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    I love reading and spending time with my family. I love working with children and have been working in Special Education and Behavior for the past 8 years.
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  1. Thank you all. That is what I plan to do. Just have to wait for my insurance to kick in. It is very frustrating and no fun for sure. But I am still happy with my surgery and weight loss journey so for me its worth it.
  2. So I finally had to go to the hospital after having almost a month of vomiting and then getting super sick. problem is that after all the tests they ran the Dr. said she doesn't know much about gastric bypass and that after consulting with several surgeons( i live in a small town of under 9500 people) they think its a complication from my surgery and that I might have some dead nerves in my intestines and not emptying my body enough. Its very frustrating....She wasn't even sure of what to call it and just gave me medicine that are supposed to help.
  3. I love the Broncos and represented them today here in Missouri! ! With my granddaughter. .
  4. I am excited to say that I have gone from a size 26 down to a size 12 and they are loose on me. It feels so great to wear dress slacks and a sweater!! But I am looking foreword to finally being able to buy the woman's size Bronco's Jersey I have always
  5. I had some of the same fears at first, but I tell everyone. I am very proud that I have worked so hard to lose even 1 pound. I didn't have the support of my family at first they didn't want me to do it. But afterwords they have been my greatest support. The hardest thing I have had to deal with is when I am excited about how much I have lost my mom likes to say well I found it and other sarcastic remarks.Shopping with my mom was the worst, I was so excited that I was trying on smaller clothes and she was pointing out my extra skin and talking about all the fat rolls..But as long as you are doing the surgery for you and your happiness and health it shouldn't matter what anyone says. Good luck!!
  6. I have not seen my surgeon since my six week check up. I moved unexpectedly to another state and am still working to get new insurance and a new doctor
  7. I had a gastric bypass July 30 2015. Then we moved shortly after my 6 weeks check up. I haven't had any labs since surgery and have had some issues with eating and vomiting a lot. I feel good and have lost 112 pounds. I am currently working on getting new insurance where I am now living but am not sure how to find a new Dr. since I am in a very small town now. Less then 9000 people. Any suggestions on what I should be doing to stay healthy and on the right track until I can get my blood work and a new Dr.
  8. Thank you everyone for your friendly suggestions. So far my biggest problem is not knowing if I am taking enough vitamins and that even after six months I find that I throw up a lot after I eat. I am still barley eating 5 or six bites of any food before getting full, and have tried so many new foods. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables otherwise I am sick sometimes even before I finish swallowing my second bite. Any suggestions?
  9. Had my gastric bypass on 7/30/2015. I have lost 61 lbs so far and am glad I had it done. I just moved and have no local support system. Still not sure how much I want to lose total.
  10. Just moved from Colorado to Missouri and I am only 10 weeks post op.I won't be making my next Dr visit but am worried I might be having problems. I am barely about to get a few bites of food down and still not enough water. The biggest issue though is I have been throwing up alot. Sometimes I can't even finish 3 bites and I'm getting sick. Is anyone else having or had this issue?