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  1. Please please please don't do that again. 3.5 weeks is way way way too early, and you're still healing. You really don't want to take a chance like that while you're still in the "healing" phase. The minimum I've heard is 6 months, and some even say a year.
  2. Hello everyone!! I just wanted to share this! (I'm just a little over 1 year post-op) At my heaviest weight I was over 310 lbs, I was really starting to see some health issues. I was having reoccurring knee, ankle, and foot pain. This was really hampering me from being able to run and complete like I wanted to. Everyone knows the vicious cycle. Need to work out to be healthy, but need to stay healthy to work out. Over the years, I've tried everything. You name the fad diet and I've tried it. My last option was to try a VSG. Let me tell you, just being a year post-op, the VSG was the bes
  3. Can you guys please buy Miguel Cabrera's contract from us!! While you're at it, take Verlander as well! I think it's time for the Tigers to rebuild. Those hefty contracts are killing us!
  4. Oops.. i guess I'm a bit late!! I hit the 1 year mark on 7/11 HW: 310+ SW: 280 CW: 205 Personal GW: 199.9 Weight my NUT never wants to see me get below : 185
  5. Happy belated one year surgiversary Jason. How are you doing? Do you have any before and after pic? I just updated mine on the Juler forum. Can't believe we made it to the year already. It's been a struggle but we made it. Can't wait to here from you. Congrats and Happy surgiversary. :D

    1. kzoojason76


      Thank you :)  I was just going to post here in the Julyer's forum!

      I'm doing great!!  I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.

  6. Give yourself a break. You just had major surgery, and your body is recovering. Put the scale away and give yourself time to heal. Almost everyone stalls around the 3 week mark. Don't sweat it... just keep following the plan (and stay off the scale for awhile).
  7. I'm soooo close to being down 100 lbs since the start of my 6 month mandatory Dr supervised diet. Sitting at 97 lbs down.. only 3 more to go!! I had my 6 month check-up, and all the surgeon could say was WOW. He said I was WAY WAY ahead of the bell curve. He warned me that my weight loss will probably slow way down since I'm getting so close to my goal. My NUT said that she didn't want to ever see me fall below 185 lbs. She said she would prefer that I stuck around the 190-200 range. When this all started, my first goal was to hit 220, then to see the scale read 199.9 one time.
  8. You'll do great!! We have practically identical starting stats. I think you'll fly by your currently set goal weight. I'm 6'1" and I just hit the scale at 217 this morning! I'm just 6 months post-op.
  9. Have you tried any of the Syntrax Nectar protein powders?? The Fuzzy Navel blended with Trop50 OJ and frozen peaches are the best thing on earth (at least to me!)!! I believe you can get a sampler pack of the Syntrax Nectars on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Nectar-Grab-variety-pack-15-packets/dp/B01IW5VA3K/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1483134368&sr=8-1&keywords=syntrax+nectar+sample+pack
  10. Just remember.. A goal is just that.. a goal. The first few days, you may (probably will) fall a little short of that goal. Just try your best, and leave the rest behind!
  11. Finding a NUT would help, but you may also want to consider a therapist to talk to. You may want to get to the bottom of the reasons for the bad habits. The "honeymoon" phase isn't for ever, and the "bad" choices we make may catch up to us.
  12. I eat 5-6 times a day. 7am - Breakfast 10am - Mid Morning Snack 12pm - Lunch 2pm - Mid Afternoon Snack 5pm - Dinner 6pm - Evening snack Lately I've been throwing in a 4:30am Protein Bar before I start working out at 5am.
  13. So..... I just got back from a 10 day vacation visiting the mouse (Disney World)! I was shooting for a goal of 225 lbs just before I left, but I missed it by 1 pound. On the day of our flight, i was 226. I felt like I ate ALOT, but I know I didn't. I focused more on portion control, but allowed myself to eat a little more carbs and "others" that I normally wouldn't eat on my normal diet. When I got home, I told myself that I would probably have gained a couple of pounds, and I was OK with it. I stepped on the scale this morning and about fell dead. I lost 5 pounds. How the heck di
  14. Isn't it funny to look back on pictures from just a year ago an think "Holy cow do I look HUGE in that photo". That's when it really sinks in that I made the right choose to have surgery. Looking in the mirror now, I still don't see it sometimes. I still see the person in the photos from a year ago. However, I know I'm not that person, and my clothes prove it!
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