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  1. HI, im one week out from lap band to by pass. It was much more painful then the band for sure, he said a lot of scar tissue had to be removed. I have a drain still and it's so annoying and hurts. I cant wait til he removes it. I see him tomorrow im down 6 pounds so far yippie.. I been cramping last night some not sure why? I had a strawberry smoothie from starbucks with protein powder, and looked it up afterwards it has 41 gram of sugar, so maybe why the cramping??/
  2. HI, I just had my revision from lap band to ryn bypass on Nov. 4th. Still in a lot of pain. especially when getting up and down. I'm surprised howi feel hungry at times.. wasn't like that when had the lap band surgery back in may 2009. anyone else in the same boat and pointers?
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    i was on another site when I had the band, it was packed with people chatting ,now, no one there either... hummm
  4. Hello, im new to this site. I had the band in 2009 and start weight was 258 and got down to 130 in a year and half.. Then I got a hernia and my band was tilted. I had that repaired and got back up to 150 or so since my band was unfilled waiting on surgery.. I stay there for over 3 years. Then this past june/july band had a leak and thru testing found out it was leaking thru my port. I decided instead of replacing the band I will change to the bypass, surgery is set for Nov. 4. I can't wait,, I gain weight back and cant wait to get it back off again. Anyone going thru the same thing I am and can give me some advice and support. thanks in advance.
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    does anyone use the chat part at this site?
  6. mine was leaking at the port after 6 years out.. getting bypass nov 4
  7. Hi I got the lap band may 2009 and started at 258 and hit goal at 130 in a year and half. Then I discovered I had a hernia and had that repair and band repositioned and got back up to 152. been there for a couple years... I just found out my band has a leak, and gain a bunch back 182. I am switching to the bypass, just waiting on insurance to approved which my doc office says they should since they did before. my surgery date is nov 4...any advice would be helpful that I might need to know about? thanks!