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  1. Hello, Is anyone still struggling to control their blood pressure since their sleeve surgery?
  2. tls812

    TX Newbie

    Thank you both! Actually, the stall IS getting on my nerves - like seriously. I am in week 6 since the surgery and I am really trying to be patient.
  3. tls812

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    Hello, I'm new to the conversation. I'm a new VSG patient. I had my surgery on August 18, 2015. My SW was 272, preop at was 258, & CW is 239. I'm 6 wks out as of today and I have been at a stall for 2wks now. I also have a problem with belching! Whether I eat or drink something it doesn't see to stop unless I stop eating or drinking. How do you married folks deal? I'm not married, but this is a bit of a turn off on the dating front.