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  1. Marie1

    Picture updates

    Congratulations! You look great!!
  2. Marie1

    Time for a check-in, I suppose

    Hi, sounds like you are on the right path for 2017! I was wondering how do you do the 5 DPT?
  3. Marie1

    6 months post op (VSG)

    Congratulations! You are a inspiration to many of us!!
  4. Marie1

    Cortisone shots

    Thanks for the info. I called my surgeon's office and they said it should be OK because it is not oral steroids. I haven't had any big problems since my surgery 10 months ago. I just want to keep my sleeve safe
  5. I don't have much cartlidge left in my knees. I was wondering if Cortisone injections in my knees will affect my sleeve at all? I had surgery 10 months ago.
  6. Marie1


    Sounds wonderful! Thanks.
  7. You look amazing!! Congratulations to you. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Marie1


    I like talapia with garlic and a lot of lemon juice in a foil packet on the BBQ pit. Very good and moist! Or in the oven with a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on it and garlic salt. Something to try.
  9. Marie1


    Spunkycat that shrimp scampi with the steamed zucchini sounds good! Did you use the veggeti to make it into noodle zucchini? ( I think that is what it is called!)
  10. Marie1

    Salads ???

    I am 8 weeks out and I love salads too! I had a salad with chicken last night. I ate the chicken first then I pretty much chewed the lettuce down to nothing. I had my dressing on the side and I dipped the lettuce in the dressing so I wouldn't eat so much dressing. I really could only eat a few bites of lettuce after I ate the chicken, I was full. But it was good! No problem so far. I think you have to try it out yourself in a very small amount as long as your surgeon says it is ok. Everyone is different. What bothers one person's sleeve may not bother another person's sleeve. Hope it goes well for you!
  11. Marie1

    I made it!

    Congratulations Julie!
  12. Marie1

    Surgery in 8 days

    Good luck to you!
  13. Good luck to you. 2016 here you come!!
  14. Marie1

    Sometimes a photo is all you need.

    Congratulations! You look great!
  15. Thank you for the information. Those are very high rates!