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  1. New clothes

    Yes, Pappa G, surreal is the perfect word for that feeling of awe when I fit into a smaller size. I need to keep my brain in line with my body or I lose sight of where I am in this journey. I have kept a pair of pants and a shirt.
  2. New clothes

    I was shopping for new clothes at a resale shop and found I'm smaller than I knew. So I bought a new wardrobe for about $45! When I got home, I culled my closet while laundering the new ones. The strange thing is, I was surprised to find it difficult to put my old favorites in the bag for donation. It was like a letting go of my old self. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to gain weight in order to wear them. So, I tried on my new clothes and showed them to Maurice for his comments. He usually doesn't care or comment on such things but he was enjoying it, too. Now I have two big bags of clothes for donation. Bye-by old me. Hello, new me. Now my friends and family want me to post a picture but I'm a bit shy about that. Next step...
  3. Orthostatic Hypotension

    I am doing well and am back to teaching after having great results with a trial medication for orthostatic hypotension, fainting when standing. The doctor said there are many choices for high blood pressure but not many for low blood pressure. I'm so glad we found a solution, even though we don't know what causes it. I have more energy than ever and have lost 70 pounds since August! I was 238 on October 12th, the day of surgery, and am now 192. Tuesday, I go to the surgeon for my 3 month post-op appointment. It's great to get back to my life and students!! I appreciate the support of thinner times and all of you who share.
  4. You sound ready! I adjusted fine to the preop diet. One day at a time, I was increasingly more excited and into it as surgery got closer. The 24 hour before surgery, I increased my fluids like the anesthesia consult suggested. This made the post-op easier than I've ever experienced in major surgery! Good luck!
  5. Week 8 - Haven't lost weight in a week

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will continue to follow my prescribed diet and let my body adjust. The only times I weigh myself is at my doctor appointments. Now that I will not be back to the endocrinologist, surgeon, or primary physician for at least 6 weeks I need a plan to keep track of my weight. I may need to "schedule" my home weigh ins so I don't get hooked on the scale readings. I did weigh at home this morning for the first time so that I have a base line reading for this scale. It was 3 pounds down from the doctor's scale,( whether that's a scale difference or a real weight loss is yet to be seen.)
  6. Thank you all! I got a lot of affirmations and a few laughs from your responses. I think my blood pressure problem causing frequent office visits and calls, as well as er visits and consultations with my sleeve surgeon, is what may be behind the attitude. She's not only my primary doctor's secretary but also his wife. So I may wait to see whether the attitude continues to see whether I need to say anything. I have lived the confrontation through your responses and they really affirm my success in this. And thank you for the feedback on my weight loss. It's difficult to tell how successful I will be when I haven't achieved long term goals. Thank you!
  7. My primary doctor's office secretary (been with them 39 years) said, "You're certainly not the poster child for this operation, are you?" I said that the surgery healed well and my diet is moving along. Maybe the reason her comment bothers me is that I've been wondering whether my weight loss and blood pressure trouble means I'm not as successful as I could be. I was 262 pounds in August. Pre pre-op diet, I was 248 pounds. Day of gastric sleeve and hiatal hernia repair surgeries, my weight was 238. I'm currently 213 pounds. So since surgery, in eight weeks, I've only lost 25 pounds. I've had trouble with orthostatic blood pressure. Today, I start a two week trial of a medication to treat this. This is week 7 of not being in my classroom. Thanksgiving week Monday and Tuesday were Parent Teacher Conferences. Since I could sit all day, I was able to meet with my parents and students. When I didn't have conferences, I was able to straighten up, file, and catch up. This week another wonderful guest teacher is with my students. Hopefully, this medication will work well for me and I can get back to school next week. I don't feel like the surgery was a mistake. Maybe I would have had this trouble earlier if I had been thinner and not needed the surgery. Whatever, I'm not happy about her comment and wonder if others might be thinking the same thing.
  8. This is week 8 post op sleeve. I haven't lost weight in a week. Any ideas? I'm on Lantus and Januvia for diabetes. I just started a trial drug for orthostatic blood pressure, a drop in blood pressure when standing. The last two weeks I have been eating solids. Breakfast is a 100 calorie Greek yogurt. For lunch 3 oz. of a protein, chicken or cottage cheese, and a tiny portion of green beans or asparagus if I have room. Supper is the same as lunch. I was having trouble with dehydration so I might have a sugar free 15 calorie popsicle in the evening. To decrease my morning blood sugar, I have a protein drink or another yogurt in the evening. Am I having too much? I'm thinking of doing a few days of liquids to lose weight again. Should I drop the evening yogurt/protein drink? Maybe that's like one more meal...
  9. A thankful day to all of you! Thank you for your suggestions and support.
  10. I'm seven weeks post-op. I feel stronger every day. Reaching out to Thinner Times people has been a great help! You can do this, one day at a time!
  11. Here come the holidays! I haven't seen family since this summer. My surgery was on Columbus Day so they haven't seen me since before my pre-surgical diet. For my own privacy, I told people I was having hiatal hernia repair, which was part of it. So, I'm preparing myself for this on social and food fronts. 1. Why aren't you "chowing down"? *I'm still post-op and am following my doctor directed diet. *This is my healthy eating plan, small meals. *Taste rather than quantity. 2. Have you been sick? *Actually, I'm getting well. 3. Any other ideas out there?! What should I avoid? Any food advice? I'm thinking of inviting people to walk with me after dinner, but we're at his family's home this year. My family often walks after supper. His family doesn't. Hmmm
  12. Six Weeks post-sleeve

    I'm now six weeks post-sleeve. Today I'm feeling more in control and enjoying the textures of solid foods. I still have lightheadedness but we're dealing with it slowly. TT has really helped in my journey. Yes, I was put back on diabetes meds and now I don't feel it's a failure. I have the long-acting insulin once in the morning. Then, the endocrinologist put me on a "goal and sensitivities" for the mealtime insulin. This means that I usually don't need it, but, if I do it's calculated and minimal. You're right, I may have been weaned too quickly off the insulin. I've lost enough that I needed new underclothes and that was FuN. I'm doing a lot of donations from my closet. I find it difficult sometimes to give away some of my favorites. Funny how our clothes give us comfort and identity. Even my winter coat is too large and luckily I had one my mom had given me last year that didn't fit. Now it's roomy! So I had fun picking out a new scarf and gloves to go with the gray rather than brown of my old coat. This is amazing!!!
  13. Help! I need a mentor!

    I'm six weeks post-surgery. My diabetes is under control and the episodes are still happening. I'm on a 24 hour Holter heart monitor. All other tests have come back normal. So, we're still investigating the cause. In the meantime, I've started eating protein cut into small pieces and I chew, chew, chew. I discovered that the meat loses its flavor when it's pureed. I go back to the surgeon Tuesday. I'm down to 213 as of yesterday.
  14. Help! I need a mentor!

    Thank you so much, each of you! I was in the ER for 11 hours on Tuesday. an iv. tests. CT scan. Luckily, nothing on the CT, so no abcesses... White count elevated but not alarming. I'm back on the diabetes meds but taking them differently to minimize how much I take: 10 U long acting insulin one time a day and Humalog four times a day on a "goal and sensitivities scale". I told them I feel like I'm going backwards. So your words of encouragement are appreciated! My primary doctor is having me take Sudafed once a day to raise my blood pressure. I know this doesn't get to why this is happening but I'm hoping I can recover and be more active Then get back off of them safely again. Some people, many who don't know I had sleeve, only the hiatal hernia repair, wonder whether I'm losing weight too quickly. My primary doctor and my surgeon had a "lengthy discussion" today. Now I have an appointment with my primary tomorrow. Sure hope we can put this in the past and get back to my new life outside of my home! Please continue to communicate and encourage. It is very helpful!
  15. Help! I need a mentor!

    I've had three iv infusions in the past 9 days. Yesterday, I was in the ER from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The ER doctor said it's high blood sugar. I contend the faintness began before the blood sugars rose. Went directly to surgeon's office in same complex. When abdomen was palpitated, I had pain. So he sent me back to the ER for a CT scan. It came back normal! That's good, but back to the faintness. I'm so discouraged. Seeing endocrinologist today to see what she says. Doctor said he's never seen anyone need to go back on diabetes meds after surgery. Ugh!