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  1. Hi Opie, Had my surgery Wed 25th Nov. I hope all went well for you. Im still in hospital. Will get there hopefully. Hope you are on the mend. Xx
  2. Thank you both so much. I pray you are right. Ive had a *&^% of a year losing Dad in May and Mum in August. Then the family dog died. I just need this to go right. Bless you both for your comments. Xx
  3. Hi all, Had my surgery for complete gastric bypass on Nov 25th, 2015. Sorry to all you die hards out there but I'm already regretting my decision. On Saturday 28th they let me out of hospital because I was holding down pureed food and drink. By Wednesday night I was rushed back into hospital with raging temp, dehydrated, in a hell of a lot of pain and the nausea was like no other I'd ever come across. Of course in in the ER they gave me wonderful scenarios like your bowel is probably perforated or you have a massive infection, probably going to have to go in again and sort you out. I layed in the ER for 12 hrs and then another two in the corridor of the ward I was admitted too. My experience has been bad so far and now I'm constipated after eating almost nothing. My confidence is waning fast.
  4. This is my surgery day. I have been on Optislim for three weeks and counting. I have lost ten kilos or 22.046 pounds
  5. You never think you look that large until you see photo's and unfortunately the camera doesn't lie. Still this is the beginning of the journey and I am well pleased with the weight I have lost so far.
  6. Me with straight hair June 2015 weighing......oh heaps.
  7. Hi Mason, I joined this great place not long ago too. I have been waiting for 8 years for my operation. I always felt that I have been a slim person in a fat woman's body. My operation is set for November 25th. I have been on the pre-program here in Australia of just 3 Optislim shakes a day, or 2 Optislim shakes and 2 cups of veges a day. I started ten days ago and I have lost 7 kilos so far. I am also looking forward to the arsenal that Wendy H talks about. I have struggled since I was a teenager and I am so happy to know that the struggle ends on the 25th and the new me will emerge. So welcome, enjoy the journey and I look forward to hearing about your story. Good luck.
  8. Oh wow that is so true. I have been waiting for 8 years for this surgery. I am on the Australian Government list. I have had so many let downs with waiting for this. I was told in Feb this year that my surgery would be in May. Well May came and went, my Father decided to suprise us all by having a massive heart attack and dying. Then in August my Mother wasn't going to be out done and she decided to die as well. (Tongue in cheek and many tears). I miss them terribly. I had all of that to deal with and still in the back of my mind I have been waiting to hear from the hospital and just when I had turned around and all but given up, a Dr calls me on Monday to tell me I will have an operation date no later than Friday of this week. So here I am at 3.25pm, sitting with my phone by my side hoping and praying I will hear from him before 5pm. Close of business for the week. My emotions have been on a rollercoaster since Feb this year. I just want this to happen, so I know where you are coming from when you say I just want it already. I am proud of myself for everything I have done to prep for this surgery, but for my birthday next May, I just want to be able to say I am half way there and I want more than anything to stop feeling so much pain and start smiling again. So I am lucky, you are lucky, we are both lucky. And we are both heading where we want to go. Good luck with your journey. I envy you being in Germany. I love the country and miss it so much. I long to go back again. My father was from Berlin. Alles Gute.xx
  9. Oh Ri, what ThinCVT said is right. If your friend cannot support you when you need it the most darling, then she isn't worth the trouble. Another thing, her nastiness is born of jealousy. Nastiness always is. You go ahead and have this surgery honey and be proud that you have taken the step to make yourself healthier and happier. I don't think anyone works as hard as an overweight or an obese person does at trying to get healthy. Sometimes we need help along the way. Besides that, I've only been a member here for a few days and the love here for each other and support is amazing. I am so inspired by everyone. You be inspired too and remember you are beautiful and stunning now, after your surgery you will be healthy and beautiful and stunning. Good luck sweetness.xx
  10. How do I get the weight loss ticker onto my profile please?

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      Sorry, that's a link to the forum guide on how to do it. I didn't think it would just post without being a hyperlink. That should help you out.

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  11. Laughing Eyes

    Here we go!

    Hi there Azngolfer, I got a phone call earlier this week and was told I would hear what my surgery date would be by close of business Friday afternoon. Well here I am at Friday afternoon and it is 2.57 pm in Australia and still no call, this is after 8 years of waiting for surgery. Long and complicated story. Now here I sit waiting, hoping, they will call. I am scared about losing my hair and about not being able to eat all the things I love to eat, but more scared about the op never actually happening and me dying with Obesity related issues. In 2003 I lost 50 kilos by myself, but a marriage break down and then another terrible thing happened to me and now I am 70kilos heavier than what I was when I started in 2003. I admire you for wanting to be healthy to do everything you need to do. Good luck with everything and let me know how you go. I dread the milkshakes, as I hate milk and my only saving grace is the water. Big water drinker. Good luck Marli (Laughing eyes)
  12. Hi there everyone, My name is Marli and I am from Adelaide in South Australia. I am new to Thinner Times. After an awful long wait, I have just been telephoned by my surgeon today to let me know that surgery for me will take place in December this year, 2015. I am so nervous as I have been waiting years and never thought it would happen. I have no idea what to expect and I am frightened it may not work for me. I sure hope I am wrong. When I saw this site, I thought this would be great to join as I have no support where I am and I am eager to ask questions and get feedback and support on this journey. You all seem so supportive of each other and that is a wonderful thing. So Hi to all. Thanks Marli