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  1. My surgery is March 8th getting very anxious!!
  2. UPDATE...... I switched surgeons had the CORRECT information sent to my insurance provider and was APPROVED IN 5 DAYS! Now, I am waiting for a nurse to call me and schedule my pre-op class and surgery date! I am so excited and anxious and even though it is costing me an additional deductible I am very happy with my new surgeon.
  3. That was a "brief" explanation..... It will all be done formally.
  4. They would not release my records, after several calls, a written letter and my rights as a patient. My PCP had to finally get involved and get my records. They are seriously a joke and I am not done with them. I plan on sending their bills back unpaid with a formal complaint of everything that has transpired.
  5. I just switched to DePaul because DesPeres is so inadequate nothing has changed! They do not care do not go there!
  6. yes the surgeons office did apparently, I had no idea. My thing is my pcp measure and weighs me every time and my obgyn and they have me at 5'2 so what the heck? I just feel cheated out of my $$
  7. Well tge surgeons office sent the information over wrong and basically argued with me on my height and weight. I said I guess I grew a half inch since my pcp has always measured me at 5'2. It's really turNed in to a mess. I knew my insurance requirements and would have never went past the initial consultation if I thought my bmi was under 40. I really feel like they took advantage of me and my insurance company. Now im not sure what to do
  8. Found out more info today. Surgeon did not send over correct BMI hence reason for denial. I was not very happy when I found that out this am and I've yet to hear back from the surgeon as to how that happened.
  9. What's the chances of getting an approval before the end of the year? Think there is any possible way?
  10. Lol....true. im just disappointed...I'll have my big girl panties on tomorrow ty.
  11. Well I was denied...no co-morbilities when my policy clearly states BMI of 40 with no co-morbilities. Makes no sense. My guess is its end of year they hope I'll give in as my deductible will reset as of Jan 1. They may be correct, already paid 1250 and now another 1250 so they can try and divert me...grrr. frustrated
  12. Great thank you... I should know tomorrow I think... I know mine is a ppo group platinum plan I just hate to have to pay two deductibles but if I do I do..
  13. May I ask what your bmi was Patricia ann? And your insurance provider? I have bcbs of il bmi 40 and they do cover bariatric surgery w these requirements
  14. My gut is not doing a happy dance lol But I've gone over my insurance forward and backwards even the certificate at by their own policy I qualify
  15. Called insurance comany and was told the RN passed my case to the MD Im feeling like this is not good news. Starting to feel discouraged.