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  1. My mom actually made me one. It really helped. Everything is going ok, Trying to really focus on water intake.
  2. thank you so much for those suggestions! I'll try that as well. Looking forward to the better days, I know they are no far behind
  3. lol at the mouse comment. I actually downloaded a app and got it set to every 5 min to take a sip and today I started working on some laundry. I am trying here. I really want to succeed at the "sleeve life"
  4. Let me know how it goes with your insurance good guck
  5. I am not doing too bad. I think all went smoothly. I went to sleep nervous and woke up sleeved lol it feels surreal. I am now trying to keep from getting dehydrated bc getting these liquids in is a struggle. I can only do 2 tbs in 30 in right now. Thnak u for checking in on me.
  6. Tomorrow is my big day!!!

  7. Hey there! I am just seeing this tomorrow is the day! i am nervous and excited. I decided to tell the children they took it well they were more excited about spending the night with their grandparents than anything lol
  8. Hey there I am doing well, my surgery is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous
  9. I went for pre-op this week and was told that I could not use tomato based soups
  10. I pray my experience is as easier as yours! If not... we're no longer friends. lol
  11. Only one teacher asked what kind of surgery, I was like abdominal. I didnt even want to say that but it happened so fast.
  12. I love egg drop soup I will have to try this strained.
  13. This makes sense< i have used these for cooking (My dad is puerto rican) I dont know why i dint think of this. THANKS!