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  1. So impressive! You look amazing and so much happier!
  2. I just LOVED it! Brittani's transformation and seemingly recovery is one of the reasons why I watch the show! I left feeling excited for her and believing she has many brighter days before her. She has a supportive husband and it looks like the will to persevere over past tragedies. During the course of the show, she seemed to make some great strides - building confidence and taking risks that before her gastric bypass were an impossibility. She went from a high of 605 lbs down to 370 at the conclusion of last night's show. I'm excited to see her update next year! All around great show! I also caught Skin Tight, with our own @@Bariatric_Bombshell! Holy Smokes -- that was amazing! Such a trooper to endure all those multiple surgeries. So happy for her and her body transformation!
  3. Will be watching and don't go blonde!
  4. Looking good! Congrats on your progress! Now, your next goal is to get clothes that fit!
  5. I really appreciated your post and perspective. Congrats on your progress and your change in lifestyle and most importantly - finally getting your diabetes under control!
  6. These are the posts I love to see! Congrats on all your success!
  7. I'm sure she did. She recently bought a 10% stake in Weight Watchers for $43 million. So, in addition to now being the face of WW, she's also a part owner! I have recently been wondering why she never took the route of WLS. Obviously, a personal choice, but I just wonder what her reasoning is/was - especially early in her career, her battle with weight was so publicized.
  8. I was out from work a total of 10 days. Surgery was on a Friday and I took that day and the following work week, so only 6 days PTO. Again, as previously stated, everyone will be different, I was fine (desk job) after that time and really wanted to get back to my normal routine.
  9. This sounds very good! If you're looking for a side dish to this, some baked spaghetti squash sounds divine or some zoodles (zucchini noodles made with a spiralizer)! I like your recipes @garnet dreams!
  10. Could you roll up the cheese mixture into thinly sliced (length-wise) zucchini - which would act as the "ziti" and top with the marinara and a bit of melted low-fat mozzarella?
  11. BelleCurves


    Aw, you go girl! I love the sassiness! You look amazing!
  12. So pretty! Congrats on your progress so far! Love the hair color!
  13. I would talk to a therapist and ask for help with how to cope with stress. I understand the hesitation about starting on an anti-anxiety/depression medication. You obviously know that reverting back to old, self-sabotaging behaviors is out of the question. Talk to a therapist specializing in eating disorders for different approaches to combat stress and alternatives to emotional eating.
  14. While I don't like being referred to as a "freak", because I'm not - the blog post confirmed many of the beliefs that I have held about bariatric surgery. I know that in the beginning, it's not me doing all the heavy lifting - it's my smaller stomach. I do have to put in work after my initial success. I want to be able to be one of the long-term success stories. I have drawn a line in the sand with my surgery and I hope I can maintain this mindset.