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  1. It's been a long time since I have posted on here. I wanted to take a moment to write about how far I have come in hopes of encouraging others who may be struggling. My surgery date was 12/1/15 and since then I am down 73.5 pounds (95 pounds from my highest weight). What I am most surprised at is the physical activity I have been able to do. About 7 weeks back I started training for a sprint triathlon with my best friend. A sprint triathlon consists of a 500 meter open water swim, followed by a 15.5 mile bike ride, followed by a 5k run. In the beginning of the training this seemed impossible. Next week we begin week 8 of training and in just 4 weeks race day will arrive. My training tonight consisted of 500 m open water swim followed by a 40 minute run. Not only was I able to do this but I was smiling and having fun while doing it! I cannot believe how far I have come and for the first time in a long time I am excited for what the future may bring. I have seen many people read other people's topics to gain knowledge on whether or not they should have the surgery. While no one can make this decision but yourself, I can tell you this is the BEST decision I have ever made. I am starting to find myself again. After 10 years of adult obesity it is a great feeling.
  2. When people ask what my goal is I simply say, "I want to be healthy." That is open to interpretation. It is no one's business what my goal weight is. If I feel comfortable enough to share this with you I will.
  3. Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas! I had to buy an outfit for a party next weekend and I was down from a 2/3X to a 1/0X so I guess I am getting smaller!
  4. I am 2 months out from my RNY surgery. I've lost 37 pounds since I had surgery. I am happy with what it says on the scale, but I do NOT see the weight loss when I look in the mirror. I can tell in my face and that is it. I can't think of any non-scale victories to use. I didn't measure myself before my surgery and didn't take full body shots (too ashamed). As far as I can tell my clothes aren't feeling smaller. I don't get any comments at work or from family about the weight I have lost (which we all want, right). I am curious when others started to notice their own weight loss and if there are any other non-scale victories to suggest for me to feel better.
  5. I can definitely tell! Your cheeks are smaller and you have a well-defined chin! Keep up the great work!
  6. Please go see your doctor if you're unable to keep water down! I had a friend have surgery on 12/22 and she finally went in because she was having complications. Her stomach opening had shrank! She required a procedure to reopen her stomach. She now needs to eat 5 times a day to prevent it from shrinking. If things don't seem right please go and see your doctor! She is much happier now that she can actually eat.
  7. Everyone is spot on here. It is different for everyone. I knew from day one I was telling everyone. I have a friend who had the surgery the same time I did and she only told her husband. I agree with the statement, "You can't un-tell someone." So until you're confident of your decision I wouldn't say anything.
  8. kaph2005

    Mood Swings!

    Hi Everyone. I am 6 weeks out from the RNY. Up until now I have been not been having too many issues with mood swings. I am noticing the past week I have been extremely emotional. Ranging from yelling at my husband for not putting the salt and pepper away, to having a mental breakdown at work and crying for no reason. I've read this is normal. I was forewarned by the staff this could happen. I am curious how others have dealt with the horrible mood swings. I feel crazy or pregnant (and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative) so crazy is the only option left!
  9. I have been extremely frustrated the last couple of weeks. I had my RNY surgery on December 1st. Was losing weight rapidly in the beginning. The last 2 weeks the weight loss has stalled big time. A total of 4 pounds. I am following all instructions: 1) Drinking 64 oz., 2) Getting in 60 grams protein, 3) Walking 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. I've read online this is common but I am so frustrated! Sigh. I have my 1 month post op with the nurse and nutritionalist tomorrow. I am hoping they have words of encouragement.
  10. It'll sink in the night before! Best of luck.
  11. Such head hunger today!  I am 11 days out and starting to feel head hunger at times.  I am not physically hungry, I just want the food.  It helps that I know I can't have it yet.  Maybe when I am on soft foods in a couple of weeks it won't be as bad?  *Sigh*

  12. Surgery was done on 12/1/15 at 7:30 am CST. So happy it is done. So happy I am a couple days out. This is tough!
  13. I have mine Tuesday morning! Same things are running through my mind!
  14. Yikes! Semi-freaking out. Can't believe I will have my surgery in 36 hours. Any advice is appreciated!
  15. I am on day 11 of my liquid diet. I am pretty pleased with myself as I haven't cheated. What I am battling through right now is getting over a cold. I've had the cold for about 4 days now. I am pretty sure they won't operate on me if I do not get better. I think all the liquids I have to drink are helping. I am making sure I take my vitamins and drink my Emergen-C. If someone asked me what the hardest thing about the liquid diet has been? I'd have to saw living with others who get to eat normally (my son and husband) and dealing with the irritability. I have been very cranky! SUPER nervous about Tuesday. My surgery date is coming up fast!