Day 9: 173.1Day 10: 172.6Day 11: 173.5Day12: 173Day 13: 172.8Day 14: 172Week 2: -2.1Total @ 2 weeks: -6.0Total post-op: -17Day 15: 172.7Day 16: 171.4Day 17: 171.6Day 18: No Scale*Day 19: 171.5Day 20: 172.5Day 21: 171.2Week 3: -8Total post-op @ 3 weeks: -6.8Total post-op: -17.9 Day 22: 171.1 Day 23: 171.7