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  1. I had been in a holding pattern for months, losing very few pounds. Suddenly I dropped ten lbs, which was a huge relief ! I cut back on food and protein and it seemed to do the trick.  But now I was told today that they found protein in the urine and are sending me to a urologist. My A1c has been stuck at 7. I thought rny surgery stopped diabetes! I'm about 1 yr 4 months out. 

  2. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it!
  3. God bless you. You have been through A LOT. But you are a survivor, a strong woman that your daughter can look up to. I understand your relationship to food, and you are the first person I've heard of that chews food and spits it out--like I have. I truly struggle with my relationship to food, the sugar withdrawal is ongoing. I understand the fear of regaining after pregnancy. The constant thinking about what is going in my mouth is very obsessive to me also. I have done counceling for marital issues but was surprised how much of it has to do with self worth. I'm forgiving myself for not being perfect and hating myself for eating a cookie is just wrong. You look beautiful in both pictures, your inner beauty radiates! You have a lot you can share with others experiencing similar issues, and have already inspired me on my slow weight loss 'journey'. :-)
  4. Hi, I had the RNY surgery last August, and in recovery had severe left sided pain. The nurse said depending on which of the two doctors you had determined the side in which you would get that sharp pain. I have been back numerous times to the nurse practitioner, who kept saying it was gas pain. Sometimes it starts about 1/2 hr after a meal. Other times it's after drinking something, then one night I woke up 3 am with heart palp's and shoulder neck and back pain that lasted about 1.5 hrs. After that I had the 'take your breath away' left sided pain which took morphine to calm down. ER checked out the heart, nothing major so I ended up getting scope, then a cat scan (with contrast dye) to look for ulcers or twisting of colon. Nothing found but gastritis so given carafate and bentyl (at my request due to IBS). Like grin and bear it. No pattern to it, random take your breath away pain. I wait it out, eventually goes. I think I've asked this forum before about it before all the testing was done. The dr. said if it continues the last course of action would be exploratory surgery. Not wanting that!!! Has anyone else had this type of pain? Since the surgery I have near daily nausea, stomach pain and embarrassing gas that keeps me home. The weight loss has been nice, though I have another 40 lbs to go, But my stomach dictates whether or not I leave the house. I would appreciate any comments. Btw, yes I watch what I eat and drink, I understand that is critical. So what else?
  5. Hi, i had bypass surgery last August. I had found out my DH was cheating about 2 yrs ago w my BFF. I gave him 3 chances to leave her and just found out 2,wks ago it was not over. Seen 4 dif times by 4 dif ppl. We separated once for almost 2 years but after counseling decided to give it another shot. Just found out he never stopped texting or seeing her. My one year anniversary from surgery is this August. I only lost 48 lbs and stopped. Same weight for 6 months with no deviation. I now feel like eating protein is a waste of time, not eat carbs or sugar. How ever do you work through this mess and still work on weight loss and exercise? Sooo painful and not getting anywhere,
  6. Did you have ulcers only after surgery, and what symptoms
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it! I will have to do just that.
  8. Hi, I actually don't eat fried foods. Salmon was grilled, with melted butter on top. The steak fries were not greasy. I don't eat fries as a rule. Yes I wait 30 min to an hour to drink. Most of the food stays on the plate. I do write down food diary but not consistently. I actually order this same meal anytime we eat there and have not gotten sick til today. I have been getting a sharp rt sided pain this week and it feels exactly like the pain right out of surgery. So many weird query things. But the severity of these 'attacks' certainly gets my attention.
  9. About 4 days ago I woke up, drank a sip of lukewarm crystal lite upon waking, and suddenly had severe sharp pain under the sternum to half way down the belly. I was shocked that a sip of liquid would do that! It subsided within a few minutes, so I tried again another sip with the same results. It got better after resting. However, tonight it happened again. About 4 hours ago I had about 2-3 oz of salmon, about 1/4 c green beans, and 3-4 steak fries. I was stuffed and stopped eating. (At a restaurant). I had unsweetened ice tea after and did okay until now- bam! Double over pain. I sat and wondered what to do, so of course I came to this forum. I read similar stories that were dx as fistulas. The other odd thing was a stop of weight loss. I started at 217 and several months ago stopped all weight loss, stubbornly holding at 170 lbs. I have gone back to bariatric office about lack of weight loss, talked to dietician and social worker. Was told to keep food diary and excersize daily. That's not helping much. Esp. not being able to excersize much becuz stomach upset a lot, I did call the nurse about the cramping this AM, was told to go back to liquids. I have tried the pouch test, downloaded the book, and all settles until this week. I only drink unsweetened almond milk with protein shakes, am now lactose intolerant. Reading about similar symptoms from posts in 2007-8 where ppl were told they have fistulas, some call it dumping. I do get the dumping eating anything rich, so I've learned to avoid those foods. When do you call the doc and ask for testing, and when do you just grin and bear it? That scale hasn't budged since December, and though I know this bypass is a tool, I never thought the honeymoon period would end 4 months post surgery? And how come I feel sick and exhausted so much? Any ideas welcome!!!
  10. Thank you for suggesting Kaye's ebook, which I downloaded on Kindle. I have been in another stall, one of many in the short 8 months post surgery!! My weight loss is 38 lbs, according to my surgeon's PA, and 48 according to my record. It is frustrating as it does not mirror my DH's weight loss experience. He was morbidly obese, and dropped 200 lbs quickly. I feel like it's all a hopeless mess. But after reading your post and then reading the first chapter of the book, I feel like I have a good chance to do what it takes to be successful. Learned a few things that made total sense. I had not seen posts where anyone talked about dipping into popcorn and cookie jars LOL. I had started that and realized how quickly things can sour. The cravings were so intense I was able to endure the nausea from dumping, which really defeated the whole purpose of the rny surgery. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  11. That is great news! Sounds like you've got this covered. The masters program is an excellent idea. Your attitude is right on spot. Keep the updates coming!
  12. hi, I'm 8 months post op (rny) and yesterday I woke up with a red rash on my cheeks and across my nose. There is lupus on my husband's side and my girls have at times had symptoms of it, but not developed it. Is it remotely possible that the shock of surgery to the body could have set off something in my system? I have been dx w sjögrens about 10 yrs ago, but no meds.
  13. Hi! You are a very brave woman to come forth with your story. That was a huge step to open up about your addictions. I think that you will help many ppl who r also in a place of hurt and frustration. Keep moving forward!
  14. That's good to know. I'm funny about the flavours too. I have gotten the Unjury Choc Splendor. This past week got GNC shakes which have 25 gm of protein and are super yum, but they have 200 cals and I don't think I'm supposed to have shakes over 100. That's why the Unjury is good.
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