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  1. Yea, it's weird. I'll tell a perfect stranger all about it, but I'm intensely private with friends and acquaintances, so I'll lie right to their face, haha. Tell who you want!
  2. Work clothes, still in China. Ready to go home!
  3. Good luck, Tom--hope things get better soon!
  4. NSV: Flying sucks less than it used to. I fly for work or pleasure 4-8 times a year with some trips being really long international flights of 12-14 hours and I'm not quite important/wealthy enough for business or first class. Do you know what sucks more than being on a 14 hour flight? Being 100+ pounds overweight on a 14 hour flight. I was in Austin for a week this month and I'm going to China for two weeks tomorrow, so this is fresh in my mind. One downside--my passport photo is from before my weight loss, which makes security a bit awkward.
  5. Ebb and flow, for me. I don't feel like I need any support, really, and answering the same questions over and over is something only the saints like Cinwa are able to do! I feel like I "know" some of the people on here though, so I like checking in, especially the social threads like What are you Wearing and NSV. Speaking of, I got a suit for the first time in my life and I need to get a decent picture and post it! I have to go to China for business for a couple weeks but I'll try to get that done when I get home. I also had a kidney stone. That sucked. I'll post about that, too.
  6. I was acidic in the beginning and it felt like hunger. I get hungry now, although it's different. As time goes on I feel like it's closer to normal hunger--but that might be my brain adjusting, too. I've never had full hunger pangs in my belly like pre-op, though. It's definitely easier to stay on track.
  7. It's definitely a wild ride. It doesn't help that, while you're losing, your mood might be especially volatile. I didn't even out until I hit goal and even after that I don't feel like I'm as "nice" as a was pre-surgery.
  8. Great work so far! Looking good!
  9. I've never had problems eating out. Some places are more of a pain, like a ramen place or something where it's almost all carbs. As long as they have menu items with dense protein, you're golden. Get used to leaving your plate messy and full. I'll order a hamburger with fries and just eat the meat and veggies, plus a few fries. At places that care about their customer's happiness I get asked if there's something wrong with the meal--you get used to it. Lots of take-home boxes. I'll get lunch somewhere and it almost always doubles as my afternoon snack. Dinner equals leftovers for breakfast the next day. If I get something carb heavy I'll see if there are options for extra protein. For example, most teriyaki places let you order extra meat with your noodles/rice for a buck or two. That way I can get 2-4 meals out of an order instead of having 1, and having to throw away a ton of good noodles. I've found two methods that work for eating out. Eat the protein until you know you're close to full, then finish off the meal with a few bites of carbs. Eat two bites of protein, then one bite of carbs. Method 2 is more reliable but method 1 is what I used while I was still losing weight.
  10. Well, first off--it sucks and there's not much you can do to make it un-suck--just have to push through. Some things that might help though--lots and lots of fluids to keep you occupied, try different protein shakes (I liked Premier options), try making homemade broth if you're OK cooking, go to a new grocery store, preferably something snooty, and get the fanciest soups/broths they have and try them. Most of all keep reminding yourself that it's only a few more days. If you need some help with mental discipline you can do a free ten days of the Headspace meditation app--it can really help!!
  11. It's been a year since my last attempt at cosplaying Kurt Russel. Here's another try from today. Wearing my second favorite shirt. This year and last year: