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  1. Can't stop losing

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Puggy, it really helps! I just went in to see my gastrointerologist yesterday afternoon and we are doing another endoscopy on Friday. (third one this year) I had post RNY ulcers which I'm on meds for, but he's going in to look and see how they are doing. I'm hoping something gets resolved soon. Revision is not an option for me due to complications during the original surgery (long story). I wish you a safe and quick recovery and I'd like to keep in touch and see how things go for you. Thanks again!
  2. Can't stop losing

    I thank you all for the posts and suggestions. I have had my pouch scoped, just had an endoscopy a couple of months ago because of this very issue, and was found to have two very large ulcers. I take medication for the ulcers, and made diet restrictions advised by my doctors to accommodate the healing of them. I truly cannot eat more. I've tried. If I force too much I vomit or "dump". I don't think my goal weight was too high, I am 5ft 8in and my doctor, nutritionist, and I chose 145 lbs as a goal weight. I am currently at 117 lbs. I feel genuinely hungry too, once or twice a day and I try to eat a well balanced meal when that happens. I am almost 15 months out from bypass now, and I am keeping a close watch on my weight and my diet. I am holding out hope that I will begin to maintain soon.
  3. Can't stop losing

    Hi, I'm Pam, 48 years old, and I had RNY bypass nearly 14 months ago. I reached my "goal weight" last April but I haven't stopped losing weight. I'm 5ft 8in. tall and I'm down to 119 lbs. My BMI is too low. I'm rarely hungry and when I do get hungry it's just a few bites and I'm done. Certain foods appeal sometimes, but other times the thought of eating makes me ill. If I force it, I will throw up. I am seeing my doctors regularly but all they say is drink protein shakes. That is not a solution. I just want to hear from ya'll's experiences, has anyone else been through this? I hear lots of folks saying they start gaining back and getting hungry a lot more, but I don't really hear from anyone who is having a similar experience to mine. Any advice out there from someone who's also dealing with this? Don't get me wrong, I love being thin, it's great, but it's gotten out of hand and it's causing health issues that my doctors aren't able to help with. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Pam, 48 years old and I had gastric bypass surgery 13 months ago. I reached my goal weight last April and I'm still losing, which is concerning. I'm admin for a Gastric Bypass Recipes group on Facebook (would love to see you all there, just message me for the link!), but I am wanting to talk with folks that are more than a year past their surgery so I can try to gain perspective and find similar experiences. Glad to be here!