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  1. I'm 6 months post op, and for the last week on and off been having pin in my upper left abdomen. I've had a CT scan, GI series, bloodwork all came back fine. It doesn't feel like gas pain. my dr is not concerned. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. This is what I'm going through now, I'm 6 months post op, and last week, Ive had pain upper left on and off. I do not have a gallbladder had that out years before my RNY. I have not eaten anything different or that I'm not supposed to. Ive had blood work and GI series, CT scan and nothing shows up.
  3. May 18th is the day, 2 days away. Anyone else???
  4. Had my pre op today surgery next Wednesday
  5. I go Tuesday for mine, what can I expect?? I'm not required to fast and the nurse said it wouldn't take too long. Just curious if it was more than blood work.
  6. AppleJenn


    Thanks guys, I'm getting nervous, and have a fear that I'm going to fail. Move have sent for samples online and been trying them. The syntax nectar tea flavor is good, also found this girly packaging brand tried chocolate mousse and vanilla caramel were Delish. I'm waiting for the rest to try
  7. AppleJenn


    May 18 is the day, can't wait. It's getting so real now. Nervous and excited. Stocking up on jello and crystal light. Still trying protein powders to see which ones I like. Hard to find one I like though. Cant wait to start losing.
  8. AppleJenn


    So true and I've always been one to be open and honest and speak my mind but with this I just don't know. Ive always been not too worried about the outside of people if they're ugly inside they're ugly out and vice Versa
  9. May 18. I need a buddy. It's really sinking in now. Been crying since they called. I'm so happy been waiting and wanting this for so long. Was denied back in 07, and started the program again last year in November. Soooo ready
  10. AppleJenn


    I've had such a hard time finding guys that like big girls, I've been single do a long time almost five years. Now, that means just waiting for insurance approval, they're coming out of the woodwork. I've been taking to a guy, he's nice we've hung out a few times, he tells me he only likes big girls. Uugghhh, what do I do? Do I tell him about surgery or just go with it for now???
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