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  1. Warning: horn tooting ahead: When I began this bariatric adventure my leg pain and numbness was so bad I could barely walk or stand for five minutes. I had to stop working at a big hospital back East and move home to my family on the West coast. I told the team at the weight loss clinic that my goal was to get down to where I could be back on my feet and get back to work, if not I would have to go on disability. I'm an ultrasound technologist, so it's long hours on hard floors all around the hospital. Well today, I got a job offer from the nice little hospital five minutes from my house. I have worked so hard to be able to stand and walk again. I really think I will be able to do the work. Tomorrow I have an appointment to see the surgeon's office for my 6 month follow up from RNY and I get to tell them the good news. I have lost over 100 lbs (some of that was pre-op diet) and am somewhere in Twoterville . My home scale won't give me a reliable reading, so I don't know exactly where I am. My primary doctor told me a few weeks ago that I am having the best outcome of anyone he has ever worked with through this process. That really helps make me feel good when I worry that I should be losing faster. So anyway, not to ramble and brag, but I have hit the century mark, made it to Twoterville, and got a job. Life is good.
  2. I like to dress up a little to give out candy. This year, I was a leopard. You can't really see the spots I painted on the sides of my face and neck, but I had fun.
  3. Thanks for the input. I've been pushing more fluids today. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's prep action. I'll try to be careful with the solution.
  4. I'm nervous about my upcoming colonoscopy. Not the actual test, but the prep. Last time I had this test, I thought I was going to die from the prep. I got very dehydrated and have to get IV fluids before I could get the test. That was pre-op. Now, I'm five months out from gastric bypass surgery and am worried about doing the prep. I have gotten used to eating a little every couple of hours. Am I going to feel bad fasting? Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom? On the bright side, my test is on Halloween, so I may get to see fun costumes while I am heavily medicated
  5. The lifeguard at the pool this week asked me how I was losing all this weight, because I was looking great. I hadn't told anyone outside my family about my wls, but I took a big breath and told her I had had the surgery. She was really supportive (she's a bigger girl, too). So I broke through the barrier about talking about my surgery! When I told my mother, she said, "It's not like you did something bad in a back alley. You don't have to be embarrassed about it." It's progress.
  6. I know I should be starting to expect this, but I put on a reliable blue shirt today and did a double take when I looked in the mirror. The thing was hanging off me! I had to go back and change to a smaller shirt before I left the house.
  7. Yes, I had this. The PA at the surgeon's office pulled at it then trimmed it off at my six week checkup last week. No biggie. If it's not red or painful, you're probably okay to wait for your next checkup. But if you're worried, give the office a call and ask them about it. Better safe than sorry.
  8. Gorgeous picture! Such a Madonna smile (maternal love, not the singer)
  9. I'm stronger than water! I was doing my morning aqua aerobics when I realized that I could go at pace with the music and keep up with it. I used to feel like I was drifting back down in the water, now I can power through it. It doesn't feel like much of an obstruction anymore!
  10. I just found Centrum Silver Chewables. They aren't too bad. "Citrus Berry" flavored.
  11. Just to catch up my blog that I promised myself I would keep. I'm getting into the groove of bariatric eating. I'm still in the soft food stage, so I can't eat jerky or nuts, etc; but I'm finding my way. Chicken has been my worst experience. I named my pouch Minnie. She does not like anything about chicken and she sends it right back up the pipe. Minnie prefers cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. I'm feeling more energy and happier overall. I'm still having difficulty walking due to balance and leg problems from neuropathy, but I hope it continues to improve. Aqua aerobics are great. I can move like a normal person in the water. I had to buy a smaller swim skirt and new underwear, but am otherwise shopping in my vast closet of things that haven't fit in forever. So all in all, everything is going great. I'm trying to remain mindful to embrace the honeymoon period and make as much progress as I can.
  12. Welcome to TT, Missy! It's a great group of people who are generous in sharing knowledge and experience. Welcome to the loser's bench
  13. Congratulations! I've done B12 shots before and found it got easier after the first time. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I had surgery on 5/25, and I just started to feel full energy last week. The anesthesia really knocks you down for a few weeks.