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  1. It's not you, It's me! Ladies please help!

    Just wanted to thank both of you for the advice. Things are way better here. We are getting married in July and I can't wait.
  2. It's not you, It's me! Ladies please help!

    Great advice. Respect is big with me and I want to respect her wishes. We had a nice talk last night about what each others feeling were. This really helped. I tend to overthink things sometimes. I feel that if I give her the space she needs this will work out.
  3. It's not you, It's me! Ladies please help!

    Thanks for the input. That is a great idea. One of my toughest issues is I went almost 11 years with out being with anyone. Now I feel like I am making up for lost time. It is hard for me to set sex aside. I am willing to try. She is amazing and worth it.
  4. Ladies, When she says "It's not you, it's me!" should I worry? She is telling me that in her past she used sex as a comfort tool, that she confused with love. I tell her that her past doesn't matter to me, that everything that happened before we met we can not change. Lately she has pushed me away in the bedroom, not wanting to confuse what we have with her past relationships. I try to tell her that it her that I fell in love with and not the sex. I try to tell her everyday how amazing she is. The tough part is my sex drive is going crazy right now and she doesn't want to have sex. I am really not sure what to do.