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  1. Hey- I don;t think I ever talked to you, and I know I am months late on you leaving, and i'm not sure that you'll ever read this, but I just want you to know that your posts have always been very helpful, I'm not going to suggest you come back to posting to the thread, because honestly, I'm close to leaving myself! I just read your original thread on financial issues, and it looks like the same person that gave you trouble is giving me and a couple other members trouble too, and it's unfortunate that most of us are suffering at the hand of their negativity...they caused 2 whole threads to be closed down just yesterday...anyway! Enough of my ranting, I just want to let you know, while your decision to leave is greatly understandable, your informative posts are definetly missed! -Kyra

  2. I just wanted to see how you are doing. I really miss your posts and your experiences that you shared w/everyone. Just wanted to tell you that we miss you and wish you would come back. Please try to overlook people who have been harsh,rude, or hurtful, because you mean so much to all the rest of us and I would really like to hear from you. At least send a update of how you are doing etc. People care very much about you. Do you visit another forum? Please share w/ me. I always read your posts pre & post surgery and can not express how helpful they were. Thanks again. I am now 1 yr. postop and went from 267 lb to 125 from 11/30/09 to present.

  3. I see you helping so many here, I just want to say thanks for all your help, we truly appreciate you : )

  4. Kelly, I will miss you girl! Just want you to know that my heart goes out to you and I am here for you. Take care my friend!

  5. I have hit ignore for a few people that bother me. But I don't know I need to ignore them until after they've already done something offensive. And one person that I had on ignore recently signed up again under a different name. Of course I did not know they would do that (or be allowed to do that) or know what the new name would be so how could I have ignored them? Kelly
  6. I kind of hate when people make these posts but I'm gonna make it anyway because there are people here that I care about and that have been very kind and helpful to me. But today is the second time a thread of mine has had to locked. I do not fault the mods for locking them because people were behaving inappropriately. But it seems I cannot post here for support. In the previous thread that was locked, I was posting about a very difficult situation I was dealing with and just asking for support. I got some supportive responses but some very rude, insensitive ones too. Because of that, I have not asked for much support here since then. I have been turning to other places for support, where people are, you know, supportive. I posted the information yesterday about getting help with medical bills because I thought that might help someone else. I wasn't even looking for support. But then I get responses that are so inappropriate that the thread has to be locked. I just see no point in trying to participate in this community anymore. Of course I didn't post all about caring for my nephew in the post about medical bills initially. It did not seem relevant. If this had been a place to get support, I would have posted about that situation in the past few weeks as I was wrestling with the decision about whether or not to take custody and wondering about how to cope with his very serious problems. But I talked about that on another forum where I did not worry about getting insensitive responses. But obviously no one knows all about my financial situation but me. So to criticize me for making use a program that I qualify for is just ridiculous. So goodbye. Kelly
  7. Usually weigh ins only have to be monthly but you should really check with your insurance company and make sure. It would really stink to go through the whole three months and then find out you did something wrong. Kelly
  8. If you want to use them before surgery, it's fine that it's carbonate. Kelly
  9. Well, among other financial difficulties at the moment, I just took custody of my disabled nephew who was in foster care and just got kicked out of his third foster home. For caring for him, I will get $50 in child support each month. He arrived at my home with one small bag of clothes, most of which were too small for him. He did not even have a toothbrush. So we had to take him shopping for some necessities. I have an extra bedroom in my house but no furniture in it. So I have to get him a bed, at least. $30 may not sound like a lot to you. At the present moment, it is a lot to me. I would have made payment arrangements and paid it if necessary. The hospital has a program to help people that cannot afford their medical bills. An application for assistance was included with the bill I received in the mail. So I filled it out. You may feel that was the wrong thing to do. I don't see a problem with it. That's what the program is there for. Kelly
  10. Shiver, did you take it with food? that might help. You might try a different brand. That might not make a difference but it could. Kelly
  11. So you are getting about 180 mg calcium a day. I guess that's better than nothing... but not enough to really matter. You need 1500-2000 mg calcium per day. That means you need at least 50 of those kid's Tums a day, not six. Or you could take calcium citrate and actually absorb it. Kelly
  12. Your dietician is misinformed. We cannot absorb calcium carbonate because we don't have enough stomach acid. We get about 4% of the calcium from them. So you'd have to take about a whole bottle every day to get enough calcium! Kelly
  13. You'd get more protein from a glass of skim milk than one of those protein shots. And it would taste better. And it's cheaper. Kelly
  14. Yep, the calcet creamy bites Kel mentioned. Bariatric Advantage has some too but I think theirs are kinda gritty and not as good. Kelly
  15. I would guess some sort of tight exercise clothes and a sports bra. Maybe even a swim suit? That would kind of hold everything in place, wouldn't it? Kelly