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  1. Hi folks, I had my laparoscopic RNY on 12/29/17 and the weight starting fall off rapidly. I know I tend to carry a lot of water weight and I lost quickly what seemed to be about 30 pounds from my surgery weight of 360. BUT...I've had very low appetite. Not going to lie, I've been a bit lazy about taking my vitamins. I only drink one protein shake a day because my formerly beloved Premier Protein is too sweet and artificial tasting. I'm about to start on mushy foods so I am thinking I will go for protein heavy choices like my favorite, Breakstone's 2% Cottage Cheese (so creamy and tight curd, not slimy and a good flavor with a dash of salt and pepper on top!) and I guess soon I will be allowed to have hummus and refried beans. I want to ease into these soft foods very slowly so I can maximize my weight loss. I don't FEEL like eating since I'm not hungry! Though I must say I do feel tired and sometimes dizzy when getting up to walk around. Have done some bed exercises and late night hall walking a few times. Need to increase this. I just feel bummed because I though the weight would continue pouring off quickly if I eat little. The scale said 334.8 today so looks like a stall already!!!
  2. Thank you all for the support! We actually have a NICE gym in my building with an indoor pool, weights, machines, cardio and a sauna, which I LOVE. I've only worked out a few times in the past 3 years living here! Self-conscious because we have really good looking European lifeguards and gym membership 'card swipers.' What a silly thing to feel embarrassed about! I guess because I used to laugh and joke with them but then gained over 100 pounds in about a year. These are physically fit, buff guys and a few girls...just feel embarrassed. I need to get over it so I can work out in the gym! I actually LOVE working out...used to do yoga and cardio classes AND weights AND cardio machines AND sauna back just about 10 years ago!
  3. Thank you! My goal weight is between 140-150 standing 5'8. I really dream of being SLIM and not chubby like I was in my youth. I was 'pretty' but I felt insecure due to being chubby. I'd like to regain my self-confidence and go back to work again!
  4. Thank you, Athena Rose! I must tell you that your profile pic is GORGEOUS! I am SO happy for you and your successful weight loss! You are below goal weight...amazing!
  5. Hi, folks! I am feeling the need to get up and work out a little. I've been extremely sedentary for the past year or so due to my weight skyrocketing. I am 5'8 and my highest weight ever recorded (when very bloated, but STILL) was almost 390. I got down to 375 for first doctor visit, and then 360 for surgery about a month later. Now I am 16 days post op. I feel extremely embarrassed to go out and exercise. Today, I actually tried an exercise video for bed-ridden patients on YouTube! Believe it or not, these simple exercises I could FEEL were working my muscles. Ironically, I used to be a 'big yet active girl.' I remember hiking a 5 mile trail less than 10 years ago with my sister and my dog...climbing up a lot of boulders. It was GREAT to be active and I miss the exercise causing me to loosen my joints and muscles, and overall get the lymph flowing. I really need to EASE myself into exercise. I live in a condo so I COULD walk the halls or even the STAIRS yet I feel nervous about running into anyone. It seems like a lame excuse to me, too. I perhaps need some comfortable headphones so I could listen to upbeat music and good excuse not to talk to neighbors! Any and all advice welcomed!
  6. Hi folks, Thank you for the responses. I guess I didn't clearly communicate that I am CRAVING pickles, but I won't eat them yet. I haven't even eaten mushy food yet! I do NOT plan on eating pickles...I was just asking WHEN we can eat pickles. I know the acidic vinegar might do a number on our pouch, so just polling around to find when other people DID eat pickles!
  7. I mean the kind with very little or no sugar, like mini dill pickles or small cornichons? I am craving pickles very bad. I'm only 11 days out so still on protein shakes, water and Vitamin Water Zero. I know they have a slight crunch but figure taking small bites and really chewing, the pickles are pretty soft. Just wonder how vinegar would do on a new pouch.
  8. Thank you, Chefman! PS I was wondering how you are doing on your journey...are you near to your goal weight yet? Your profile photo certainly makes you look slim! :-)
  9. Thank you, Nerdy! PS I Never heard of a nerdy toothpick before! Is this your joke nickname after becoming thin as a toothpick?
  10. Wonderful, Res! I believe that I can achieve this success like you! I really dream of getting back to the active life I had when I was younger...climbing hundreds of steps to see Buddhist temples on the tops of mountains in Thailand, snorkeling in crystal clear Mexican coral reefs, and generally restoring my life to one that is social and fun!
  11. Thank you all for the support! I was confused at first about the ticker, but eventually...I managed to get it together! Again, thank you all for warm words! Wishing us all a very happy, healthy and successful 2018!
  12. Looking to make good friends and support buddies here who are going through a similar journey towards weight loss and improved health, strength, energy, and physical fitness and attractiveness. PS WHERE do we have a 'signature' on our profiles? I want to add a Weight Loss Ticker to my profile but I have searched all over and there seems to be no 'signature' and hence no way to add the Weight Loss Ticker to it. Thank you in advance!